Eminence Cannabis Rex Patriot Series 12" 50-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm

12" Guitar Speaker, 50W, 8 Ohms, Hemp Cone Construction, 70Hz-5kHz
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Eminence Cannabis Rex Patriot Series 12
Eminence Cannabis Rex Patriot Series 12
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The Sweetwater Difference

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Eminence Cannabis Rex Patriot Series 12" 50-Watt Replacement Guitar Speaker 8 Ohm
In Stock!

Classic American Tone for Your Favorite Amp or Cabinet

Note: Speakers are non-returnable.

The Eminence Cannabis Rex 12" hemp cone guitar speaker gives you classic American tone with a big bottom end. The 50W Cannabis Rex has a powerful, chunky tone to it that's perfect for blues, country, rock, and jazz. You'll love how touch-sensitive the response is, with excellent sustain too. So put one of the world's most-played speakers in your guitar amplifier, with the Eminence Cannabis Rex 12" guitar speaker!

Cannabis Rex Speaker Characteristics:
  • Application: 12" open- or closed-back
  • Configuration: 1, 2, or 4 x 12"
  • Low-end response: Aggressive
  • Low-end shape: Fat/Round
  • Midrange response: Moderate
  • Midrange shape: Warm
  • High-end response: Moderate
  • Breakup mode: Slow
Eminence Cannabis Rex 12" Hemp Cone Guitar Speaker Features at a Glance:
  • Powerful 12" guitar speaker with thick and chunky tone
  • Very touch-sensitive, will capture the nuances of your playing
  • Solid bottom end, suitable for blues, country, rock, and jazz
  • Hemp cone speaker
  • Ferrite Magnet
  • 50W
  • 70Hz-5kHz
  • 8 Ohms
  • 8.2 lbs.
Pack your amplifier with American tone, with the Eminence Cannabis Rex 12" hemp cone guitar speaker!

Additional Media

Cannabis Rex Patriot Series 12 Spec Sheet
Guitar Amp Buying Guide

Tech Specs

Application Guitar
Size 12"
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling 50W
Magnet Type Ferrite
Frequency Range 70Hz-5kHz
Magnet Weight 38 oz.
Unit Weight 8.2 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number CANNABIS REX

Customer Reviews

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Cannabis Rex Replacement Speaker

I bought this speaker to fill a lightweight pine cabinet I built for small coffee house gigs.I have 2 Mesa Boogie cabinets I use for larger venues. I paired the cabinet with a Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 25 and was completely blown away by the tone and note definition. Great speaker and great service by Danielle ( as always)! I highly recommend Sweetwater and Cannabis Rex as a great 12" replacement speaker!!

C-Rex replaces Celestion Vintage 30

Great replacement for my Vintage 30 at a better price. The Sweetwater Difference is as advertised.Special thanks to Clint for all his help and great customer service.Sweetwater earned my business. From here on out my 1st choice for musical gear.
Music background: 35 years of bad notes

One regret: hesitating as long as I did!

What I was hearing from the little Fender Princeton 65 didn't pair with the sound I wanted with either the Epi Joe Pass (Samick) or the custom acoustic steel string with K&K's. Speaker cab weight is crucial at my age, so the Fender suited my needs otherwise. So, after confirming a few details with a Sweetwater contact, I finally plumped for this Eminence CR (which popped right into place) and it changed all the possibilities for both guitars. And the wider, richer sounds now justify getting the SM57 for jams.
Music background: Playing @ various levels/styles 50+ years

Smooth and detailed

I used to run a swamp thang (scooped fenderish tone) in my modded blues junior, and it sounded great. I wanted to try the C Rex because I felt it would add more meat and smoky flavor to the low mids. I play a John Mayer strat, and the C Rex delivers with my blues junior every time. A It will take awhile to break in, but the dark and rich jazz tones and smooth blues tones are there from day one!
Music background: Musician, live sound engineer, recording engineer

Eminence Cannabis Rex

What a great sound, great choice, good call, great order!
Music background: Singer/songwriter Country recording artist
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