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How do you create new “Faceplates” for user created Combinator patches?

Select backdrop…
This function allows you to change the “skin” of the Controller panel. You can design your own labels for the assignable controls, and change the color and look of the whole panel.
* Select the Combinator and choose “Select Backdrop…” from the Edit menu. The Image browser opens, allowing you to select image file in the JPEG (.jpg) format.
* The dimensions of the image file should be 754 x 138 pixels.
* The knobs, buttons, patch name display and patch buttons cannot be redesigned.
* If you wish to design your own text labels for the virtual controls, you should first remove the original text labels. Click on a label, remove the current text and press [Enter].
* To remove a Backdrop, select “Remove Backdrop” from the context menu. The original look of the Combinator panel is restored.

About template backdrops
There are template backdrops installed with the program. These have the right dimensions and serve as a good starting point when creating new backdrops. The “Combi Backdrops” folder is located in the “Template Documents” folder within Reason’s Program folder.

Two templates are available, one in the JPEG format and the other in the Adobe Photoshop format (.psd).

* The .psd (Photoshop) template contains multiple layers, which are useful when customizing backdrops. You have to save any backdrops created in Photoshop as JPEG files before you can use them in Reason.

[from page 158 of the Reason 4 Operation Manual]

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