Evans Torque Key

Drum Key with Tuning Tension Preset Dial, Non-slip Magnetized Head, and Knurled Knob
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Evans Torque Key image 1
Evans Torque Key image 1
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Evans Torque Key
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Preset Your Tuning Tension for Even Tuning!

Tuning with the Evans Torque Drum Key is painless, thanks to its convenient handle dial design. With it, you can pre-set the Torque Drum Key to release at a specified tension - that way, you will ensure even tuning and each and every lug. Other quality features on the popular Torque Drum Key include an ergonomic handle for tuning comfort and a knurled knob for easy drumhead changes. Plus, for additional convenience when you're tuning your drums, there's also a non-slip magnetized head on the Evans Torque Drum Key.

Evans Torque Drum Key Features:
  • Dial can be set to release at a specified tension
  • Knurled knob and ergonomic handle
  • Non-slip magnetized head
By drummers, for drummers - Evans provides a top-quality drum accessory, with the Torque Drum Key!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number DATK

Customer Reviews

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Huge Help

When used in conjunction with the "Drum Dial" tool, simply can't be beat for tuning drums.


This key works fantastic! It saves so much time, although is no substitute for fine tuning by ear.
Music background: Current band member

great tool

you still need your ears, but this tool will save you a LOT of time...works as advertised...wish I had one of these earlier....

New to tuning

I spent just about every night for about a month tuning my first real drumset. It was very fun but frustrating at times. I watched every video and read almost every writings out there on tuning. I had this from the start and I used it and regular drum keys and my fingers of course, I can tighten them pretty tight with just my fingers. tried every position of top and bottom heads. When it was all said and done this tool works, some complain about the range of settings but it is actually has basically infinate adjustments. The actual numbering in the dial is just not how i would have done it. See the dial says 0-9, and there is 5 clicks between each number, it doesnt even get to my finger tight till around what I would call 5.1 or 5.2 meaning 1 or 2 clicks past 5. It doesnt even grab or turn anything at all on setting 5, I believe this is where some get confused with it. That should be 0, but its not its 5. The thing is that it will go way past 9.5 till it is so tight you would never have a drum as tight as this thing can go. After all this I finally ended up using this tool almost exclusively on all my drums. After choosing a setting for top and another for bottom and evely adjusting them going around quickly starting and lossening and breakaway at the same spot I put it on over and over all the way around the drums several times them test the tone at each lug. I only tightened 3 lugs out of my whole set counting top and bottom to get each skin completely intune by ear with its self.
Music background: Beginer-Intermediate


This thing works REALLY well. Of course, it isn't a substitute for using your ear. But it's a pretty good tool for getting close, and then using your ears for the fine-tuning.
Music background: Pro Musician
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