Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal with Tuner Output

Mono Volume Pedal with Minimum Volume Control, Maximum Volume Control, and Separate Tuner Output
Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal with Tuner Output image 1
Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal with Tuner Output image 1
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Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal with Tuner Output
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Everything You've Ever Wanted in a Volume Pedal?

The Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal is a powerful tool to put in your guitar's signal chain. Whether you put the MVP in front of your amplifier or in its effects loop, it gives you smooth volume control with no high-frequency loss at any volume. Even better, the minimum volume control lets you set the heel position from 0%-50% volume, and you can actually set the toe position to boost up to 20dB to hit your amplifier or pedals harder. Factor in the separate tuner output, and you may find that the Ernie Ball MVP is your new go-to volume pedal.

Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • Rugged volume pedal with flexible setting options
  • Heel position can be set anywhere from 0% volume to 50% for setting rhythm levels
  • Toe position can be 100% volume, or up to 20dB gain boost to pump up your tone
  • Separate tuner output for silent tuning anytime
  • No high-frequency loss at any volume level
Get more from your volume pedal with the Ernie Ball MVP!

Additional Media

Tuner on a Sidechain

Tech Specs

Height 2.375"
Width 3.5"
Depth 10"
Manufacturer Part Number P06182

Customer Reviews

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Why all the hate?

Ernie Ball volume pedals have gotten something of a reputation for being unreliable and temperamental. Frankly, I'm not sure what all the fuss is over. Perhaps the lower-end models have some problems, but I've owned this pedal for nearly a year now, and have had absolutely ZERO issues with it. Even the notorious string hasn't given me any problems!The "Gain" knob allows you to add a little extra volume to your signal if you need it, and the "min" can also be handy if you don't want your signal to cut out entirely. The pedal feels pretty good to use, but there's definitely a little more gain to be had in the last few inches of the toe down position than anywhere else. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it's something to be aware of.Even though the specs page doesn't list it, it would seem that this pedal is, in fact, buffered bypass. So all of the complains you've heard about volume pedals should be totally moot on this pedal. I haven't played with the tuner out very much, as I have a send on my looper that lets me do this, but considering the buffered bypass, you shouldn't have any issues using the tuner out. This does come at the cost of having to power the pedal, but for a buffer, I'd say it's worth it to preserve your tone.All in all, it's great! It does exactly what a volume pedal should do, and has given me no issues at all. A bit more pricey than lower end models, but the benefits are worth it in my opinion!
Music background: Worship Guitarist


Great sweep, single 9vbc operation, built solid, used it on multiple gigs and works every time. I don't use and pedals, only this and a tuner straight to an Orange Rockerverb MKll, the 20db boost is a bonus. It pushes the front end enough to gain that sustain for leads and loud passages, then sweep back for killer AC/DC tone. The tone is great and doesn't muffle when rocked back. I wish they had one with an analog delay, 425ms, built in, that activated in the tow position along with the 20db boost. An all in one lead tone??? My invention idea I guess for now.
Music background: Pro, active artist, songwriter

The PERFECT volume pedal

Simply perfect. I was shopping for an active volume pedal in order to have more flexibility of its position in the signal chain and could not be happier. It is perfect everywhere including the amp's effects loop. The sweep is typical Ernie Ball amazing and the construction is rock solid. Some people have problems with the "spring and string" but i never faced such issue and in case this happens, the replacement is easy and worth the fantastic sweep that no other pedal can do.
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