Keeley Mod Workstation Multi-effects Pedal

Multi-effects Pedal with 8 Modulation Types, Boost, 2 Overdrive Circuits, Effects Insert, and Tap Temp Control Input
Keeley Mod Workstation Multi-effects Pedal image 1
Keeley Mod Workstation Multi-effects Pedal image 1
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Keeley Mod Workstation Multi-effects Pedal
In Stock!

Powerful Analog Multi-effects Unit from Keeley

Keeley stuffed this Mod Workstation multi-effects pedal full of popular and adventurous modulation effects of the highest quality. Tremolo, chorus, phaser, and rotary speaker simulation are all in there, plus a lot more. The addition of two of Keeley's hottest overdrives and a Katana boost make the Mod Workstation a great candidate for a standalone, grab-and-go pedalboard for rehearsals and fly dates. And you can utilize the effects insert and tap tempo input to add any additional shades you choose for a full-featured effects setup.

Keeley Mod Workstation Multi-effects Pedal at a Glance:
  • Eight Keeley-quality modulation effects
  • British-style amp tones
  • The Oxblood is Keeley's ultimate overdrive
Eight Keeley-quality modulation effects

The modulation effects that populate the Keeley Mod Workstation multi-effects pedal run the gamut from vintage-sounding tremolo pulse to the oscillating and random filter that sounds like a blend of a vibe and an autowah. A harmonic tremolo, phaser, automatic double tracker, chorus/vibrato, and flanger can also be found inside this analog multi-effects device. Some of these tones are already Keeley classics, while others are brand-new designs that Keeley feels have been recently perfected.

British-style amp tones

The first overdrive stage you'll hit is Keeley's 1962, which gives you the sound of a British amp-style tone based closely on a vintage Blues Breaker combo. Its touch sensitivity and ability to add warmth and bark to your tone make it a wonderful sound to build on. And the Mod Workstation lets you use that sound in conjunction with the Katana Boost for added harmonic content and drive. Or you can use the Katana by itself for the clean output bump that has made it a favorite among countless guitarists, especially here at Sweetwater.

The Oxblood is Keeley's ultimate overdrive

The Oxblood circuit in the Mod Workstation is what Robert Keeley defines as their "ultimate overdrive." The pedal uses the great Centaur pedal as an inspiration but takes that voice in a very powerful and new direction. The addition of a Phat switch to the typical Level, Drive, and Tone controls allows you to choose a full-range sound with plenty of low-end content or a bit of a low cut that gets you closer to popular TS-style drives. But this overdrive really sets itself apart by being able to effortlessly go from clean boost to over-the-top fuzz and everything in between.

Keeley Mod Workstation Multi-effects Pedal Features:
  • Multi-effects featuring top-notch modulation
  • 8 Keeley mod effects like chorus, phase, flanger, and many more
  • Katana Boost can be run separately or with 1962 overdrive
  • 1962 is based on vintage British crunch
  • Oxblood overdrive is Keeley's ultimate overdrive design
The Keeley Mod Workstation may be all you need on your next gig.

Tech Specs

Pedal Type 8 x Modulation, 2 x Drive, Boost
Analog/Digital Analog Chorus/Vibrato with DSP effects
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument), 1 x 1/4" (tap tempo), 1 x 1/4" TRS (insert)
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Power Source 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)
Height 2.09"
Width 4.74"
Depth 3.91"
Weight 15 oz.
Manufacturer Part Number KWSMod

Customer Reviews

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Just what I needed!

I've been playing for over 30 yrs. I don't really use a lot of fx however when I do, I get super picky on modulations. I've researched two months on what to get. Should I get multiple pedals? How much space do I really have left on my board.? After lol was said and done, I ordered based on reviews and demos , which is not something I normally do. After getting it and placing on board with my new compressor , i had to place the mod station after my main OD pedal. AT JHS OD. It got say the two OD are awesome , really great second , third and fourth tones of me. Since I run into clean amp, having multiple colors on my main OD sound were very important and this pedal did not, I respect did not disappointed. That alone pays for admission, seriously great. Then it was time for the mod section. Tremolos work so well, I plugged in a tap tempo which is killer and save a lot of bending time to change parameters. The autowah setting is ok, I find it works better with clean boost on for some reason. The flanger is great sounding , sound great while clean and driven. Phaser is supreme, really great. The last is the mod settings, some pretty cool things you can do with that, messing with the Morph dial is fun.. So, the question is , is this right for you ? What about multi fx pedals out there? I chose this because I don't use a lot of modulation however I wanted an easy pedal use. The key for me is I don't need to mix chorus with phaser with whatever, I'm usually one fx at a time. The pedal is small and I have no issues with the switches being so close. I'm a 10 1/2 size .. My recommendation is to do your research and find what is best for you. I'm very happy with this purchase , oh btw I ended up placing new compressor in front of OD, I like the sound of juiced up fx The only thing I need to figure out if the fx loop, I bought a cable TRS I thought would work and I didn't. Keeley needs better instruction on that in the box.
Music background: Semi pro


The different modulation options all sound fantastic, I think I like the harmonic tremolo in this pedal better than the one in my Strymon Flint. The drives sound very similar to each other, I've just been using them with different gain levels but the options for Boost and Fat give some other flexibility that I haven't explored much yet. Still playing with it to see what all it can do, the drive channels sound great through my Hiwatt Custom 20 like they were made for each other.
Music background: Weekend warrior for the past 40 years

A work of art.

The Keeley mod workstation is a perfect transition from the lifeless digital multi effects, back to the vibrancy and roots of true analog tone. At first glance this pedal seems expensive. On a second glance you realize what it can do, and what it can do for your playing. On third glance you are really staring and starting to salivate profusely. If you’re not… then the validity of your gear lust is in question. Just so you know, I bought this pedal. I am doing a review of my own free will and volition. I have not been paid or received free gifts for positive feedback. (I wouldn’t mind though…let me know wink wink) I genuinely feel this pedal is a fantastic product and given the chance will find its way in front of many juicy tube amps. That being said, keep in mind, I am not a pro. Just another lover of music, tone seeker, and have an avidity for shiny caviar musical equipment on a modest budget.The famous Kattana clean boost, to me seems to be incorporated in all three sections of this pedal. On any given section(the modulation, the ox blood, 1962 marshall blues breaker)set the level control at ten o clock positon for a neutral volume, and obviously above that the kattana does its job very well (insert cliché Spinal Tap joke) below that interestingly enough you get a deboost or clean drag. I found this to be very useful. I bought this super fantastic awesome pedal mostly just for the eight unique Keeley interpretations of: Tremolo, Harmonic Tremolo, filter, phaser, automatic double tracker (as heard in the 30ms) Blend able Chorus/ vibrato, flanger, and the exotic rotary speaker simulator. All of which can be externally controlled with a tap tempo switch. (sold separately, or just assemble your own momentary footswitch)When I say unique I mean there is a morph knob that does just that. Slight twists and turns of all the parameters will achieve subtle texture, to a lush landscape of ethereal tone. The internal fx loop gives my octaver and wah a whole new flavor. Leaving me many options for signal chain control to play with. Ironically for me, this pedal really shines when it gets dirty. Whether in the 1962 Marshall blues breaker setting or the super steroids rock Ox Blood, This pedal can give you almost any core tone in the realm of rock n roll, country, funk, blues, and anywhere in between.(minus of course delay, reverb, compression…) To me this pedal is very mid rangy. So if you’re looking for that scooped mid sound, you’re going to need to get a good graphic e.q. pedal. There is enough dirt in this box to get pretty nasty. Again with the right eq, metal heads can still find some very usable tools.This is an analog multi effects pedal in a very compact easy to use endless options format. How they got all this in a tiny box is an engineering marvel. If you have never had any experience with Keeley, then this is the perfect way to get a lot for your money. Keeley is one of those few American name brands you can always count on to deliver quality, awesome tone, and innovative products. I am certainly convinced any guitar, keyboard, bass player, or even vocalist can find enough uses out of this box to not only justify the cost(which is an amazzzahzzing deal in itself) but infuse a new tiny workhorse in there tonal arsenal. No matter what style you play. My only complaint is I can’t find the delay workstation anywhere. Sorry for being so long winded but just had to say thank you to the Keeley team for an amazing product at a crazy price.Sincerely,A Keeley customer for life.

Not Analog, But Very Nice Anyway

This pedal does just what it says it does. Some of the mod effects sound good and some don't. No surprise there. But the big thing is this: ONLY THE DRIVES AND BOOST ARE ANALOG. The mod effects are all DSP. The dry path is analog, but every mod effect on the Mod Workstation is digital. Still, it's pretty darned nice for the money.

Amazing functionality in a compact package

After 2 weeks I'm still exploring all the features of the Keeley Mod workstation. All the connnections, knobs and switches feel rock solid. So far the harmonic tremolo is the effect I'm using most but I'm expecting eventually this pedal will replace my current fuzz, flanger and chorus boxes on my pedal board.

Sweetwater Advice

Keeley Mod Workstation

Each drive has a unique personality. The Oxblood circuit is a little scooped in the low mids and bass. The 1962 boost/drive is fuller sounding in the lower mids and bass frequencies....The Katana boost is very clean and even stacks nicely with the Oxblood....[But] the random automatic filter is my favorite sound on this pedal. It generates futuristic electronica-tinged guitar sounds and is awesome for adding rhythmic texture....
read more
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