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Can I Use Multiple Presonus StudioLive Consoles Together with Firewire?

The answer is yes, but only specific combinations:

  • The SL24.4.2 can only chain with another SL24.4.2.  Two SL24.4.2‘s chained together cannot also be connected to a computer.  *They must all have the same firmware.
  • The SL16.4.2 can only chain to another SL16.4.2. As many as two SL16.4.2‘s can chain to a computer. Up to four SL16.4.2‘s can be chained together in stand alone (no computer) . *They must all have the same firmware.
  • The SL16.0.2 is not chain-able to any of the other boards (even another SL16.0.2). You can, however, chain an FireStudio Project or FireStudio Mobile to the SL16.0.2.