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When I launch ProTools I get a error message telling me that a plugin has expired.How do I get rid of the expired plugin?

1.Make sure no applications are running.
2.Go to your Mac hard drive , then your “System” folder.
3.In your System Folder you will see your “DAE” Folder.Open this.
4.Here you will see a folder called “Plugins”
5.Open this folder and view its contents as a “List”
6.Search for the expired plugin by name.
7.Remove the plugin/s from this folder…(Some plugins have multiple formats..AS..ect..)
8.As long as the Plugin/s are not in the Plugins folder , they will not be initialized upon launch ,eliminating the Expired message!
9.You can keep the expired plugins somewhere else , or Trash them if not needed.

1.Make sure you’re not in Pro Tools.
2.Go to your control panel (Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel)
3.Go to Add/Remove programs
4.Find the expired plugins in the list and hit Add/Remove. This will uninstall them.

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