Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell Wah Pedal

Cry Baby Wah Pedal with 6-position Frequency Knob and Adjustable Boost Switch - Camouflage
Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell Wah Pedal image 1
Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell Wah Pedal image 1
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Dunlop DB01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell Wah Pedal
In Stock!

A Hot-rodded Crybaby with a Serious Tonal Range!

The camouflage-covered Dunlop Dime Cry Baby is a hot-rodded wah that was the brainchild of Pantera co-founder Dimebag Darrell. Its boasts an extended frequency sweep, so you can get both higher and deeper, as well as a 5-way frequency range selector. Plus, to cut through the band, the Dunlop Dime Cry Baby features a dedicated boost switch. Skateboard skid-tape covers the pedal area, so a wet foot won't slide off, and there's also a convenient extra output jack on the left-hand side of the Dime Cry Baby, for versatile pedalboard mounting.

Dunlop Dime Cry Baby Wah Pedal at a Glance:
  • Designed by Pantera axe-shredder Dimebag Darrell
  • Extended frequency sweep and 5-way frequency selector
  • Boost switch for cutting through the mix
  • Slide-proof, skid-tape-covered pedal
  • Convenient extra output jack on the left-hand side

Designed by Pantera axe-shredder Dimebag Darrell
Darell knew the Cry Baby, loved the Cry Baby, and worked with Dunlop to create this incredible, hot-rodded stompbox. In addition to its camouflaged look, the Dime Cry Baby offers a ton of great features - both for sound and for playability - to take this classic pedal to the next level.

Extended frequency sweep and 5-way frequency selector
To give the Dime Cry Baby even more sonic diversity, Dunlop's extended its frequency sweep range - it can sweep even higher and even deeper than before. Plus, there's a 6-way sweep selector on the pedal, so you can choose what frequency range you'd like to center your sweep on.

Boost switch for cutting through the mix
When you're entering a wah-infused solo or diving into a lush bridge, sometimes you just want to have that extra juice when you engage the wah, rather than stepping on another stompbox to take your level where it needs to be. That's why Darrell and Dunlop gave the Dime Cry Baby an additional boost on/off switch - it gives you just enough to float your sound right over the top.

Slide-proof, skid-tape-covered pedal
Darrell loved the original Cry Baby, but knew from experience that if your shoes were wet, they couldn't quite grip the rubber pedal the way you wanted. To solve this issue, the Dime Cry Baby features skateboard skid-tape across the top of the pedal area.

Convenient extra output jack on the left-hand side
The original Cry Baby features an input jack on one side and an output jack on the other side. Darrell wanted to make it easier to just be able to plug in and play, without having to loop a cord around the pedal that could have a tendency to get stuck. The Dime Cry Baby features a second output jack on the left-hand side, so you can just go in and out of one end.

Dunlop Dime Cry Baby Wah Pedal Features:
  • Camouflaged look
  • Extended frequency range
  • Adjustable "Q" control modulates frequency breadth
  • 6-position frequency sweep selector knob
  • Boost switch with Adjustable knob from 0-17dB
  • LED indicators on the back of the pedal
  • Skateboard skid-tape on the top
  • Extra output jack on the left-hand side of the pedal
  • Internal switch for second output jack function
The Dunlop Dime Cry Baby is a hot-rodded wah that's ready for the stage!

Additional Media

DB01 Dimebag Crybaby From Hell Wah Pedal Spec Sheet

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Wah
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 1 x 1/4"
Batteries 1 x 9V
Height 4"
Width 6"
Depth 10"
Weight 2 lbs.
Power Supply Included No
Manufacturer Part Number DB01

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
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Awesome Wah

The name of this Wah may lead some people to believe that its a heavy metal pedal in which it quite capable of being but, it is very vocal and it lays down the funk in a whole new way. This is the 3 rd. in my wah family all of which are Dunlop and it is as unique in its own as each one is. With the multiple options that it offers it certainly covers most all wah needs. The sweep or the travel of the pedal took me a few days to get use to because it responds very quickly within a small distance, the slightest movement the frequencies cover a wide span. once I got use to it, it quickly became my go to wah pedal. If your a must have a wah type of player this pedal will do the job.
Music background: Pro

Dimebag crybaby

I used wah pedals for 30 years.I have to say this pedal is impressive.It is real easy to use i had pedals that would exhaust my foot this one dosen't i wouls recommend this pedal......

Very versatile wah

Great versatility and sound possibilities. It is a joy tweaking the settings and experimenting with the many sweep range options. There is definitely a sound in there for any taste or application. The pedal feels very responsive and the toe-pressure that is needed to engage the wah feels just right. The boost button is very useful too and adds extra bite to a clean sound or more drive to your distorted lead sound. There is plenty of boost available and I only use about half of what is provided since it might become almost too much and too harsh sounding if you use the full 17 dB. The location of the boost switch on the right side is only practical if you have your wah on the right side of your pedal board. Otherwise you might not be able to use this switch with the side of your foot if your pedals are too close next to each other. The LED indicators are a very practical addition. A red LED to show you that the boost is enabled and a green LED to show you that the wah is engaged. The boost will only be in effect once the wah mode is also engaged and bypassed when the wah is off. But the red light will remain on in both modes as a heads-up The extra output jack on the left side also turned out to be super handy with the way i have my pedal board laid out and saves space. The option to use it as a second output jack is also a fantastic feature that allows for additional routing possibilities. You can pretty much use this pedal as a simplified AB-splitter to send it to two amps or to a separate tuner. The camouflage is a nice bonus and looks great in my opinion. It just sits there on the pedal board looking sexy and begging to be played ;) And the non skid surface is much better than the standard rubber surface on my older Dunlop Jimi Hendrix crybaby pedal. I have that pedal already for approximately 24 years, so that also tells you something about the durability of these pedals. They are built like a tank! I only hope that the potentiometer of this new pedal will also last many years as well since the one in my old one started to sound a little grainy. Too bad they don't make an optical version of this pedal. I am very happy with this pedal and I like it much better than my original crybaby. But of course that's all a matter of personal preference. I highly recommend this pedal if you are the kind of person that really likes to experiment and tweak sounds. I think It's a great value for the money and a lot of fun to play with.
Music background: Home recording hobbyist

A great wah pedal!!!!

I have had this for several years now and I love this wah. My favorite wah I ever owned, right ahead of an old, OLD Vox that I wish I had never got rid of. (this is the only other wah that has been capable of that deep "whakka whakka funky white boy" sound) The voice switch is my favorite feature. I can take it from a very very broad sweep or take it down to a narrower sweep that is perfect for seven string and bass. I don't use the boost or care much for the harsh sound of it either to tell the truth. I prefer the grip tape top to the normal rubber ones, more grip! the camo is cool but I could take it or leave it. True bypass, fasel inductors. I don't know how much difference the inductors make but the true bypass is great in comparison to the tone sucking characteristics of the base model Crybaby. I also appreciate the fact that this wah pedal has a battery compartment door so you don't have to fiddle with the little feet. (but I guess most may have this nowadays?) If someone thinks the sweep on this pedal is too narrow, they either haven't turned enough knobs or they got a defective pedal. The only reason I could see some people not liking this pedal is if you prefer your sweep to have a very tight sweet spot, because I notice I move this pedal back and forth a lot more drastically than most as opposed to having a little sweet spot right in the middle of the sweep like many wahs. Recommended.
Music background: Hobbyist 25 years guitar

The Wah Isn't Great

the wah doesn't seem to be as wide on this unit as the original Cry baby. Im going to get the old one again!
See also: Wah Pedals, Dunlop, Dunlop Wahs and Filters