IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb Software Suite

Suite of Four Reverbs: Plate, Room, Hall, and Inverse, for VST, RTAS, and Audio Units - Mac/PC AAX, RTAS, VST, AU
IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb Software Suite image 1
IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb Software Suite image 1

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IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb Software Suite
Delivered In Minutes!

Four High-Quality Reverbs in One!

IK Multimedia's Classik Studio Reverb is a suite of four high-end studio-quality reverbs modeled after popular outboard classics. Now anyone can afford the quality sound of a signature reverb in their studio. All are designed to give the same sound of an acclaimed high-quality outboard reverb unit. With a myriad of options and parameters to choose from, Classik Studio Reverb is truly a complete, great sounding package that can adapt to any mix situation with ease.

IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb at a Glance:
  • Four high-quality reverb plug-ins
  • A sound that sits perfectly in any mix
  • Easy to use with advanced editing features
  • Ideal for the beginning musician
  • Depth and complexity for the professional engineer
  • A new level of texture and innovative programming potential
  • Programming flexibility with less strain on your CPU

Four high-quality reverb plug-ins
IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb offers in a single product, a suite of four high-quality reverb plug-ins: an incredibly accurate plate, a fully configurable room, a rich hall, and a creativity-inviting inverse. All four are of the highest quality, matching even expensive individual products.

A sound that sits perfectly in any mix
Classik Studio Reverb offers high-quality, musical reverb processing with the flexibility previously available only in extremely expensive signature hardware reverb units. It carries the quality and character that top engineers have utilized for years. Classik Studio Reverb is designed to get the maximum musicality, re-create the character that has made your favorite hit records, and that classic sound that sits perfectly in any mix.

Easy to use with advanced editing features
Classik Studio Reverb has been designed for ease of use with advanced editing features. With the look and feel of a typical effects rack on the interface, all the necessary controls are laid out for an immediate great sound. All knobs and macro controls can be automated through your host's sequencer. From the beginner to professional engineer, you won't have a problem getting your desired result from Classik Studio Reverb.

Ideal for the beginning musician
Classik Studio Reverb offers two modes: Easy and Advanced, coupled with more than 100 parameters. Easy Mode puts the most commonly changed controls on the front panel of the plug-in, making Classik Studio Reverb an easy to use and quick solution when a high-quality reverb is needed. You shape the sound using only six parameters: Mix, Diffusion, Reverb Time, Low Frequency Gain, High Frequency Cutoff, and High Frequency Dampening; giving you full control over the main character of the reverb.

Depth and complexity for the professional engineer
In Advanced Mode, you will find an array of highly developed modeling and shaping controls that are hard to find in any reverb. All parameters, the Modulation Matrix, and Macro Controls, can be adjusted and changed to create the reverb effect that you need, tailored to the very finest detail. The Modulation Matrix is an 8x8 structure; meaning that 8 modulation sources can manipulate 8 destinations. For example, to apply an envelope to your reverb time, you can fine-tune the tail for a specific reverb sound. Or, use an LFO to modulate the reverb image, creating movement in the acoustic space.

A new level of texture and innovative programming potential
Macro controls can be created allowing complex sweeping changes in Classik Studio Reverb's effects, virtually transferring environments at your command. You can associate up to 8 different Classik Studio Reverb controls to a simple Macro slider, therefore making morphing between different reverb settings easier than ever. In both Easy and Advanced Modes, it is always simple to find that perfect sound. A convenient A/B comparison allows you to quickly apply modifications and compare between two reverb settings in a snap.

Programming flexibility with less strain on your CPU
While impulse reverbs have gained a lot of popularity because of their particular emulation of environment reverberation, they are inherently CPU-intensive. They typically lack the particular musical sound and editing possibilities that famous studio digital reverbs have always offered. Classik Studio Reverb is not only less demanding in your processor, but much more flexible than impulse-based technologies. Now you have the ability to manipulate and shape reverbs from a number of angles, giving you performance that mirrors high-end studio quality.

Compatibility and Flexibility for Any Studio
Classik Studio Reverb offers a reverb solution for virtually any computer-based musician. VST, RTAS, and Audio Unit formats are included for Mac and PC, allowing Classik Studio Reverb to work as a plug-in with popular virtual studio environments such as: Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Sonar, Ableton Live, and more.

IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb Features:
  • Suite of 4 separate reverb units: Plate, Room, Hall, and Inverse
  • State of the art DSP based reverb algorithms
  • 2 operational modes: Easy and Advanced
  • 6 easy to use controls in Easy Mode
  • More than 100 Parameters in Advanced Mode
  • Highly customizable 8x8 Modulation Matrix per unit
  • 4 assignable Macros per unit
  • Full automation through host sequencer

IK Multimedia's Classik Studio Reverb will add a professional polish to your projects!

Tech Specs

Software Type Bundle
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Hardware Requirements - Mac 1.5GHz Intel Processor, 1GB RAM
Hardware Requirements - PC Pentium 4 2.4GHz/Intel/AMD Athlon 64, 1GB RAM
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7/Vista/XP
Manufacturer Part Number CS-PLUG-DID-IN

Customer Reviews

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These ARE high-end reverbs

I've been using these reverbs for a couple years now. They are my go-to algorithmic reverbs for everything I produce. If you need a reverb package that covers all the bases, this is a great product to get at any price. It just happens to be at a very affordable price. But don't let the small price tag fool you into thinking the quality falls short.
Music background: 25+ years experience as a producer, engineer, and professional musician


This plugin suite is incredible. I can definitely put this side by side with the Waves Renaissance pack. The "hall" verb is perfect for dance synths, and to get that real nice distant sound on a vocal. Best of all, no bathroom like spring effect. Definitely a very well done product. Keep up the good work IK Multimedia
Music background: Production, Engineer, Mastering.

Really well versed reverb for a great prce

I had been looking for a good reverb plugin and come across this one, the price was great and with many options this really cant be beat. its great for any track as a basis or for the final mix.
Music background: Everything

Very Pro Sounding reverb

I gotta tell you switching from Renaissance Reverb to this was like night and day. Heres the deal though when using it, you have to tweak the parameters a little to get it to sound amazing. Just pulling up a preset and expecting it to sound great won't work. I don't think the presets are good at all. But if you tweak it starting from the beginning it will sound like the best piece of hardware reverb you have ever gotten your hands on!
Music background: Sound Engineer, Professional Singer

I realy love it

I realy love this plug in, its presets are very good and usable with a little effort and changes!! It sounds like a good studio reverb and not has bathroomy effect at all (some plug ins have)!! It sounds realy professional. >Thanks IK MULITIMEDIA
Music background: composer-sound enginner-vocalist

Sweetwater Advice

Carson McClain

I'm a huge fan of Classik Studio Reverbs. I love that each one of these reverbs has insert presets as well as bus presets. This gives you instant results that will make your mixes sound better than ever. If you are rcording real instruments or sequencing virtual instruments, Classik Studio Reverbs will take your sound to the next level.

Ben Robinson

I've been using the reverbs in IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb for years and have never gotten tired of them! I've found no reverb close to this price that sounds this wide and open. Truly a must-have for piano, strings, and vocals.
See also: Reverb Plugins, IK Multimedia, IK Multimedia Plug-ins: Reverbs & Delays