Rob Papen Blue-II

Crossfusion Synthesizer Virtual Instrument - Mac/PC AAX, VST, AU
Rob Papen Blue-II image 1
Rob Papen Blue-II image 1

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Rob Papen Blue-II
Delivered In Minutes!

A Sound-designer's Wonderland!

Loaded with six extremely flexible oscillators, dozens of waveforms, 27 filters types, 35 effects, and a staggering degree of modulation capabilities, Rob Papen's Blue-II is a virtual instrument that will thrill even the most jaded synth nut. At Sweetwater, we've seen everything from simple sample players to virtual instruments that are so powerful and complex that they require college-level courses to understand properly, but few strike as elegant a balance between ease of use and sophistication as Rob Papen Blue-II. Its "crossfusion" approach to FM and subtractive synthesis allows you to approach sound design from several different angles, and the powerful onboard X-Y matrix makes manipulating multiple parameters at once fun and intuitive. There's a lot to explore in Rob Papen's Blue-II, but we hope this overview gets you as excited about this monster synth as we are.

Rob Papen Blue-II Synthesizer Virtual Instrument at a Glance:
  • Six freakishly flexible oscillators let you stack up super-fat tones
  • Massive modulation capabilities add motion to your sound
  • X-Y matrix opens the door for creative real-time sound shaping
Six freakishly flexible oscillators let you stack up super-fat tones

To begin with, Blue II offers you six identical oscillator sections which are capable of interacting in a number of extraordinary ways. Each oscillation source offers you a broad choice of waveforms ranging from simple analog shapes to complex samples such as strings, choirs, percussion sounds, and more. In addition to tuning and volume controls, each oscillator also includes a suboscillator, shape controls, pulse width modulation settings, and even analog-style spread and drift. This alone give you an impressive range of tonal possibilities, but where Rob Papen really hit it out of the park is how you can use these oscillators to modulate one another.

Massive modulation capabilities add motion to your sound

First and foremost are Blue II's FM synthesis capabilities, which allow you to use any oscillator or combination of oscillators to modulate the frequency (i.e., FM) any other oscillator. There's a whole matrix (the Alg section) dedicated to this interaction, which lets you set up insanely complex sounds - and that's just one of the modulation settings! Next are the many envelopes you can use to control the expression of each oscillator plus both filters and the volume. In addition to a highly flexible arpeggiator, Rob Papen also outfitted Blue II with an extremely cool step sequencer that lets you assign tuning, velocity, filter amounts, and even each oscillator's waveform for each step. How cool is that? And as if that weren't enough, you also get a LFOs, an assignable multi-envelope, a modulation sequencer, and more.

X-Y matrix opens the door for creative real-time sound shaping

The single thing that puts the Blue II virtual instrument synthesizer totally over the top is its X-Y matrix. Borrowed from Rob Papen's Blade additive synthesizer, Blue II's X-Y matrix lets you assign up to 16 parameters (plus oscillator and effects mixes) to coordinates on an X-Y field. You can drag a point around this field to blend these parameters, or assign the coordinates to your MIDI controller. What's more, there are tons of ways to automate and quantize this motion, essentially adding another kind of step sequencer to the mix.

Rob Papen Blue-II Synthesizer Virtual Instrument Features:
  • An amazing update to Rob Papen and Jon Ayers's original "crossfusion" synthesis virtual instrument
  • A combination of 6 complex oscillators, FX synthesis, and subtractive synthesis provide a world of sonic possibilities
  • A rich palette of oscillator waveform span the gamut from basic analog shapes to string and choir samples
  • Two analog modeled filters with 27 filter types including ring filtering let you sculpt perfect tones
  • Use a multitude of envelopes, step sequencers, LFOs, arpeggiators, and more to create moving and evolving sounds
  • Four effects engines with 32 effects types each add even more sonic texture to the mix
  • X-Y matrix taken from Rob Papen's Blade additive synthesizer provides even more cool ways to manipulate patches
  • Remarkably straightforward user interface makes sound design fun
  • Compatible with any AAX, VST, or AU plug-in host
Explore new territories of sound design with Rob Papen's Blue II crossfusion synthesizer plug-in!

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Tech Specs

Software Type Synth
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format AAX Native, VST, AU
Hardware Requirements - PC AMD Processors Not Supported
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6
OS Requirements - PC Windows Vista
Manufacturer Part Number RPBLUE02

Customer Reviews

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Awesome Plugin

I use this plugin now in every project I create it has sounds for any genre and so easy to tweak and creat your own sounds too .If you don't have this plug in go and buy it now .See for yourself .Rob Papen makes awesome sounding VST's
Music background: Professional Musician

Fatty Excellence

This is my second Rob Papen instrument, and I have to say his stuff totally oozes quality. I was ready to give this thing an enthusiastic five stars after just a couple hours messing with it. After two weeks, my opinion has only improved. The interface is friendly and intuitive, tweaking presets and crafting your own tasty sounds is ridiculously easy, and Blue II has some innovative features that set it apart. Plus it sounds fantastic. The price is a bargain for what you get to work with. Highly recommended.
Music background: Bass-addled dub hooligan

Blue II = Total Awesomesauce

Wow! No reviews yet? OK, I'll be the first.I own licenses for a lot of software synths, most of the "major" ones out there, but I think I have finally found MY very favorite VST synth and it's Blue II. I literally go to this synth first now.Blue II is definitely NOT a semi-modular synth, so you won't find quite as many options available as Zebra, and it's not as simple as Sylenth1, but I think Blue II is successful in combining extreme power and flexibility in a really straight forward package that is easy to use. It is also a huge improvement over the original Blue and it sounds a lot better than the original Blue. I was immediately impressed about how good it sounds.Some of the best features of the previous Blue are retained and mixed with some great features that can be found on other synths. It has an FM matrix similar to FM8, an XY pad like Blade, multiple oscillators (6 of them), a huge amount of base wave forms like Zebra, and flexible routing like Massive. It also comes with 2 filters, several multi-segment envelopes, a beefy modulation matrix, both an arpeggiator AND a sequencer (both 32 step) 14 LFOs, 2 filters (with something like 25+ kinds of filtering), 4FX channels, 37 FX types, two different kinds wave shapers, and implements both subtractive and FM synthesis (what Rob Papen calls "crossfusion" synthesis). Oh, and it has something like 2700 presets (in addition to the 2500+ patches that came with the previous version, you can find them in the Blue II folder). I also REALLY like the new patch browser and the way it is organized because browsing patches (or finding them) is simple, simple, simple!To say that Blue II can do just about anything isn't really an exaggeration. I can see people using this to score films (the cinematic sounds are great), and I took a break from designing kick drums and snares to write this review. I now use this synth for EVERYTHING that requires a synth. Yes, it even comes with samples for a lot of "world" percussion samples as well. You can do fat bases, gnarly leads, vast pads, world beat style percussion, FM synthesis, subtractive synthesis, and everything in between. I really can't think of a genre of music that you couldn't do with this synth.You might think that all this power would be difficult to work with, but it really isn't. Rob Papen and Jon Ayers obviously spent a lot of time thinking about where things should be and things really aren't more than a single click away from where you are. Things aren't "hidden away" on some obscure screen you can't find, everything you are working on is right up front and center. (Only the XY pad and FX channels are on a separate screen, 1 click away.) I also like the color scheme because I find it easy to read.For me, this synth is just the right mix of everything.SIDE NOTE: I actually wrote Rob Papen a letter a while back about using Punch (another of his products) to be a simple drum synth instead of a drum machine and he said he couldn't do it. However, a lot of the samples that could be only be found previously in Punch are now in Blue II so Blue II has now become the drum synth I wanted, and there is even a new percussion category in the patch browser. (Thanks Rob!!!)Bottom line? I don't think you can go wrong with this synth, no matter what kind of music you are doing.Rob Papen knocked it out of the park with Blue II!Buy it.
Music background: Electronic Music Producer
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