Radial Bassbone OD - Bass Preamp

2 Channel Bass Preamp Pedal with Overdrive, FX Loop, Built-in DI, and Headphone Amp
Radial Bassbone OD - Bass Preamp image 1
Radial Bassbone OD - Bass Preamp image 1
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Radial Bassbone OD - Bass Preamp
In Stock!

Switching and Effects for Your Bass

Sweetwater bassists and players like Victor Wooten and Bootsy Collins depend on Radial for great tone with or without an amp, and the Bassbone OD bass preamp pedal is no exception. This bass preamp pedal gives you two instrument input channels with level control, passive EQ, and low frequency filter for shaping your bass tone. Multiple outputs let you feed the PA pre or post EQ, plug into your amp on stage, and send signal to a pedal, all at the same time, with more than one instrument. Special power considerations have been designed to suit older and lower output instruments, and well, the Radial Bassbone OD bass preamp pedal just sounds great!

Radial Bassbone OD Bass Preamp Pedal Features:
  • 2 channel bass preamp pedal with overdrive, FX loop, built in DI, channel blend, and headphone amp
  • Stomp box format lets you toggle between any two basses or other instruments easily
  • Bass overdrive effect with wet-dry control for getting just the grit you want
  • Use your vintage basses with the Drag control load correction
  • PZB booster and 10 meg piezo input for upright
  • Drag control and PZB booster with variable resistance switch for vintage, acoustics, and other low-output instruments
  • XLR direct out with pre/post functionality for feeding the main PA
  • A separately buffered tuner output works with mute footswitch for silent tuning on stage
  • A 1/4" instrument level output for your amplifier
  • 1/8" headphone amp with dedicated volume control for great tone even while you practice
Great tone and over drive for your bass with the Radial Bassbone OD!

Additional Media

Tuner on a Sidechain
Radial Bassbone OD Bass Preamp Pedal Demo

Tech Specs

Type Preamp/DI/Overdrive
Form Factor Pedal
Inputs 2 x 1/4", 1 x 1/4" (FX Loop Send)
Outputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" (Line), 1 x 1/4" (Tuner)
Height 2.75"
Width 10.75"
Depth 5"
Weight 2.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number R800 7072

Customer Reviews

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Have you ever purchased a product and once you used it, you said, "Darn I wish I would I had this years ago"? That what my thought was when I got all my gear plugged into this thing and started using it. Alex Webster from Cannibal Corpse uses a similar (older version) of this and is what turned me on to it. I mainly bought it for the flexibility of having two different input channels with different gain and EQ settings. I also really wanted it for the unusual feature in the effects loop that I really liked. It has the ability to blend the dry signal with the wet (effects) signal. Why the heck don't more manufactures put this option in their gear! It totally kicks butt! When you get that certain sound in your head and struggle to get the balance right with dry and wet processed signals it can be frustrating. That has been such a chore for me that I've left it to do at the mixing stage until I got this unit. Now I still run a clean split into the DAW but I record both the dry track and the processed (wet) track at the same time. With this unit I can get the blended wet/dry sound I usually do at mix time during the tracking stage. It's also more inspiring to hear your effects in real time while tracking. I know there are other ways to go about doing all of this but this unit makes it much easier for the way I work, and I really love the sound. I'm using mine with a Darkglass B7K Ultra and a Darkglass Super Symmetry Compressor. Coupled with the onboard overdrive I can get a sound on the bass that I've never heard anywhere before. This thing wasn't cheap but it was worth every penny I paid for it. It even came with a power supply.(Way to go Radial!) It's built like a tank and has tons of options for signal routing and processing. Heck it even has a phase switch. How many pedals do you see with that! That's a God send in the studio! It also has ground lifts, a headphone out, and high pass filtering. You can run the overdrive by itself, or the effects loop by itself, or both at the same time with any kind of blend of the two. The front end of this thing has a good bit of headroom. I really have to work at pushing it way harder than I ever push anything to get the inputs to overload. And that's with active basses with EMG 40 DC's and MEC's at that! I attribute that partially to the 15 volt power supply. The EQ isn't what I would call a massively "Colored" EQ. It's fairly clean and maybe a bit utilitarian but it does what it's supposed to do and nothing it shouldn't. It sounds like what a good decent EQ should, and is nice for adding a boost or cut without putting anything there that you don't want. Granted it's only 3 band fixed boost/cut but the mid frequencies have three options which you can select with a sliding three position switch. Both channels have the same frequency options. Best of all the EQ is pretty darn quiet! That's usually something you don't see at this price point. My personal favorite is running a blend of the onboard overdrive with a 65% blend of the Darkglass B7K Ultra in the loop. What a sound that is! This unit is very flexible and truly amazing. I have nothing bad to say about it. Radial Engineering makes some very nice products and they don't skimp on anything. If you want a very nice bass preamp/DI in pedal form, If you want a pedal format bass preamp/DI that is suitable for studio duty, if you want a box that has tons of tone options, that's quiet, is built like a brick outhouse, and is with in reach of most budgets, then this box is for you. Get one. You won't regret it!
Music background: Assistant Engineer Wall of Shadows Studio and Session Bass Player.


Cool Stuff!! Just what I was looking for!! It´s ideal for rock and making EQ changes instantaneously, like switching from slappin to warmin sound in a blink of an eye. Very complete and versatile! Ideal for rock and jazz bassists and producers!! The OV it sounds cool in it´s highest tone!!
Music background: Bassist on Alpha Lighting System

Swiss Army Knife for Bass

As far as an external preamp di combo this unit is the best I have seen under $500. I have had it about a year and it is worth the money. I mainly use this in church settings with in ear monitors. I can tell you that the preamp is really quiet, no buzz at all, I actually started running my G&L L-2500 completely in passive mode and dialing in my sound on the radial because the preamp sounds so good. A plus is that if you choose to only use one bass channel B becomes another preamp channel you can set completely different. Another great thing is the mute button which seems to be missing from many other di pedals. I am not much on using overdrive, but I do use the effects loop at the house quite a bit for practice. I can plug my phone or tablet into the effects loop and plug in headphones to the headphone jack and I have a great practice setup that generates virtually no noise in the rest of the house and my tone is just how I want it no amp required. This unit is very solidly built. My only con would be that it has no battery power option and that the power supply is 15v which means that you are either stuck with a wall wart or buying a $200 power supply brick for your pedal board since very few of them offer a 15v out.

Solid Gear - Great Support

I was fortunate to attend the Sweetwater Gearfest this year. I was researching ways to improve my bass tone and I stopped by the Radial display. The representative from the company was excellent, he answered all my questions and discussed various products that they offer as well as some competing products that he thought I should look at as well. When I was following up with the Sweetwater staff I really was able to see a variety of products and the decision for me was easy. This unit is heavy duty construction! The tone and variety of adjustments are perfect. I really like the tone shaping and the way the unit handles overdrive. The flexibility is wonderful and I keep finding new sounds and feels, great inspiration. Great price and Sweetwater support.
Music background: Semi-Pro - currently just recording

Sweetwater Advice

Andy Rice

The Radial Bassbone OD has completely changed my gigging life. I can plug in both my upright and bass guitar at once and dial in amazing tone for each instrument. The EQ is musical, the overdrive sounds great, and since both channels have individual EQ, I don't have to touch my amp when I switch instruments. It's also clean enough that I can use my Bassbone OD in the studio, and the headphone amp is perfect for quiet practice when the rest of my family is asleep.

Radial Bassbone OD

With its stellar sounds, useful extras, rugged construction, and fair price, the Bassbone OD is a powerful and pragmatic tool for the working bassist....
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