LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone with Preamp

Internal Acoustic Guitar Pressure Zone Microphone System with Soundhole Volume Control and Endpin Preamp with Presence Control
LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone with Preamp image 1
LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone with Preamp image 1
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LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Guitar Microphone with Preamp
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Get Studio Acoustic Guitar Sound Live!

The LR Baggs Lyric pressure zone acoustic guitar microphone strikes a balance between the fidelity of high-end studio microphones and the indispensable feedback resistance of piezo pickups. The next step in LR Baggs's Tru Mic technology, the Lyric microphone introduces several new patented technologies, including a unique noise-cancellation system that eliminates the boxiness associated with under-saddle acoustic guitar mics, while conveying the sweet highs and natural low end you'd expect from an external microphone. Whether you're recording in the studio of playing out live, you're going to be impressed by the sound quality you get from your LR Baggs Lyric microphone.

LR Baggs Lyric Under-saddle Acoustic Guitar Microphone at a Glance:
  • The feedback-fighting power of a piezo with the sound of a studio microphone
  • Patent-pending technologies provide unbelievably high-fidelity sound
  • Painlessly simple installation will have you up and playing in no time
The feedback-fighting power of a piezo with the sound of a studio microphone

When it comes to capturing the sound of your favorite acoustic guitar, there's really no question about it: nothing sounds as good as a quality condenser microphone. But in most cases, using a sensitive studio mic live is a recipe for instant feedback. And while piezo pickups offer high gain before feedback, they seldom sound fantastic. Thanks to its unique pressure-zone design and under-saddle position, the LR Baggs Lyric microphone is able to capture full and vibrant acoustic tone, while remaining shielded from feedback-causing reflections. There's no doubt about it, the Lyric is the system to get for full and accurate acoustic sound.

Patent-pending technologies provide unbelievably high-fidelity sound

One of the drawbacks of using an internal acoustic guitar microphone is the boxiness of their sound. By placing the featherweight pressure-zone microphone element less than 3mm from the top of your guitar, the LR Baggs Lyric effectively uses the most resonant part of your instrument as its diaphragm. The rest of the magic occurs in the "black box" technologies within the Lyric itself. This includes a noise-canceling system that rejects the boxy midrange reflections outright plus one bit of genius circuitry that tightens your low end, and another that sweetens your highs no matter how hard your play. The effect is nothing short of astonishing.

Painlessly simple installation will have you up and playing in no time

If you already have a bored-out strap pin, then installing the complete LR Baggs Lyric microphone and preamplifier system is freakishly simple. First, you attach the microphone itself to the underside of the bridge plate via a simple, ultra-thin peel-and-stick adhesive pad, and the soundhole controls mount similarly. The Lyric's endpin preamp is simple enough to set in place too, but we'd recommend having a professional, such as one of the experts in Sweetwater's own guitar workshop, do the actual drilling and installation. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for further details.

LR Baggs Lyric Under-saddle Acoustic Guitar Microphone Features:
  • A featherweight pressure-zone-style under-saddle acoustic guitar microphone with the sound of a studio mic and the feedback-fighting quality of a piezo pickup
  • Microphone's proximity to your guitar's top allows high gain before feedback while capturing the full sound of your instrument
  • Revolutionary noise-canceling technology rejects boxy internal reflections
  • Patent-pending circuitry provides tight lows, sweet highs, and full-range dynamics
  • Onboard presence control offers further tone-shaping options
  • Entire system (microphone, soundhole control, and endpin preamp) mounts easily
  • Professional installation available - call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for details
Get studio mic sound with piezo-style feedback rejection from the LR Baggs Lyric microphone system!

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Tech Specs

Instrument Acoustic Guitar
Type Tru-Mic pickup
Position Bridge Plate
Active/Passive Active (9V battery)
Manufacturer Part Number Lyric

Customer Reviews

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Easy Install, Great Sound

I purchased the Lyric for installation in a Larriee LS-03 (Red Spruce over Rosewood) that I didn't want to modify extensively. I was a bit concerned after reading a few reviews where individuals struggled with finding an optimal install point for the mic and wrestled with eq issues but I decided to try the Lyric for myself. The install was simple, especially since the Larivee's end pin is already drilled for a 1/2 inch preamp. I removed the end pind & t-nut, lightly sanded and cleaned the bridge plate and mounting points for the volume & battery and started the install. Honestly, the hardest pat (which wasn't hard) was setting the depth for the end pin jack and snugging it down. Installing the other components is just a simple matter of presing them in place and then securing the wires. I did install the microphones between the bridge pins and the bottom of the guitar rather than in the standard location which is between the bridge pins and the soundhole based on a pre-install conversation with the techs at LR Baggs. I ran the Lyric directly into my Fender Acoustasonic 90 to adjust the presence on the Lyric which, to my ears, needed a tiny reduction. Honestly, I was pleased with the sound from the outset. Next I ran the Lyric throuch my LR Baggs Session and was even more pleased. So far I've tried both the Sesson and a Zoom A3 with great results ... even through my portable Behringer PA ... and the Lyric simply sounds great.

We've been waiting

Over the years I just couldn't bring myself to use piezo-electric bridge pickups. I could always hear the difference and I have great guitars. So the sound is really important to me. When I heard that the technology was PZM, it was a wakeup call. Then, I heard the demos and decided to take the plunge with my new Collings. I had a luthier install it only because the guitar is new and needed modification to put in the Lyric. It just sounds like the guitar only louder. Just like when I mike it with a condenser mic. I couldn't be happier.
Music background: Pro Musician, Sound Designer


I love this pickup - I use my guitar in front of 1000+ people at a large church auditorium and it worked flawlessly. I installed the pickup in a Martin SWDGT, cherry back and sides with spruce top and it sounds awesome. Highly recommended for any type of venue, even studio recording.
Music background: Praise team, worship music leader

Ridiculously good resistance to feedback

I've tried to amplify my instrument all kinds of ways and constantly struggled to get the real sound of the instrument to come out of the speakers. External condenser mics were the closest but of course were very prone to feedback and bleed, even with a lot of eq notching to minimize feedback frequencies etc. I've now got 2 anthems and 1 Lyric installed in different instruments. They are both absolutely INCREDIBLE in terms of the (good) lack of feedback. For the first time I can actually really rely on the internal mic signal, and get a consistent sound every night. It also really helps with recording if you are comping between multiple takes. Using some of the Lyric signal helps keep the takes more consistent in terms of the sound fingerprint so to speak, so that you don't hear as much of a difference sonically between takes that always happens to some degree as a result of the guitar being held a few millimeters farther or closer from the mic or at a tiny bit different angle. In terms of the actual sound, be warned that the this thing really puts out whatever you put into it. If your instrument sounds bad unplugged, it's not going to magically sound great amplified with the Lyric in it (although it will probably still sound a lot better than a top-notch instrument that only has an undersaddle piezo pickup.) I have one instrument that is a bit mid-range-y and the signal the Lyric puts out from that instrument is...well really mid-range-y (I just eq it to make it sound nicer...still a big improvement overall.) One of my other guitars has a much higher quality top on it with more bass and highs, and (big surprise) the signal coming out of that one is super nice. If you like the sound of your instrument, you're probably going to like the sound of it amplified via the Lyric - that's my experience anyway. I have yet to hear anything better out there in terms of a real solution for amplifying acoustic guitar. I'm pretty impressed! And I hope LR Baggs continues on this track that they're on lately with the Anthem and the Lyric. One final thing I've noticed about the Lyric vs. the Anthem: the Anthem gives you the possibility of getting a little more bass, which can help depending on your instrument. Even though the added bass is just coming from the undersaddle, at those low frequencies it's not offensive. Whatever they did with the "black box" circuitry on the Lyric in terms of low-end "tightening" mentioned in the product description, it results in noticeably less bass in terms of the low low end, which is understandable and probably a good thing for most acoustic guitarists, who don't really need those low lows anyway and are better off not having the extra feedback that comes with those frequencies a lot of times. I like a lot of low end and find myself boosting the crap out of the lows on the Lyric channel, but again that may have more to do with the instrument itself than the Lyric, hard to say. From what I can tell, I would recommend the Anthem over the Lyric if you do a lot of drop-tuned or percussive stuff and you really want some big thump and big bass.
Music background: Full time musician

One step before Perfection

Great Mic ...sounds like real mic's also Depend on your guitars true sound. if your guitar Sounds great it will sound great If not it will never make it beautiful and the noise Floor very low + feedback resistance very Nice. this is a good solution for players who don't have Isolated home studio because it doesn't record the room . I wished if they make many choices like K&K external preamp Idea's
Music background: Many types of Music
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