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How do I load Akai samples onto my Motif from a CDRom drive?

When connecting the SCSI CDRom, be sure that both the Motif and the CDRom are OFF. Connect the CDRom to the SCSI bus, power the CDRom, then the Motif
Be sure that the end of this and any SCSI chain is terminated.

1. Insert the Akai CD
2. Press the FILE button
3. Press SF1 [Current], and change “current” from CARD to SCSI
4. Press SF3 [MOUNT], and select a partition to mount (you may only have one).
5. Press F3 [LOAD] to choose files to load
6. Change “Type” in the Load page to “WAVEFORM”
7. Scroll through the list on the right and press EXECUTE to load desired file(s)

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