Lauten Audio Eden LT-386

Large-diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone with Cardioid, Omnidirectional, and Figure-8 Polar Patterns, Highpass Filters, and Multi-voicing Technology
Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 image 1
Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 image 1
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Lauten Audio Eden LT-386
In Stock!

Fortify Your Mic Locker

Lauten Audio designed the Eden LT-386 large-diaphragm tube condenser mic for the discerning recordist. This microphone's impressive versatility begins with your choice of cardioid, omnidirectional, or figure-8 polar patterns. From there, the 2-stage Kick-shaper and Vocal-shaper highpass filters let you tailor the low-end response for the task at hand. Then there's the onboard Multi-voicing technology that lets you select between Forward, Neutral, and Gentle response curves. Did we mention that the Eden sounds incredible? A unique blend of classic and modern, it delivers smooth, rich low end and midrange as well as upper mids and highs reminiscent of coveted classic vacuum tube microphones. A great choice for vocals, drums, and just about anything else, the Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 makes a superb addition to your mic locker.

Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 Tube Condenser Microphone at a Glance:
  • Convenient pattern switching on the microphone
  • Highpass filters for shaping vocals and kick
  • Multi-voicing technology: from vintage to modern
Convenient pattern switching on the microphone

Lauten Audio spec'd the Eden LT-386 with three selectable polar patterns - cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8 - so you're covered for any recording scenario. Having the pattern switch conveniently on the mic body (rather than the power supply) lets you quickly and easily make your selection. At Sweetwater, we see a lot of tube mics these days with the pattern selector on the remote power supply, and we have to say that it's nice to see it on the mic - just like many of the sought-after classics.

Highpass filters for shaping vocals and kick

The Eden LT-386 is fitted with a pair of 2-stage highpass filters Lauten Audio calls Kick-shaper and Vocal-shaper. These filters are explicitly tuned to shape the low end of two commonly problematic sources. In the default position, the filters are hard-bypassed. Stage one (the middle position) is the Kick-shaper, specifically designed for bass drums. With its steep low-end cut, it removes excessive boominess that might detract from a enormous-sounding kick. But it can also be very effective on toms, vocals, guitars, and more. Move the switch to stage two (the bottom position), and you engage the Vocal-shaper, which cleans up your vocal tracks for a wonderfully smooth and classic sound. Of course, you'll also find this filter to be useful on multiple sources.

Multi-voicing technology: from vintage to modern

Multi-voicing is a proprietary Lauten Audio technology that uses three separate signal paths to achieve remarkably effective frequency shaping. Specifically designed and tuned for the Eden LT-386, the Forward, Neutral, and Gentle settings let you shape the response curve to the capture task. The Gentle position delivers a warm, vintage vibe and is perfect for maximum control over peaky or bright-sounding sources. Combine this with one of the highpass filters, and you have, effectively, a completely different microphone! The Neutral setting blends classic and modern to give you a smooth, even response with excellent control over sibilance. Finally, Forward opens up the mic for the coveted air of classic microphones.

Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 Tube Condenser Microphone Features:
  • Designed for discerning recording engineers
  • Multi-voicing switch for 3 distinct timbres
  • Vocal-shaping highpass filter
  • Kick drum-shaping highpass filter
  • Switchable patterns on the microphone
  • Premium components and build quality:
    • Modern EF806's tube is aged using a proprietary process
    • Custom-wound US-made output transformer for excellent control of transients
    • Proprietary, custom-tuned dual-diaphragm pressure gradient condenser capsule
    • High-quality, high-tolerance resistors and capacitors
    • Switchcraft connectors on the microphone, cable, and power supply
    • Custom Lauten cable between mic and power supply
  • Handcrafted in Lauten Audio's San Jose, California, factory
Expand your sonic palette with the Lauten Audio Eden LT-386!

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Tech Specs

Microphone Type Tube Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid, Omni, Figure-8
Diaphragm Size 1.23" (31.25mm)
Max SPL 120dB
Output Impedance < 200 ohms
Self Noise < 20dB (A weighted)
Low Cut Filter Kick & Vocal High-pass filters
Connector 5-pin XLR (Power Supply to mic), 3-pin XLR (PSU to preamp)
Manufacturer Part Number LAUTEDENLT386

Customer Reviews

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A Modern All-Time Great

This mic gives me what I've always wanted from a top shelf tube mic. It has warmth, weight, and a unique character that is undeniably high-end. It's the type of boutique flavor that would be in the same conversation as a Bock 507 or a U47. It doesn't sound like those mics of course, but that sonic signature of a luxury mic is there just the same. Then there's the added benefit of the gentle/neutral/forward circuit paths which makes this mic flex in all the right directions - something the other guys don't do. It's not cheap, but considering it's a lot like having 3 different boutique microphones - and it's 1/3 the price of the other mics I mentioned - how can I not give it 5 stars? I had one minor issue with one of the shock mount bands. That might have been enough to knock half a star off, but Brian Loudenslager (the founder of the company) returned my email personally the same day I contacted the company and had a replacement band in my hands within a couple of days. So no deductions. 5 stars all the way.
Music background: Recording Studio

The New Standard

This was my first expensive large diaphragm condensor mic purchase and I couldn't be happier. No sibilance, no cheap sounding top end, a very pleasing distance, close mic'd AND proximity effect (You've got to hear this thing on a vocalist singing up close! Gorgeous, intimate, just butter!). Anyways, the forward setting is the truth. Outrageously clean, modern and bright in the best way. The mids are creamy and the lows are full but not muddy and the 3 settings and polar patterns make this beast a flexible workhorse. Pair it with a great preamp and add some high mid punch with an ssl eq and you'll be on your way to a completely modern pop sound!!!


IM BACK FOR ANOTHER REVIEW because after my Eden started to age the experience got sooooo much better!.... (like a true vintage microphone) now compared to my Miktek CV4 the Eden is alot more gentle in the upper hi-mids 3kHz-8kHz to avoid harshness with thin and/or pointy voices. It also sports a unmistakably solid mid range and thick low end kinda similar to a U47 but unlike a U47 when EDEN is switched into "forward" mode its top end is completely modern sounding and sweet in the right places giving you the crispiest sheen of air on a vocal that sounds hifi but doesn't really increase sibilance at all! I call it my secret Sony c800g killer because it delivers almost the same vibe as a c800g recording but so much smoother from the mids all the way up!!! Paired with Chandler Little Devil Pre with "bright" switch on the module and you have a simply AMZING MONSTER!!!
Music background: Grammy Associated Recording/ Mix Engineer

A Secret Hand Shake

This microphone is not exactly what I thought it was been right outside of the box. I've own the Miktek CV4 for almost 5 years now and I had expectations of this sounding very similar to that so that I can maybe replace the Mikek and move one with my live getting a FET mic along with owning this but THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! This LT 386 has thrown me for a loop. At first I wanted to return it because in neutral it was a very untyped sound similar to a U87 but very smooth and warm with out sounding boomy... but for the Urban Pop and R&B / Rap record I was tracking I found my self working hard to let it sit on top of things compare to the CV4 so I put the LT 386 away for a few days. Then one day I found that an acoustic guitar was sounding too thin and bright thru my CV4 and I instantly thought this would be a chance to try the LT-386! Soon as I put it up and turn up the mic pre MAGIC happened in "Neutral" the strings was not overly bright and the body of the guitar sounded warm big and natural. Then I started using it on vocals again. I had a gospel singer blow her brains out on this mic less then a foot away and this mic took her high notes like a champ! He vocals was lush, smooth crispy and cut thru the mix with out being harsh even in the "Forward" position! I call this review "the secret handshake" because it really pays off to know when and what settings to use on this microphone for it to do whatever it is you needed it to do! I feel like I definitely enjoy this microphone now and I'm going to fall in love with it in the future! Thank you Fab you're meticulous ears in the making of this microphone! =)
Music background: Grammy Associated Recording/ Mix Engineer
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