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Loading Sweetwater’s PC3K Library to a PC3K

Here are the steps to load a directory from the PC3KLibrary.

1. Insert the USB thumb drive to the port on the PC3K

2. Press STORAGE.  You should see “USB Device: Ready”

3. Press the LOAD soft key

4. Select the directory <DIR> you want to load, e.g. Accordion, Guitar, Keys, etc…

5. Press the OPEN soft key

6. Press SelAll, the OK.

7. When prompted to select a location to load the presets, we suggest you choose an unused location, like 1025…  You can select OverWrite to complete the process.

8. Once you’ve loaded a directory, you can repeat the process to load other directories from the thumb drive.

* NOTE, the PC3KLibrary thumb drive consists of about 500 MB of sounds.  The PC3K has 128 MB of internal memory, so you cannot load the entire thumb drive to the PC3K all at once.

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