Marshall DSL40CST 40/20-watt 1x12" Tube Combo with Free Celestion Creamback

40-/20-watt 2-channel All-tube 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Celestion Creamback Speaker, Digital Reverb, and Effects Loop - Black
Marshall DSL40CST 40/20-watt 1x12
Marshall DSL40CST 40/20-watt 1x12
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Marshall DSL40CST 40/20-watt 1x12" Tube Combo with Free Celestion Creamback
In Stock!

Exclusive — Classic Amp, Upgraded Speaker

Primed for both stage and studio, the Marshall DSL40CST brings you the legendary aggressive tone of the Marshall DSL combo amp and enhances it with a vibrant-sounding 12" Celestion Creamback speaker — and you'll only find it at Sweetwater! You'll be able to dial in everything from delicate, chiming cleans to iconic Marshall leads with dual switchable channels. The amp's 40-/20-watt operation fine-tunes its playing response and volume level. Putting a Celestion speaker in your amp is a great way to upgrade your tone. Get that extra-rich sound right from the start with the Marshall DSL40CST tube combo amplifier.

The DSL Series — a revered tonal heritage

The Marshall DSL40CST hails from a revered lineage. Marshall introduced the JCM2000 Dual Super Lead (DSL) series amps in 1997. Right from the get-go, these all-tube monsters enjoyed enthusiastic approval by guitarists and the press alike. They formed the backlines of top acts in all musical genres and bludgeoned audiences worldwide for a decade. Considered the go-to rock amp by many tone-savvy guitarists, there is considerable demand for Dual Super Leads. Marshall hears you and is proud to offer the improved DSL series.

40-watts of Marshall tone

The Marshall DSL40CST's ECC83 tubes in the preamp section (in concert with the amp's gain/master volume arrangement) give you stunning tone-shaping ability, while the two EL34s in the power section deliver all the power you need. A resonance control lets you dial in your preferred amount of low-end girth. And you'll love the studio-grade digital reverb, the rear-panel pentode/triode switch for running at 20 watts, and the bypassable rear-panel series FX loop. Marshall even included a 2-way footswitch for channel switching and reverb on/off.

Celestion Creamback 12" speaker

The Celestion G12M-65 12" Creamback guitar speaker gives you classic British tone with increased power handling for mid- to high-power amps. In the 1960s, Celestion's original Greenback speakers helped shape generations of guitar tone and became a staple of modern music. With its warmth and distinctive growl, the G12M-65 serves up the essence of British guitar tone, with low-end grunt complementing its warm mids, crunchy upper mids, and sweet highs. If you want definitive Celestion sound, this is the speaker for you.

Two channels and all the trimmings

The Marshall DSL40CST sports two footswitchable channels: classic gain and ultra gain. Each channel boasts two modes: clean/crunch and lead 1/lead 2, respectively. With the DSL40C, you can go from glassy Plexi-esque cleans to JCM800-style snarl, hot-mod 2203, face-melting high gain — and everything in between. To shape this roaring Marshall tone, you'll take advantage of a flexible 5-way EQ (treble, middle, bass, resonance, and presence) with the thoughtful inclusion of a tone shift button. A push of the button and you're in scooped modern metal territory.

Marshall DSL40CST 40-/20-watt All-tube Guitar Combo Amp Features:

  • Custom DSL tube combo amp with upgraded 12" Celestion Creamback speaker
  • Capable of conjuring any classic Marshall sound — past or present
  • 2 channels: classic gain and ultra gain
  • Each channel boasts 2 modes: clean/crunch and lead 1/lead 2, respectively
  • Highly effective resonance control
  • Tone shift button scoops mid frequencies
  • Studio-grade digital reverb
  • Rear-panel pentode/triode switch drops the amp's output to a studio-friendly 20 watts
  • Bypassable rear-panel series FX loop
  • Included 2-way footswitch for channel switching and reverb on/off

Note: Your Marshall DSL40CST amplifier is a custom design for Sweetwater and is fully covered by our Total Confidence Coverage 2-year warranty. No need to contact the manufacturer directly; just call Sweetwater if any issues with your amplifier arise.

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Total Power 40W
Speaker Size 12" Celestion G12M Creamback speaker
Reverb Yes
EQ 3-band EQ
Preamp Tubes 4 x ECC83
Power Tubes 2 x EL34
Inputs 1 x 1/4" TS
Outputs 3 x 1/4" TS (2 x 8-ohm, 1 x 16-ohm)
Footswitch I/O Yes
Effects Loop Yes
Height 19.29"
Width 24.45"
Depth 9.92"
Weight 50.48 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number Custom

Customer Reviews

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Great amp!

Great amp. Had it for a while now, and my only complaint is I should have bought this before the Fender I bought last year.

Fender Fan's First Marshall

Okay, this is a great amp! I'm 37 and have played for 25 years, and am mostly into rock/blues/hard rock/experimental. When I first started buying amps, I always leaned towards a Fender, because I dig the lush reverb and spongy fullness of the tubes. Though I've owned a couple Marshall cabs (1960A & 1936), I've never really cared for Marshall amps. Don't get me wrong, they are nice and some of favorite players use them, but never suited my taste... until now. After a while, I realized that Marshall and Vox, which I always felt were thin sounding, were perfect for a full band, because they leave the space needed for the drums and bass. For playing alone, I'll probably always prefer Fender, but in a band, I've realized Marshall/Vox/Orange is the way to go. Now, that said, this thing sounds great clean. I mean, like really great. I played several with the stock Greenback, but this Creamback is awesome. Like any speaker, it took a bit to break in. I just recorded a loop of clean chooka-chug guitar and big open chords and left it repeat for two hours cranked up; Celestion has a preferred way for breaking in speakers you can Google. After the break in, it was very full and the sound really blossomed. Once it was sorta broke in, I switched to the ultra gain, and after another hour or so, it really filled out and broke in all that much more. There are several complaints about the reverb, but honestly, it sounds nice and is deep enough for me. Once it's maxed out, any more I would need would be coming from a delay pedal anyway. Having independent reverb controls is really nice. You can't get that huge Fender surf-style reverb, but it's a nice sounding reverb with plenty of depth, for me, and no one buys a Marshall for surf reverb anyway. For the price, you won't find a better sounding amp, especially if you want authentic Marshall crunch/distortion. Yeah, I would like not having a shared EQ section, but for my 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (Classic '57/'57+ pups), I get a really nice balance that works for both clean and distortion, and the presence and resonance controls really help, in that regard. Although it has four options, I just use the clean on the classic channel, and the Lead 1 on the ultra channel. Sure, I could write critiques about wanting all kinds of features, but it's a $699 amp, so you really can't ask for much more than you get here, which is a really nice deal. The only feature I really wish for, though totally not a problem, is that the effects loop be footswitchable; it doesn't need to be programmable like the JVM series, but a nice on and off, in addition to, or in place of, the reverb switch would be much appreciated. The clean channel, also in crunch, is really nice. Very open and big sounding, and honestly, sounds more Fender than Marshall, in my opinion; although, my Fenders have the same pre and power amp tubes and similar speakers to this. The Lead 2 is a bit thin and nasally for me, but I can see its merits, especially with the tone shift engaged. The Lead 1 really covers the ground from a classic SLP to a modded JCM 800. I guess I would say Lead 2 is more for that super metal, almost Solando/Mesa Boogie sound. Lead 1 will get you anything from Jimmy Page to Slash and into modern territory. The standard Greenback version is nice, and sounds very similar, so you may want to try one out. Sweetwater calls this a speaker upgrade, but really, it's just a different flavor, and costs exactly the same. I tried both, but for my ears and taste, this Creamback is superb. Honestly, one of the best speakers I've heard; it is more rich and full than a Vintage 30, and certainly more than a Greenback, but that might not be for everyone. It even has some almost alnico overtones. I guess, from my experience, it sounds like a beefed up Vintage 30 with some alnico sweetness in the high/mids and some Hertiage lushness in the lows. Very excellent all-around speaker. I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a big Marshall sound without spending the money to step up to a half/full stack or JVM combo. At 40 watts, it's got plenty of volume and headroom to make the distortion sound really nice, something any smaller wattage amp, like the DSL15, really lacks. The Marshall SL5, 5-watt Slash AFD amp, is a really great amp, with great tones, but at 5 watts it's really incapable of getting that sound. Now, if Marshall ever makes a SL40 AFD amp, I might sell this, but for now, I couldn't be more satisfied.


I have been playing for about 6 years, and have owned multiple amps. The DSL40c with creamback has been with me for approximately 2 months. The speaker took a while to break in, but now that it is....Its simply fantastic. This amp in my opinion is an incredible value for such great classic Marshall tone. The controls are very effective, the cabinet is heavy duty....and did I mention tone. If you always wanted a Marshall but couldnt afford a good one. Here it is.

Great Little Marshall

I have owned many nice amps including Marshall amps such as the JVM, YJM100, Jubilee, and others. The DSL40CST is all Marshall and it sounds really good at all volumes. I never played through one with the stock speaker, but the Creamback sounds fantastic after a short break in period. Better preamp tubes helped to turn this little thing in to a beast.

Awesome Amp

I love this amp! It is just what I was looking for to fit my budget. It simply blows my solid states away! The clean sound is fantastic and the crunch rocks. It has all the features I want in an amp. The solid states with amp modeling and effects, just never sounded quite right to my ear. This Marshall tube combo really lives up to the hype, and it is worth every penny of the price. I find myself practicing more often now, just for the pleasure of hearing the Marshall bring out the great sound my American Deluxe Plus "Strat", is capable of producing. Sweetwater and Josh, never steer me wrong.
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