Pedaltrain Metro 16 SC 16"x8" Pedalboard with Soft Case

16" x 8" Aluminum Alloy Pedalboard with Heavy-duty Soft Case, and Adhesive Material
Pedaltrain Metro 16 SC 16
Pedaltrain Metro 16 SC 16
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Pedaltrain Metro 16 SC 16"x8" Pedalboard with Soft Case
In Stock!

Keep Your Pedals Organized and Safe!

The Pedaltrain Metro 16 compact pedalboard works perfectly for players with smaller pedal configurations. Now you don't have to lug around a big, cumbersome board just to have quick connectibility to your signal chain. The Metro 16 is the ideal size for transporting and using a few of your go-to stompboxes. Its elegantly simple aluminum construction, light weight, and included hook-and-loop material give you an incredibly versatile platform for whatever you're putting at your feet onstage. A padded cordura nylon gig bag is included with the Pedaltrain Metro 16 pedalboard.

Pedaltrain Metro 16 Compact Aluminum Pedalboard at a Glance:
  • Road-tough construction
  • Versatility
Road-tough construction

This revolutionary new pedalboard is constructed of ultra-tough and lightweight aluminum alloy. Each Pedaltrain pedalboard frame weighs less than 3/4" plywood of similar size, plus, there are no moving parts to loosen or wear out. Take it from the Sweetwater crew - with its durable construction and powder-coat finish, the Pedaltrain Metro 16 pedalboard last a lifetime.


Pedaltrain boards feature unique, open-frame designs that provide added flexibility when configuring the layout of your effects. Connecting cables can be neatly routed over, under, and through the open slots in the top surface area of the pedalboard to keep the risk of possible accidental disconnection to a minimum. Pedals may be added, removed, rearranged, or bypassed quickly and easily. These units include plenty of industrial grade, adhesive-backed hook-and-loop material along with detailed instructions to make setup fast and efficient. You can easily and securely mount virtually any effects pedal, volume pedal, wah pedal, or other device (such as a pedal power supply, channel switcher, power strip, direct box, or wireless receiver).

Pedaltrain Metro 16 Compact Aluminum Pedalboard Features:
  • Durable 16" x 8" aluminum alloy pedalboard
  • Open design for easy reach of pedals
  • Can connect cables neatly and securely over, under, and through surface slots
  • Easy to add, remove, rearrange, or bypass pedals
  • Includes hook and loop material for easy anchoring of your effects pedals
  • Comes with updated soft case with waterproof fabric and self-sealing zippers
  • Lasting powder-coat finish
The Pedaltrain Metro 16 makes an ideal platform for your go-to pedals!

Tech Specs

Length 16"
Depth 8"
Height 1.4"
Weight 1.6 lbs.
Powered No
Manufacturer Part Number PT-M16-SC

Customer Reviews

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Really great size.

is really great size, Perfect to accommodate for my all necessary pedals

Great Product, Great Price!

Not being crazy about having a bunch of pedals, the 16x8 provides enough room for my set-up, plus room for more!I use a Voodoo Labs power supply, and 2 pedals. I can ALSO fit, very easily I might add, 2 x 20' 1/4" instrument cables, power supply and speaker cables in the soft case. Makes for a very nice package when gigging or heading to the studio for DI work. Id highly recommend taking the time to do a little measuring of your current pedal set-up to make the right choice, as Pedaltrain has a lot to offer!

Pedaltrain Metro 16

This Pedaltrain is for traveling/small gigs and fits the bill in an extremely light package that fits in a suitcase with the soft case. It's a perfect size and Pedaltrain makes the best pedalboard platforms, IMO.

Perfect Size

This pedal board is simple. What you see is what you get. However I think its the best size they've come out with. The original nano and mini were too small and too long respectively. I love how I can put boss/ehx/mxr sized pedals on the board and have room above them to place mini pedals or other boss sized pedals sideways. Right now I have a Tube Screamer mini, a Tone Wicker Big Muff, a Boss dd7, a Mooer Eleclady, and a Behringer Tremolo, on this board with room for maybe two more pedals. The case the board comes with is great too. Sturdy and easy to carry around. The service at Sweetwater blew me away. (This was my first time purchasing from them) I always see glowing reviews for here and they seem exaggerated, trust me they aren't. They called me to confirm my order, and seemed like they genuinely cared about me even though I was only spending 80 bucks at their store. They even sent me candy with my order! I will be ordering everything from here from now on.

GREAT New Size in Pedalboards!

I have been a Pedaltrain fan for years. I have a larger Pedaltrain Jr. that I use for my electric setup, but lately I have been playing my acoustic in live settings more than anything. I really wanted a convenient, solid way to transport my 3 - 4 pedals and preamp without breaking the bank. I have tried other boards, but none had compared in build quality, strength, and usability to my Pedaltrain.I ordered the Metro 16 to hold my Polytune 2, Hall of Fame Delay, Boss Reverb, and Red-Eye Preamp. All four pedals easily fit on the board, with some room to spare, and it leaves the top rail completely free if I want to add anything else to the board. I really like that this model has a third rail on it, as it does not feel as tiny as the Nano model.Biggest improvement in this line is in the soft case. Gone are the "slide it in from one end" style cases. Now, these come with a fully zippered top, great padding, a carrying strap, and padded crying handles. Zipper can be a bit tricky now and then, but everything else is bulletproof. Case has room for the pedalboard, plus my 20 foot cable, and then some. Good job Pedaltrain!Came with plenty of velcro
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