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Compatibility between old Digidesign cards and newer Apple Computers (B&W G3’s and G4’s)

There is a compatibility issue with the Blue & White G3’s and ALL G4’s and the following Digidesign PCI cards: Disk I/O, DSP Farm I, PT Project, SampleCell II, and Audiomedia III. If you will be using any of the above cards in a B&W G3’s or G4′, please check the line on the AMCC chip directly under “PCI Matchmaker” on the PCI Card. It should end with Q, QC, or QE. We have determined that the Q rev is not compatible with the B&W G3’s and G4’s (causes the Mac to hang consistently on boot, or when PT is launched). Cards with the Q rev chip can be upgraded so please contact Digidesign directly to arrange this.