Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor without GK-3 Pickup

13-Pin Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor without GK-3 Pickup image 1
Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor without GK-3 Pickup image 1
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Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor without GK-3 Pickup
In Stock!

A GK Rig Anyone Can Get Into!

Harnessing the power and potential of Roland's GK technology has never been easier or more affordable than it is with the BOSS GP-10. The GP-10 multi-effects processor lets you use your axe to harness a wide range of guitar, bass, and synth tones, including the classic Roland GR-300! But that's just the beginning. You can easily access alternative tunings and 12-string sounds as well, or tap into a massive collection of COSM amps and effects. Top it off with USB connectivity that lets you send both audio and MIDI to your computer, and there's no limit to what you can do with a BOSS GP-10.

BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor at a Glance:
  • Tap into tons of cool sounds and alternate tunings with your GK-compatible axe
  • Loaded with COSM powered amps and effects you can use with any guitar
  • USB connectivity lets you expand your sonic palette and record in your favorite DAW
Tap into tons of cool sounds and alternate tunings with your GK compatible axe

When you plug your GK compatible guitar into the BOSS GP-10 multi-effects processor's 13-pin jack, you get access to a whole word of killer tones, sounds, and alternate tunings. For starters, you can switch between standard tuning, drop tunings, open tunings, and even your own custom tunings, all without reaching for your headstock. But that's just the half of it. Next up, there's the plethora of cool sounds GK opens up to you. If you're looking for electric, acoustic, or bass sounds, you'll find them all in the GP-10. But you'll also find incredibly realistic sitar, banjo, fretless guitar, and many synth sounds as well. And when you combine these with your regular guitar sound, you can end up with some truly creative and unique tones.

Loaded with COSM powered amps and effects you can use with any guitar

Okay, so not every axe in even the most high-tech guitarist's collection here at Sweetwater is equipped with a hex pickup. So, what about using your non GK compliant guitars with the BOSS GP-10? No problem. You still get to tap into the GP-10's extraordinary collection of COSM driven amp models and expansive collection of effects. We're talking about absolutely stunning overdrives and distortion tones, not to mention fun and freaky modulation effects, delays, reverb styles, and a unique intelligent harmony generator. Plus, there's an expression pedal onboard that lets you control volume swells, pitch bends, and wah effects.

USB connectivity lets you expand your sonic palette and record in your favorite DAW

BOSS gave the GP-10 USB connectivity to provide you with three very important (and cool) bonuses. First up, by connecting your GP-10 guitar processor to your computer, you get access to all of its sounds via the BOSS Tone Studio editor/librarian application. Not only does this let you go crazy, crafting all new tones in a rich graphic environment, but it lets you access innumerable user presets online. And it gets better still. You can send multi-track audio (including individual string outputs) and MIDI to your favorite software, making it easy to record with the GP-10 tones you love and to play any virtual instruments you can get your hands on.

BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor Features:
  • An exciting and affordable way to experience the power of Roland's GK guitar technology
  • 13-pin input accommodates guitars equipped with a Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup or other GK-compatible pickups
  • Get instant access to drop tunings, open tunings, custom tunings, and 12-string sounds
  • COSM instrument modeling lets you dial in a wide range of electric, acoustic, and bass guitars
  • Other modeling sounds include sitar, banjo, fretless guitar, and many others
  • Analog guitar synthesizer modeling driven by real-time DSP, which lets you play expressive, ultra-responsive synth tones
  • Create totally new sounds by blending modeled and normal guitar tones together
  • Enjoy a wide selection of high-quality COSM amps and multi-effects derived from the GT-100
  • Standard 1/4" guitar input allows for use of modeled amps and effects with any guitar
  • USB connectivity provides multi-channel audio recording (including individual string output) and guitar-to-MIDI conversion with GK pickup
  • BOSS Tone Studio editor/librarian for Mac/Windows and custom patches available at
  • Play the GP-10 and another 13-pin GK device at the same time using the GKP-2 Parallel Cable (optional)
  • This version of the GP-10 does not come with a GK-3 Divided Pickup
Discover the power of Roland's GK technology with a BOSS GP-10 guitar processor!

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Tech Specs

Pedal Type Multi-FX
Number of Effects 89
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 30
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument), 1 x 1/8" (aux in)
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (left, right), 1 x 1/4" (guitar out), 1 x 1/8" (headphones)
USB 1 x Type B
Other I/O 1 x 13-Pin DIN (GK pickup equipped guitars), 1 x 1/4" (expression, control pedals)
Computer Connectivity USB
Power Supply Included Yes
Height 2.8"
Width 9.9"
Depth 8.1"
Weight 4.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number GP-10S

Customer Reviews

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I have a Carvin SH675 midi synth which I run through a Roland GR 55. I'm getting a Carvin NS1 nylon midi synth guitar and wanted a smaller pedal for it. The first thing I noticed about the GP-10 was the quality. It has a steel case and all of the connections are of quality materials. I don't do grunge rock so a lot of the presets are not for me. There are enough clean presets to keep me happy. I can use the last 10 preset slots to customize my sounds without destroying the first 90 presets. The software is awesome! The first thing I did was take a backup of the factory presets so that I can get back to where it was out of the box. I am still learning, but the pedal and the software are fairly intuitive.
Music background: Studio musician

Couldn't stay away

I had one of these for about a year, then I sold it to buy a Helix. I love the Helix, but I love the GP-10's modeling too. So I bought another one. After using an HD500 and the Helix, I am disappointed that you can't have more then one fx 'type', such distortion or delay. I still get great sounds without that capability.
Music background: 2 shows a month

This thing is rad!!

I was very nervous when purchasing the GP-10. I had never played with processors much but was looking for what this product had promised. Mainly I wanted to use it for alternate tunings. I like to play a variety of songs in different tunings and it can get to be a hassle very quickly having to constantly switch guitars or change tunings. Plus it can be rough on the guitar and mess with your action. So when I looked into the options available this seemed like the best way to go (along with a Strat GK-1).At first it seemed kind of overwhelming with all the different controls and settings. But after an hour or two messing around and reading the manual I really got the hang of it. The GK-1 worked immediately with only a little bit of setup and settings adjustments on the GP-10. Changing tunings is now trivial. I love being able to go from standard to drop D to D standard to Open G, all with a couple of taps of my foot.Now on to the modeling. I am really not into all the synth stuff as it always sounds kind of cheesy to me. But I have to say I am very impressed by the guitar and amp models the GP-10 offers. The Les Paul and Hummbucker models are spot on. There is also 20 or 30 different amp models to choose from which all seem to have their own authentic sound. There is less available in the acoustic realm and I have found those models to fall short of the real thing. It ends up sounding a bit shallow and "digitally" but all and all it sounds good enough and your average music listener probably won't notice.I won't even get into pedals and effects as this review is already too long. But I wanted to let someone that was in my position who was on the fence about this product know to just go for it!! You won't be sorry. Cheers!
Music background: Amateur Musician

Sweet FX - Sweet Water!

As a long time Roland guitar synth player, I am very impressed with the clean, hum free quality of this machine. It has a great "Tone Studio" softeare that makes editing a breeze. I use it in conjunction with the Roland vg 99 and the combination is killer!One gripe - not USB - Midi compliant. Perhaps an update will cure this issue. Very versatile when used with your DAW.Strongly recommend the product and the seller.
Music background: Long time musician and songwriter

Good Value

I bought the unit to use with my Multiac guitar. The GP-10 doesn't come with the 13 pin cable, you need to have that. I bought a cheaper version of that cable online for $16, and it works just fine.I loaded the drivers into my Mac, set up my synths in Logic, and was up and running in 10 minutes. (Note to my sales rep: I mistakenly downloaded the drivers for the GT-10 first; tell us not to do that!) I was anticipating a delay between the guitar and the synth sounds, and it is pretty noticeable. But for my application, I either trigger pads with soft attacks to expand the timber of my chords, or use the guitar just to enter midi notes instead of having to use a keyboard into my DAW.My technique is good, I play a lot of open chords, and it tracks my playing very well with just a few artifacts, most if not all of which are in the low notes.To groove with a sound with a fast attack is kind of limiting, you need to get used to anticipating the beat.Also, the 'synth sounds' in the unit sound cheesy (do people still say that?) to my ears, especially compared to Absynth or my G-Force mellotron.There is no 5 pin Midi out to drive your old hardware synths, but I found a custom box for that purpose on the V-guitar site. Also, there is no Midi in to get more foot control over the unit, but perhaps you could do that through the computer.I used just the effects with my electric guitar using the 1/4" input, I also downloaded the software to control the effects. It's a really nice, well thought out piece of software, very easy to use.The effects in the unit sound great, (not surprisingly), and you can easily change the order of effects and the parameters, and store patches with just a click of the mouse.My only observation is the effects themselves don't sound too 'deep', even with the effect level at 100%.But then again, I'm comparing them to my collection of killer stomp boxes, some of which actually cost more than this unit. The amp emulations are good, and definitely useable for recording.I'm not going to go into the live limitations of the unit, but there are additional options of adding footswitches and expression pedals, and I'm sure they work perfectly. But to get the most out of a GP-10, you really need to cart around your computer to edit and lay out your patches and your set, because you can't just kick multiple individual effects in and out. Plus, the software is so good it makes editing parameters in the unit a true drag.All in all, for the small size, great sound, computer interfacing capability, and price, I feel I've made a great purchase. This is definitely a unit I'm going to use a lot. Oh, and it plays nice with my other effects on the floor. I gave it a 4 star rating because I'm not ("WOW!, Blown away!"); it does exactly what I need it to do and then some. I really expected it to be this good, and it met my expectations.
Music background: Professional
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