Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR

2-channel Compressor with Auto Attack/Release, Smart Dyn Dual-slope Detection, and Active Sidechain Send/Return Circuitry
Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR image 1
Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR image 1
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Dangerous Music COMPRESSOR
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Mastering-grade Compression for Your Studio

The Dangerous Music Compressor is a mastering-grade unit that gives you a fistful of control over your signal. Like all Chris Muth designs, the Compressor is packed with cutting-edge engineering, premium components, and genuinely useful features like Auto Attack/Release, Smart Dyn dual-slope detection, and the True Stereo Dual Detector that delivers superior imaging. The Compressor sports active sidechain send/return circuitry, which gives you exacting control, with no loading or impedance issues. The Compressor is audiophile-clean and pristine - even with 20dB of gain reduction. The Dangerous Music Compressor - it's essential kit.

Dangerous Music Compressor at a Glance:
  • Active sidechain: your secret weapon for achieving pro results
  • Cool features that take the guesswork out of dynamics control
  • Dangerous Music: mastering-grade hardware for the modern hybrid studio
Active sidechain: your secret weapon for achieving pro results

It's no secret that sidechaining is your key to achieving amazing results with a compressor. The passive sidechain of most compressors, however, leaves something to be desired. In true Dangerous fashion, the Compressor gives you a better solution: active sidechain send/return circuitry that gives you tons of control, with no loading or impedance issues. You also get a sidechain monitor that lets you monitor the signal, as well as Sibilance Boost - which shaves shrillness with no post-compression hangover, and a 60Hz Bass Cut that tightens your track without damaging your low end.

Cool features that take the guesswork out of dynamics control

The Dangerous Compressor is packed with smart features that let you get great results, quickly. One of these is Auto Attack/Release, which intelligently sets - you guessed it - the attack and release of the compressor. And the algorithms employed here do this far better than you could yourself by relying on guesswork enlightened by years of professional experience. Another cool feature is Smart Dyn Dual Slope Detection, which automatically limits peaks while stealthily compressing the average. And then there's the True Stereo Dual Detector that preserves your stereo image far better than traditional linking ever could. The proof of all this is in the high-quality, pro results - and how quickly you can achieve them. Looks like Dangerous Music has another winner on their hands with their Compressor.

Dangerous Music: mastering-grade hardware for the modern hybrid studio

Dangerous Music's product designer Chris Muth spent years designing custom equipment for many of the world's top mastering engineers and facilities. These professionals demand both a mastering-grade audio path and an intuitive feature set, and this became the baseline for all Dangerous Music designs. The mission: to provide innovative hardware that solves the problems of the DAW-based hybrid studio. At Sweetwater, we immediately recognized the value of Dangerous products to professionals whose livelihoods depend on their gear. If you have clients who demand fast, great-sounding results, the Dangerous Music Compressor belongs in your rack.

Dangerous Music Compressor Features:
  • Amazingly powerful and easy to use
  • Auto Attack/Release eliminates the guesswork
  • Audiophile-clean: performs like an automated fader
  • Active sidechain send/return circuitry gives you tons of control, with no loading or impedance issues
  • Sidechain monitor lets you monitor your sidechain signal, plus Sibilance Boost and Bass Cut
  • Sibilance Boost shaves sibilance and shrillness with no post-compression hangover
  • Bass Cut (60Hz) tightens the track without sacrificing the low end
  • Immaculate VCA: virtually no distortion, even with 20dB of gain reduction
  • True Stereo Dual Detector preserves your stereo image better than traditional linking
  • Auto Attack/Release: replace "guess" with "yes" for rapid-fire results
  • Smart Dyn Dual Slope Detection automatically limits peaks while stealthily compressing the average
The Dangerous Music Compressor: equip your studio with world-class compression!

Additional Media

Compressor User Manual
Signal Processing Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Type VCA
Number of Channels 2
Controls Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release
Threshold -30dB to +20dB
Ratio 1:1 to 20:1
Frequency Response 15Hz-80kHz
Side Chain Inserts Yes
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 2 x XLR
Sidechain I/O 2 x XLR (Send), 2 x XLR (Return)
Rack Spaces 2U
Height 3.5"
Width 19"
Manufacturer Part Number Compressor

Customer Reviews

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Amazing compressor

Thanks to Kent(from sweetwater) and Nathan Hamiel ,i went with the dangerous comp n its amazing .Its transparent but works well on most kind of material, u can go really hard on it n u wont hear it!
Music background: Producer

Great Investment

This compressor is the smartest decision I've made regarding outboard gear. It is great on mono duties, helping tame a vocal, while making it sit in the mix. On stereo bus it shines the most, gluing tracks together while maintaining a wonderful stereo image. I've used it for mastering as well, which gives you wonderful gain without coloration. There is some sort of "mojo" occurring here, but it's transparent mojo, if that can make sense. It is tops regarding aesthetics as well. This is the first piece of equipment clients walk to and ask "what is that?" Extremely satisfied with this thing.
Music background: Recording Engineer

This is a "must have" compressor for mix or mastering

The Smart Dyn Dual-Slope Detection feature on this compressor maximizes workflow time while providing . Ease of use, great sound results, and an "Engage" button that allows for quick comparison between compressed and uncompressed musicality makes this compressor a must have for the home and professional studio. Note: Running a Dangerous Music BAX-EQ through the "D-Comp" will give your individual or stereo master track the professional stand-out sheen you want. I use a lot of different dynamic processors in my workflow and by far the "D-Comp" is a headliner in the process! Regards - Matt B
Music background: Musician, Sound Reinforcement & Recording Engineer
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