Hosa SLW-333

Monitor Switcher for Powered Speakers with TRS Connectors
Hosa SLW-333 image 1
Hosa SLW-333 image 1
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Hosa SLW-333
In Stock!

The Powered Monitor Switcher!

Switch back and forth, noiselessly, between up to three powered monitors. This versatile design has 1 IN (source) and 3 OUT (destination), but can be used in reverse to give you 3 IN (multiple sources) to 1 OUT (a single destination). The SLW-333 provides 1/4" Tip-Ring-Sleeve (TRS) phone jacks for easy connecting. No power required. Rugged metal enclosure.

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Tech Specs

Input Channels 2
Output Channels 6
Analog Inputs 2 x TRS
Analog Outputs 6 x TRS
Form Factor Desktop
Height 2.5"
Width 7"
Depth 10.13"
Weight 1.39 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number SLW-333

Customer Reviews

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definate a must have when you only have one set of monitors but a whole bunch of different things you want to play through them without having to switch cables all around all the time. works great. no nead for electricity, cause its pretty much a router with relay switch or something technical like that which is why its versitile. you can either have 3 inputs and 1 out put, or 1 input and 3 out puts. im using it as 3 inputs of course.
Music background: punk, industrial, guitarest, bassest, audio engineer, post audio, field recording, foleys, live sound engineer.

Pleased in K-Town

When I finally realized that trying to mix and master a professional sounding singer songwriter demo in my home studio using only headphones and one pair of studio monitors was an invitation to long hours and wasted CD media I contacted Sweetwater. Following my sales reps advice I purchased a Hosa SLW-333 and for test purposes borrowed a pair of used monitors from a friend of mine. The results were amazing. The Hosa SLW-333 allowed me to run an A/B comparison between two different sounding set of monitors. Being able to switch back and forth between monitors allowed me to save time and money and most importantly gave me a final mix that I could be proud of. My opinion _ the Hosa SLW-333 is a quality piece of home studio gear that does everything Hosa claims and does it perfectly.
Music background: Singer songwriter armed with a home studio

Don't underestimate this.

I didn't actually plan on buying anything like this at first and I think that is why their aren't any other reviews at the time of writing this. My setup includes a DJ controller which can only primarily be used with its own built in audio interface. I have another audio interface which I use to do most of my production work as it has built in metering and has better latency as it is a firewire interface. Yet I only have one pair of active studio monitors. This created a problem. Therefore, in order to switch between using these two audio interfaces, I had to unplug and replug cables to my studio monitors a lot depending on which interface I needed to use. Then I thought wouldn't it be great to have some sort of way to switch without having to resort to doing this. I just plugged in the output of the two different audio interfaces into the inputs on the Hosa SLW-333 and then connected the outputs to my pair of studio monitors. Problem solved! All I have to do now is use the big knob to switch between hearing the two different audio signals. This is how I use it, but I can see how this might have other useful applications. This device doesn't require power and doesn't introduce noise which is a plus. It just helps control where your audio signal is going with a very simple interface. The strange thing is I haven't seen anything like this from any other audio manufacturer. The only thing that came close to this on this website was the SplitMix4 from ART(Audio Research Technologies), but that had gain knobs on it which would have only complicated my problem. I'm not sure why others aren't making stuff like this, but this is definitely an awesome yet overlooked device. Thanks Hosa!
Music background: DJ/Electronic Music Production/VJ


The three detentes are pronounced. The switching is quiet with no dead spot between selections.
Music background: Full time musician

Does its function well so far

I was a little nervous getting this because quite a few reviewers on other sites had problems with the switch mechanism wearing out. While some sites sell what look like a different model, I asked Hosa and it is a cosmetic difference only. The mechanism is the same in both units, so this one could potentially be susceptible. So far it's working great though. I only dock 1/2 a star because it seems kinda expensive for what it is. Assuming it holds up, it's still a great purchase. It's kinda weird that the numbers and the ports don't line up at all (they're actually backwards). That doesn't really matter, it's just weird.
Music background: Pro musician, Hobbyist home studio
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