Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Closed-back Professional Monitor Headphones

Closed Studio Headphones with Up to 32dB of Ambient Noise Attenuation
Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Closed-back Professional Monitor Headphones image 1
Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Closed-back Professional Monitor Headphones image 1
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Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Closed-back Professional Monitor Headphones
In Stock!

Premium Headphones from Sennheiser!

Sennheiser's HD 380 PRO headphones offer a closed circumaural design that makes them perfect for monitoring in studio and live sound environments. The design elements provide up to 32dB of noise attenuation, allowing you to clearly hear what you're monitoring. The HD 380 PROs utilize Sennheiser's Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R) design, a proprietary system that channels audio directly into the listener's ears, providing the best sound possible. Comfort during long listening sessions is nearly as important as sound quality, and the HD 380 PROs are very lightweight and super-comfortable.

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Closed Studio Headphones at a Glance:
  • Collapsible high-end headphones for the pros
  • Built for comfort and accuracy
Collapsible high-end headphones for the pros

The HD 380 PROs are collapsible high-end headphones ideal for professional monitoring use. They offer a closed circumaural design which provides excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise. They also utilize Sennheiser's Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement (E.A.R) design, which channels the audio signal directly into the user's ears.

Built for comfort and accuracy

These monitoring headphones also provide an extended frequency response with increased sound pressure level (up to 110dB) for accurate sound reproduction in all kinds of demanding use. Not only that, but the lightweight and secure-fit design also offers a very comfortable listening experience to the sound professional who has to wear them over long durations.

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Closed Studio Headphones Features:
  • Extended frequency response for accurate, reliable sound reproduction
  • Increased sound pressure level (up to 110dB) to handle demanding use
  • Closed circumaural design for excellent passive attenuation of ambient noise (up to 32dB)
  • Exceptional comfort for extended listening
  • Carrying case included
  • Easily replaceable parts for long service life
  • 2-year warranty
  • 1 replaceable single sided, coiled cable with a 3.5mm jack connector
  • 1 screw-type 1/4" adapter
Get pro-level sound and isolation from Sennheiser's HD 380 PRO headphones!

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Tech Specs

Open/Closed Closed
Fit Style Circumaural (Around the Ear)
Frequency Response 8Hz-27kHz
Impedance 54 ohms
Cable Type Coiled
Replaceable Cable Yes
Cable Length 9.8'
Plug Size 1/8" (1/4" Adapter Included)
Weight .49 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 502717

Customer Reviews

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A Fantastic Choice for Live Monitoring

So, let me begin with: There are not enough reviews available for cans to use for live mixing. I do keep a pair of in-ears at my console with me; but they are hard to sit right in your ear and constantly shift or fall out a bit, screwing with the sound and isolation. Not ideal. When looking at different options, I considered these, the Samson Z55, the Shure SRH840, and the AT M50x. Almost immediately I knocked the M50x off my list considering what I have heard with other local mixing engineers and relevant reviews. The Z55 was then knocked off because I read there was an issue with sound leakage; and I figured that if it'll let sound out, it'll let sound in. From what I read and know about Shure, the SRH840 would have been a solid choice, but there wasn't a lot of information available regarding how well they isolate or if they're good for live use side stage. When I looked at the HD 380, there was a lot of praise regarding how well they isolate, and how well they sounded... and I knew our FoH uses a pair of Senns, but didn't know until after I had gotten these that they were also the HD 380. I have fallen in love with these cans. Pros: Extremely accurate sound/Neutral tone Passive Isolation that is pretty flippin' impressive. Cons: Needs blue and red LR markings for use in dark areas side stage Cable connection to ear cup. Notes: While the cable connection at the ear cup definitely helps to keep you from ripping the cord out, it's also a pain in the butthole. It'll come out part way that isn't very noticeable... not until you put them back on and it sounds like your lead vocalist's mic has dropped it's signal and you're standing there confused because you can hear him through his wedges fine, just not at your board. I've gotten to wear I immediately check it, but whew... just give me a simple screw in design; why this silliness? They don't feel like the most durable things in the world, and they aren't. They are very flexible, and I'm sure they'll withstand the heavy and sometimes abusive live use. The hard case means they won't get damaged while properly stored, and the again, impressive isolation and low resistance means I don't need to listen to these at max levels even in oppressively loud environments. The pads will wear out, and the pads will then be replaced. No problems there. That's it. Enjoy them, they are a worthwhile investment for an engineer who wants a good pair of cans for live use. It won't let me type my musical background in for some reason, maybe Chrome; but I am a Monitor Engineer.

another level of quality

Clarity is unmatched. When normal headphones distort during a very demanding section of song all remains clear. You have to have high quality audio to appreciate them and a sufficient power source. Portable device just dont cut it, Im getting a headpone amp right away. Totally brings the music to life. You will pick up on details and changes you never knew were there.
Music background: musician and music lover

Same as always--the best

Have to put in kudos for my sales engineer, Bob Furlong, for being there when I needed to exchange Audio Technicas for the Sennheiser HD380. The ATs had great flat sound but just did not fit comfortably--a personal thing but very important with hours in the studio. No problem, no hassle from Sweetwater, and the new Senns arrived here on the west coast in less than 3 days. I've had Sennheisers for more than 20 years, last pair of HD250s were running on second replacement can, finally buzzed out the left side. Thought the ATs would be worth a try, but again, not comfortable after 30 minutes use. I've already noticed the HD380 difference for my head--YMMV. The 380s have great mids and highs, okay lows, and I can eq the lows if I really need to. Sometimes Sweetwater prices aren't the lowest, but for peace of mind, real care, and that extra satisfaction knowing you're dealing with pros, the Sweetwater people can't be beat. I'll pay the extra bucks every time to get service like this. This experience paid for itself.
Music background: Hobbyist, former pro musician

Best Tracking Cans Period!!!

The HD380 Pro is the best set of tracking cans bar none!!! Snug fit, rich deep bass, best in class isolation to prevent bleed into the mic - just what the vocalist needs. Also perfect for drummers, loud guitarists, bass and synth players too. Their low impedance makes them an ideal match for the variety of tracking headphone systems on the market. They do have a bit of color to their sound so I do not recommend these for studio mix monitoring. Their snug fit gets a bit uncomfortable so wearing them for more than fifteen or twenty minutes at a crack may cause discomfort to some. I also highly recommend these for live FOH and on the stage Monitor Mixing Board. DJ's, you'll love 'em too!
Music background: Recording since 1969

Just what I needed

I'm a big guy, 6'2'' 230lb, & these adjust to fit very comfortable. The first time I test drove these I could not believe how natural the sound was. I listened to a number of tracks I am very familiar with, like Sgt. Pepper, and tunes that I've herd on every stereo since that album came out (yes I bought it when it first was released) had a clarity I've rarely herd even on some rather high end systems. Great buy, beyond excellent service, I'm hooked on Sweetwater
Music background: Semi-Pro Musican

Sweetwater Advice

Jason Kovach

I've used the Sennheiser HD 380 Pro headphones extensively both in the studio and for personal listening. They are among the most honest and comfortable headphones I've ever used.
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