Sennheiser e906

Supercardioid Dynamic Mic with Three Switchable Presence Settings
Sennheiser e906 image 1
Sennheiser e906 image 1
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Sennheiser e906
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A Super Mic for Amps and Drums

Need a versatile mic to handle drums, percussion, amplifiers and other instrumental sources? Sennheiser has the answer with the e 906, a supercardioid dynamic mic that's custom designed for great instrument reproduction! The e 906 instrument microphone is especially tailored for guitar amps, and is also excellent for percussion and horns.

Sennheiser e 906 Dynamic Mic at a Glance:
  • Captures amplified guitars and percussion sounds with precision
  • Switchable presence filter adapts to your needs
  • Flat front design for easy positioning
Captures amplified guitars and percussion sounds with precision

The e 906 is custom-made for demanding instrumental use. It has a very fast transient response, which makes it ideal for guitar leads and percussive sounds. In addition, the e 906's frequency response of 40Hz-18kHz can handle instruments from toms and congas to triangles and cuicas.

Switchable presence filter adapts to your needs

The e 906 features a switchable presence filter which allows you to tailor the sound characteristics to different sound requirements and styles. The filter is adjusted via a slide switch on the microphone. The slide switch is tamper-resistant - to change positions, just use a pointed tool such as a small screwdriver. The switch has three positions: one boosts the presence range (with a mid frequency of 4.2kHz) for aggressive metal rhythm guitars. The Normal position is great for classic rock. And the third position attenuates the presence range, with a mid frequency of 4kHz, for warm and smooth jazz and blues sounds.

Flat front design for easy positioning

You can hang the e 906 on a guitar amp for stand-free performance. Its laterally mounted capsule has been specially developed for miking guitar amps face on and extremely close to the signal source. Due to its flat design, the 906 is also very suitable for use with drums, since it can easily be positioned in cramped space conditions (e.g. below the cymbals). The supercardioid pattern is great for reducing bleed in tight situations onstage, and the 906's hum compensating coil rejects interference. Stick the e 906 in front of your amp or drum kit and you're ready to go!

Sennheiser e 906 Dynamic Mic Features:
  • Supercardioid dynamic mic for instrument applications
  • Lively, full sound with very fast attack response
  • Flat shape perfect for guitar amps
  • Switchable presence filters (3 levels)
  • Extra-sturdy reinforced metal body
  • Frequency response 40Hz-18kHz
  • Sensitivity - 2.2 mV / Pa
  • Nominal Impedance - 350 ohm
  • Connector - XLR, gold-plated
  • 10-year factory warranty
The Sennheiser e 906 is versatile and affordable!

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Tech Specs

Microphone Type Dynamic
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Frequency Response 40Hz-18kHz
Output Impedance 350 ohms
Color Black
Connector XLR
Weight 0.31 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 500202

Customer Reviews

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There are a lot of great mics and a lot of people get great recorded sounds with them. There are a lot of great videos on youtube demonstrating great gear including mics. One video caught my attention because it was a guitarist with a very similar rig to mine and the sound that he recorded was actually the sound that I hear from my gear. In reading the comments, it turned out that he was using a Sennheiser e906. As a guitarist, I have put a lot of time into research and trial and error to get the sound that inspires me to play, write and record as most of us do and the natural progression from that is that I want to hear that sound in the playback after recording, so with all of that said, I didn't have any choice here. I had to buy and try this mic. I just connected the cable, put it in front of the speaker of my cab, recorded, played it back and WOW! That's my sound in the playback! I have not messed around with moving the mic up, down or over an inch or two and maybe it will be even better, but I am impressed with my quick experiment today. I have used a SM57, a SM7B, Cascade ribbon mic, a Rode NT1000 and a very inexpensive MCA SP-1 in various combinations with good results and I will probably still leave some of them up on the other speakers for mix enhancement purposes, but it definitely looks like my dominant guitar cab mic will be the e906 from today on. If I were only going to use one out of these mics that I have, it would be the e906. It is not warmly accurate like a ribbon. It captures a growling distorted sound like the awesome SM57, but it sounds more broad and quick experimentation says that it finds its spot in the mix very easily. It is very accurate in giving what it gets. I have used the NT1000 alone with great results too, but the e906 is really impressive at delivering the sound that leaves the speaker.
Music background: Decades playing live & recording - pro venues & studios. Less active lately.

Everything I was hoping for...

I love this mic. This is the first time I've recorded my amp and it actually sounds like my amp. When using other mics I typically need to EQ the track to sound close to what my actual sound is like. This mic is the real deal and worth every penny!
Music background: Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

A great guitar cab mic

I've used many other mics such as SM57's, even CE1000 condensers. This is the first mic I've used that sounded good without EQ'ing. I simply faced the mic dead center over the speaker dust cap and it sounded remarkably close to the sound you hear acoustically listening to the speaker. But, with the added benefit of built-in EQ padding it's fairly versatile out of the box. I'm going to get a few more and try them on drums.
Music background: Guitarist, Semi-Pro Live Sound Engineer

Great quality , easy set up and lightweight!

This mic catch even you change tone knob on your guitar!!(like a 5 to7) I really felt from "it's OK " kind a PA system. Definitely This is the best guitar mic on the market.
Music background: Pro musician

Excellent guitar cab mic, even better on crowded stages

Wow. What. A. Mic!! Had previously been using 57's or an e609. The e906 is a marked improvement over either mic and the 3 position switch lets you tailor the sound exactly. It's worth the extra $$. On crowded stages, you don't want to be tripping over mic stands. Plus, if you're tipping your amp back (you know you should be as your ankles don't hear so well) things like a Z-bar don't work as well. The e906 just hangs from the mic cord - a quick loop through the handle is all it takes and you're done. One less stand to worry about! Sounds great on a Princeton Reverb, Dr. Z 1x12, or a Fender Bandmaster 2x12 cab. Liked one so much I bought a 2nd one for our other guitarist.
Music background: Home Recording, Band Guy, Sound Geek

Sweetwater Advice

Stuart Niven

This is a real hidden gem! The e906 microphone is the secret weapon of many an engineer for recording killer guitar tracks. Just hang it in front of a cabinet and you are most of the way there! For the price, there is little that competes for a rock solid guitar amp mic! Get one!

Jeff Hollman

Improving upon the already great sounding and popular e 609 was no easy task, but Sennheiser has managed to pull it off with the e 906! The e 906 is now my first choice on guitar amps when playing live because of its easy-to-position design and its focused, natural sound. The three-position presence filter makes the e 906 versatile, capable of perfectly capturing guitars, percussion, horns... just about eveything! It also sounds amazing on amps in the studio, especially when combined with a ribbon or a condenser microphone on the same speaker cone.

Mark Thompson

Why don't you already own one of these mics? It's like three mics in one. A ridiculously great deal.
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