Yamaha Montage 7

76-key Synthesizer with Motion Control Matrix, AWM2 and FM-X Synthesis Engines, Super Knob, Aftertouch, Motion Sequences, Envelope Follower, and DSP Effects
Yamaha Montage 7 image 1
Yamaha Montage 7 image 1
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Yamaha Montage 7
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Yamaha's 76-key Synth Powerhouse

Yamaha's flagship Montage 7 synthesizer streamlines your workflow and rockets your sound creation and modulation capabilities up to a whole new level. Built on the legacy of Yamaha's groundbreaking DX and Motif series keyboards, the Montage is driven by its programmable Motion Control matrix, which gives you fluid, interactive command over two powerful synthesis engines. Your fingers will fly on the Montage 7's superb aftertouch-enabled, 76-note FSX semi-weighted keybed, as you modulate multiple parameters in real time with the aptly named Super Knob. Whether you're a songwriter, gigging keyboardist, sound designer, or EDM producer, the Yamaha Montage will inspire you and elevate your creative game.

Yamaha Montage 7 76-key Synthesizer at a Glance:
  • Motion Control Synthesis, AWM2, and FM-X
  • It's called the Super Knob for a reason
  • Expressive, interactive Motion Sequences
  • Envelope Follower lets you modulate with audio
  • Powerful DSP effects engine
Motion Control Synthesis, AWM2, and FM-X

The Motion Control Synthesis Engine controls and unifies Montage's two sound engines, AWM2 and FM-X. AWM2, powered by Yamaha's proprietary data compression and sound playback technology, delivers amazingly realistic sound reproduction, and almost ten times the waveform capacity of Yamaha's MotifXF workstation! If you need a sophisticated synth engine, FM-X can deliver everything from vintage '80s to modern EDM sounds, all with impressive dynamic range and sonic fidelity. Boasting an 8-operator FM architecture and 128-note polyphony, FM-X arms you with a massive sound design arsenal.

It's called the Super Knob for a reason

Yamaha fitted their Montage models with a stroke of genius - the Super Knob. This appropriately named control lets you execute one-hand dynamic sound modifications, from subtle to severe. With the Super Knob, you can control multiple parameters at once. You can, for instance, change the ambient perspective of an instrument or a vocal, shooting it from in-your-face to deep inside a cave, and then back again. Need both hands on the keyboard? Assign the Super Knob to a foot controller. However you use it, you'll never cease to be amazed and delighted by the Super Knob.

Expressive, interactive Motion Sequences

The Yamaha Montage synthesizers are spec'd with a nifty feature called Motion Sequences - tempo-synched (and totally customizable) control sequences that you can assign to any parameter. Take it from Sweetwater, this will change the way you do business. With dedicated front-panel controls, Motion Sequences makes it effortless to manipulate and morph your patches in real time, with inspiring interactivity and deep expression.

Envelope Follower lets you modulate with audio

With the Montage's onboard Envelope Follower, you can use any audio as a modulator for any synth parameter. You could take a drum loop, for instance, and drive FX parameters with it to create interesting rhythms. Or take a vocal and control multiple parameters with it for a robotic effect. You can even use live audio coming in via the Montage's A/D input as a source.

Powerful DSP effects engine

Montage series synths are fortified with a powerful DSP effects engine that delivers everything from gloriously high-def reverbs to meticulously detailed VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling) FX. All with stunning sound quality. Effects such as Vinyl Break, Bit Crusher, and Beat Repeat are ideal for contemporary EDM production. Create a cool ducking effect with a sidechain compressor, or go full retro with the vintage-flavored VCM Phaser or Analog Delay. Crank up your favorite Amp Simulator. If you're a pianist, you'll enjoy a realistic playing experience with piano-centric effects such as Damper Resonance and HD reverbs that put you right in the performance space.

Yamaha Montage 7 76-key Synthesizer Features:
  • Aftertouch-enabled, 76-note FSX semi-weighted keybed
  • Stereo 128-note polyphony, for full stereo sound without note stealing
  • Motion Control matrix gives you fluid command over 2 powerful synthesis engines:
    • AWM2 (waveform synthesis)
    • FM-X (frequency modulation)
  • Almost 10 times the waveform capacity of Yamaha's MotifXF
  • Super Knob lets you modulate multiple parameters in real time
  • Motion Sequences - tempo-synched control sequences you can assign to any parameter
  • Envelope Follower lets you use any audio as a modulator for any synth parameter
  • Powerful DSP effects engine for jaw-dropping, fully realized patches
The Yamaha Montage 7 is a serious music creation tool!

Tech Specs

Number of Keys 76
Type of Keys FSX semi-weighted with aftertouch
Other Controllers Pitchbend, mod wheel, ribbon controller
Polyphony 128-note stereo polyphony
Wave Memory 1.75GB internal flash user memory
Number of Presets 128 factory, 2048 user
Effects Types DSP effects engine
Arpeggiator Yes
Audio Playback USB flash
Sequencer 16-track, 64 songs
Audio Inputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right)
Audio Outputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right), 2 x 1/4" (assignable left, right), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
USB 1 x USB Type A, 1 x USB Type B
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru/USB
Pedal Inputs 2 x foot controller, 1 x assignable, 1 x sustain
Height 5.18"
Width 49"
Depth 15.6"
Weight 37.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number MONTAGE7

Customer Reviews

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A Sublime and Breathtaking New Instrument

I have been playing piano and keyboards for over 36 years, and have owned many different keyboards in that time, synthesizers, samplers, workstations, and modules. Keyboards are often a very polarizing issue, with some users clinging to certain brands and being very critical of other brands. Ultimately, it is a very personal choice. As an artist, I gravitate toward those instruments, whose beautiful sounds inspire me to create, while spending countless hours discovering the sonic frontiers they possess. The Montage 7, is simply an amazing sounding instrument from Yamaha, who incidentally, have created many great instruments. There is a learning curve of course, but one well worth it for this intelligently designed, and yes, forward thinking instrument. It is a joy to play, and I recommend getting both Yamaha FC7 foot controllers, for volume and Super Knob control, as well as a standard damper pedal. That way you can truly experience the wonder of this superb instrument. Thanks to Greg Savino, and his terrific staff at Sweetwater, for your excellent help as always.
Music background: Jazz, Latin, Pop, Dance, Church, Recording, etc.

Montage 7

A great keyboard with more than enough sounds. Very easy to set up the live set.

God's Own Synth!

Just simply amazing! The sound of my new Montage is so much better than my Yamaha Motif XF that it's like the difference between high-def TV and regular TV. The user interface is way simpler and easier to navigate than the XF, especially thanks to the excellent touchscreen. The Montage's Super Knob opens up possibilities that couldn't even be imagined with an XF. The build quality is every bit as good as the XF,In short, I couldn't be happier with this new synth. The thought keeps popping into my head that the Montage is "God's Own Synth," and I'm really hoping He doesn't decide He wants it back…
Music background: Rock, jazz.

The AWESOME Yamaha Montage !!

I just received my Montage 7 from Sweetwater, and spent about 2 hours just playing the presets...they really have to be played and listened to in a quiet room. The last time that I was this blown away by a keyboard was when I got my KORG Kronos (which I still have, by the way). Crystal clear sounds...easy to navigate touch screen...STELLAR build quality...and that Super knob...WOW !! Comparisons are bound to be made between the Montage and the Kronos...to me it's like comparing a Rolls-Royce and a Bentley. There are differences between them; and having the KORG for a few years before may have slowed my grasp of the Montage by a little bit...but not much. Motif owners will take to it immediately after they realize that ALL the sounds are in PERFORMANCE MODE all the time, unlike the Motif. But, this instrument is monumental...and delivers WAY more than I could ever use, not to say that I regret it...quite the opposite. I just started putting together my own performances in it, and it is incredibly easy. Just for fun, I made a thick orchestral/French Horn patch for the left side, and a flute/fm marimba combo for the right side...took me about 2 minutes, and it sounded amazing. My next step is to load a lot of my old Motif custom sounds into it...the memory has lots of room for them. So, once again, my hat is off to Yamaha for pulling off the seemingly impossible task of monumentally upgrading the Motif...to Sweetwater for getting me the best price...to their tech support for bearing with me on my questions...and to Will Newbill for making it all painlessly possible, and communicating with me so well.
Music background: Semi-pro

Great sounds, but...

The sounds on this board, while generally a bit heavy on the reverb, are top notch. The ability to have 8 mixing scenes per performance was a strong selling point for me. There are a staggering amount of options for real-time control, and the semi-weighted keyboard is a pleasure to play. Where this board falls short is in the data handling area. I have used Korg workstations for the past 20 years, and like the ability to be able to open a saved file and reload one performance. On the Montage, it's all or nothing. Hopefully, Yamaha will address this issue any future firmware update.
Music background: Performer
See also: Yamaha, Yamaha Synths / Modules