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I have downloaded my Mac software, but it doesn’t open. I get a message that “this file is corrupted”. Is there something wrong with the download file?

Probably not. This is a common error. The original files are not corrupted, but they are compressed using more recent Aladdin Stuffit compression technology. These files require Stuffit Expander version 5.1 or higher in order to correctly download and decode most of the Mac files on the Digidesign website. Some larger Pro Tools updates and installer files are MacBinary (.bin) files, compressed with Stuffit Deluxe 6.0. Once they are uncompressed, you will have a Self Mounting Disk Image (.smi) Double clicking on that will open the disk image with the installer and documents on it.

You can download Stuffit Expander 6 for free at the following address:


Note: If you download and install Stuffit Expander, you will be asked to restart your computer after installation so that the extension named “StuffIt Engine™ is in your active extensions set. Make sure this extension is active in your Extensions Manager to use Stuffit Expander.

You should remove any older versions of Stuffit Expander from your hard drive, and install Stuffit Expander BEFORE you download your Pro Tools update. This will eliminate false errors from Expander versions prior to v5.1 such as “this archive is corrupted”. Do a Find (Command F) on your hard drive for “expander” to see if you have an older version.

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