Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 16 ohm

Speaker Cabinet Simulator and Load Box for Guitar Amplifiers, 150W Max Power, 16 Ohms
Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 16 ohm image 1
Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 16 ohm image 1

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Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator - 16 ohm
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Speaker Simulation for Your 16-ohm Amp

The Mesa/Boogie Cabclone is a speaker cabinet simulator and load box that gives you entirely new ways to use your guitar amplifier on stage or in your studio. Plug your amplifier's speaker output to the Cabclone, and you can connect your amp's tone directly to a mixing console, mic preamp, or even direct to your recording device. Three different cabinet simulation voicings let you emulate the sound of open-back, closed-back, and "vintage" speaker cabinets. You won't need to lug a speaker cabinet with you to get outstanding tone from your amplifier, with the Mesa/Boogie Cabclone.

Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator and Load Box at a Glance:
  • Easily interface your guitar amp with your mixing console or recording rig
  • Minimize the size of your rig, not your tone
  • Built tough for long-term reliability
Easily interface your guitar amp with your mixing console or recording rig

Sure, your 150-watt tube amp sounds awesome when it's cranked up, but that's more volume than most small stages and clubs can take. Plug it into the Mesa/Boogie Cabclone, and you can run the XLR DI output direct to the mixing board instead of trying to mic up a roaring speaker cabinet. You'll have less volume on stage which will lead to a cleaner overall sound, and you can crank your amp without melting the faces of your audience.

Minimize the size of your rig, not your tone

Guitarists at Sweetwater know that your speaker cabinet is a big part of your tone, but we also know that you spend a lot of time and energy getting that beast to and from gigs. In your studio you may hook up your cabinet to the Cabclone and record both the Cabclone's direct output and your miked cabinet, but for live gigs you don't need to have your cab connected to the Cabclone. Just grab your amp head and Cabclone, and you're ready for your show.

Built tough for long-term reliability

In typical Mesa/Boogie fashion, the Cabclone speaker simulator is built tough as nails to survive your most demanding gigs. There's a handy, removeable tilt-back stand built right in so you can place it over the handle on your amplifier head. And it's a completely passive design, so you won't need to keep track of a separate power supply. As a gigging companion, the Cabclone is much easier to deal with than a full-size speaker cabinet.

Mesa/Boogie Cabclone Speaker Cabinet Simulator and Load Box Features:
  • Speaker cab simulator and load box for guitar amplifiers rated at 16 ohms
  • For use with guitar amplifiers rated up to 150W
  • Lets you select between open-back, closed-back, and "vintage" speaker cabinet emulations
  • Allows you to play your amplifier head without a speaker cabinet connected
  • Makes it easy to connect your guitar amp directly to a mixing console, mic preamp, or recording device
  • Headphone output defeats line outputs for silent practice
  • Important Notice for International Customers: Mesa/Boogie products sold by Sweetwater are intended for use within the United States. We are unable to ship any Mesa/Boogie products outside of the US.
The Mesa/Boogie Cabclone may replace your traditional speaker cabinet!

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Tech Specs

Power Handling 100W RMS
Impedance 16 ohms
Inputs 1 x 1/4" (from amp)
Outputs 1 x 1/4" (thru), 1 x XLR (direct out), 1 x 1/4" (line out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
Manufacturer Part Number AC.CC16

Customer Reviews

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Way better than you think.

I've used mine for a few months live in our church, and it's every bit as good as a mic/cab. Your sound guy will need to eq you a bit (remove highs around 5k, and some low end below like 100), but you'll sound just as good and never have to lug the cabinet around. I use the vintage setting, but I have used open back too. Vintage is a better starting point for a live setting. Buy without fear!
Music background: Years in churches

For the Practice Monkey in the Apartment

I am extremely pleased with this unit. I recently received a Carvin Legacy 3 with a 4x12 cabinet. Unfortunately, I don't have the practice space to utilize a 4x12 without tearing my head off. Enter the Cabclone. Now I can practice at 3 am without feeling bad for my neighbors ( who actually like my playing, yay!). It's also really nice to simulate how the amp will sound out of different speaker types. Even better is plugging an XLR from the Cabclone into my Motu828 interface to record my true guitar sound whenever I want. I would recommend this product to anyone who has the power but not the space.
Music background: Instrumental Guitar Virtuoso

The key to perfect consistent guitar sound

I own 2 of the first generation 100w versions. I do a lot of home recording both of myself and local bands, and these are the absolute cornerstone of my guitar sound going to tape. I don't have the room or the mics to capture amps the way I like - and the neighbors don't like the volume required to do it either. Since picking these up the quality of my guitar tracks have jumped into a completely different class. I've used them with high end Mesa and Marshalls, tiny Epiphone Valve Juniors, Vox's, Fenders, just about everything...and it's all awesome. I personally like to record myself using modeling gear like Line 6's POD HD500X or Helix. Where the Cab Clones really shine is when I track a modeler through a stereo tube power amp into them. I don't have to worry about cabinet models, or finding just the right IR, and I get added tube character from the power amp to liven up the modeled tone. Even the most hardcore 'analog only' guys I know have been completely blown away by that approach. Some have even been outright fooled. I can't recommend these enough, specifically for home/project studio recording...and of course they sound so good they will help you take your studio sound to the stage as well. You just have to trust the sound guy a bit more to make sure your monitor mix is right if you go completely cab-less. But no more accidentally hitting the mic stand in the middle of a song, and you can turn the amp up to get the break up you like without having to deal with the sound guy always asking you to turn it down.
Music background: Local Scene Veteran

Great Unit!

Forget about your iso-cabs, or your amp simulators or plug-ins. This thing with a great tube amp will blow any of those away. Iso-cab sound terrible - I know, I've wrestled with two different ones for a few years trying to get them to sound like anything reasonable. They hammer and distort your tone into something horrible and it's a physical impossibility for them to sound good. Any kind of digital amp simulator that converts your guitar signal before anything else happens is just not going to compare to a real tube amp's response - I know, I've tried that too... Take a good-quality short cable into your tube amp, into the Cab Clone and into your system and you'll have a magnificent sound - great real tube amp response and tone that your amp will be totally compatible with. It's not exactly the same as a real cab, but damned close, and very, very good. It does have the slightly woolly character of some of the other ones, but much less, and with the right kind of reverb to add a little room ambience, it's great and you can't go wrong. If you have a home studio where you can't crank up an amp and cab, like I do, the Cab Clone is for you.
Music background: Professional recording/touring artist

Great for live use!

I bought this so our band could lower the stage volume and bring less gear into venues. The guitar player has an Orange Tiny Terror, which goes straight into the Mesa Cab Clone and to the console. That's the best guitar sound we've ever had! We recorded the shows and the sound is amazing with a plus: no stage bleed.

Sweetwater Advice

Anthony Longano

Not many amps can get that sweet tube sound without cranking it wide open. The Mesa Cabclone allows me to do that without disturbing the neighbors! Having been underwhelmed by other cabinet simulators, it's been great to hear these cab simulations truly having the "Mesa" sound. All three simulations are pretty spot-on with what I'd get buying an actual Mesa cab - especially the "closed back" setting. I use my Cabclone in the studio to demo songs before I actually track the guitars, because the tone is so realistic it actually still helps capture the "bigger picture" of what I'm going for with the mix.
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