Graph Tech Tusq 1/8" Fully Compensated Acoustic Saddle

1/8" Fully Compensated Saddle for Acoustic Guitar
Graph Tech Tusq 1/8
Graph Tech Tusq 1/8
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Graph Tech Tusq 1/8" Fully Compensated Acoustic Saddle
In Stock!

Make Your Acoustic Come Alive with a TUSQ Saddle

If you play acoustic guitar, you simply must hear what a Graph Tech TUSQ saddle can do for your sound. Clear, bell-like highs and expansive low end, rich harmonic overtones - the difference is like night and day. All from changing your saddle? Sure, You see,TUSQ nuts, saddles and bridge pins are highly efficient at transferring string vibrations to the guitar body, making your acoustic come alive. That's the reason top guitar makers use them. You should too.

Graph Tech TUSQ 1/8" Fully Compensated Acoustic Guitar Saddle Features at a Glance:
  • Clear, bell-like highs and expansive low end
  • Maximum vibration transfer gives you richer sound
  • Consistent quality
  • May be filed or sanded without chipping or flaking
  • Proven to enhance harmonic content
  • Used by the world's top guitar manufacturers
  • No dead or flat spots as in natural bone or ivory
Make your acoustic come alive with a Graph Tech TUSQ Saddle!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number PQ-9280-C0

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Flawless Saddle

Quality Tusq material, it's rock solid but sands down into shape very easily. The point that contacts the strings is arched all the way across, so this saddle can be sanded and shaped to match the curvature of the neck. Therefore, whether the low strings or high strings need to be raised or dropped, you can achieve that effect with sanding the bottom at a proper angle. This saddle is slightly oversized to give you plenty of cutting room. It isn't slotted, however, if you play on it for a few hours, it'll break itself in and the string will rest in the most natural position.
Music background: Career Musician

Buy This!

Wow, I just bought my first guitar so I am somewhat of a novice even though I have been around music and musicians most of my life (it's never too late to learn something new). My Epiphone AJ-220S sounded pretty good out of the box and after I practiced on it for about a week I knew I wanted to put some lighter strings on it. I figured what the heck I might as well get rid of the plastic saddle and pins while I was at it. The difference was striking, The guitar's voice seemed to open up, it was cleaner, clearer, and more nuanced, the sustain seemed to go on forever. It hardly sounded like the same guitar. The Saddle took a bit of sanding to match the height of the old one and a little bit for the thickness but it wasn't hard at all. I replaced the white pins/black dot with black pins/white dot Tusq and they really compliment the look of my Vintage Sunburst. Don't hesitate! There's a reason some manufacturers use Graph Tech on their better guitars, you WILL notice the difference, I sure did! Next string change I think I'll tackle the Nut...How much better can it get?...We'll see...
Music background: 64 yr. old novice

Tusq works well

Much debate on what it's actually made out of, but who cares. The sound from your guitar is much better than plastic. With bone? Well that's debatable depending on who you speak with. Go with what your ears give you as the cleanest sound. To me it was this. Drop this and the plastic saddle on a hard wood floor and you can tell instantly which is going to give you a good clear ring.
Music background: hobbyist

First Bridge Replacement

Ok this was a first for me - never replaced a bridge nut on an Acoustic so I got an Alverez that was a "2nd" off and the bridge was really bad on it - so I took a shot with this - traced the olf bridge on this Tusq then started sanding and did not get close to the lines of the trace - after the shaping and fine sanding I had a brand new bridge nut in about 15 mins - this material is easy to form while sanding - and placed it in the guitar matched the string placement and cut my string grooves and boom - done - and it sounds great now.
Music background: Studio Guitarist - recording
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