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Whats the difference between GigaPulse SP and GigaPulsePro and which one do I get with GS3Solo?

GigaPulse SP allows you to play back libraries (.gig files) that have embedded GigaPulse impulses, like the piano body resonance in GigaPiano 2. GigaPulse SP will allow you to adjust the basic settings (Input Level, Mic Level, Perspective, Wet/Dry Mix, Pre-Delay as well as enable and disable any of the 7 mics) and choose any library-specific presets. GigaPulse Pro adds the ability to add GigaPulse convolution to your own instruments to use it as a reverb plug-in with the reverb convolution impulses included with GigaStudio. In addition GigaPulse Pro allows you to record your own impulses or embed an impulse into a GigaStudio instrument.