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I’m having trouble connecting multiple MOTU Firewire devices to my PC. They seem to work only some of the time.

This is currently an issue with editions of Windows that have Service Pack 2 installed (including XP Home, professional, and Professional x64). According to MOTU, SP2 technically does not allow for multiple hardware devices to be daisy-chained together via firewire. However, there are a few workarounds:

1. Uninstall Service Pack 2, or reinstall Windows with Service Pack 1.
2. Go to a non-64 bit edition of XP.
3. Use the optical ports (if available) to send ADAT out of one interface into another. This will allow for a full track count while only having 1 unit in the Firewire bus.
4. Check with the manufacturer. Some units have specially written drivers to handle this type of setup.

NOTE: This technicality does not apply to chaining separate devices together, such as a hard drive to an interface. It only applies to multiple interfaces on the same Firewire line.