Friedman BE-100 100-watt 2-channel Tube Head with Boost

2-channel, 100-watt Guitar Tube Amplifier Head with Effects Loop, Boost Function, Presence Control, Custom Transformers, Line Out, Fat Switch, Sat Switch, and C45 Switch
Friedman BE-100 100-watt 2-channel Tube Head with Boost image 1
Friedman BE-100 100-watt 2-channel Tube Head with Boost image 1
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Friedman BE-100 100-watt 2-channel Tube Head with Boost
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Capture Classic British Amp Tones with the BE100

From years of amp modding and repair experience, Friedman Amplification's BE100 (The Brown Eye) all-tube, 2-channel amplifier head brings you the best of British amps in a single package. The BE100 has all of the punch, sustain, and tone you'd expect from a vintage British amp without the harshness. The sensitivity and response of this amp will blow your mind. Powered by a quartet of EL34 power tubes, Friedman Amplification's extremely versatile BE100 tube amp head is a must-have when you need that classic British sound.

Friedman Amplification BE100 Guitar Amplifier Head at a Glance:
  • Big British sound in a versatile amp
  • Handbuilt for exceptional tone
  • Dave Friedman: amp guru to the pros
Big British sound in a versatile amp

When you're looking for massive British amp tones, the Friedman BE100 tube amp head is the way to go. This amp encompasses the best sounds from the best British amps. Loaded with EL34 power tubes - a favorite of Sweetwater's rock players - and 12AX7 preamp tubes, this amp delivers smooth cleans, crunchy rhythm, and blazing solo tones that will suit any gig. Two separate channels, plus a switchable boost function, let you dial in your ideal sound. A global presence control, a 3-position bright switch, a saturation switch, a C45 switch, and a FAT switch let you further tweak your tone to perfection. A 3-position switch on the BE100's dirty channel lowers your overall gain structure - the highest setting delivers the amp's original sound while the lower two yield phenomenal vintage-tinged tones. The response and sensitivity of this amp is amazing. When you're rocking out and need to clean up your tone just roll back your guitar's volume and keep playing. No channel switching or amp knob twisting needed. Players ranging from Neal Schon to Billy Duffy to Chris Shiflett use the BE100 on tour and in the studio. If you're looking for the ultimate modded-Plexi sound, then this is the amp for you!

Handbuilt for exceptional tone

All Friedman Amplification products are handwired to exacting specs, giving you amazing tones every time you play. Premium components and attention to detail ensure that your BE100 amp head will deliver the sound you want and need onstage or in the studio. It doesn't matter what type of music you're into, a premium, handbuilt Friedman amp has the tonal palette you need to create the sounds you're after.

Dave Friedman: amp guru to the pros

For over 25 years, Dave Friedman has been tweaking, building, and repairing amps for some of the biggest names in music. His legendary reputation among touring musicians has gained him a loyal clientele including the likes of Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens, Jerry Cantrell, and more. Dave has created his own production amp line utilizing his sought-after skills and talents. Now you can get the same legendary amp tones as the pros with a Friedman Amplifications amplifier from Sweetwater.

Friedman Amplification BE100 Guitar Amplifier Head Features:
  • Versatile 100-watt, 2-channel all-tube amplifier with British voicing
  • An ideal amp for blues, rock, and metal
  • Switchable boost sends the gain channel over the edge
  • Dial in your sound with channel-independent EQs
  • Handwired amplifier built using premium components including custom transformers and capacitors
  • 3-position bright switch, saturation switch, C45 switch, and FAT switch let you tweak your tone to perfection
  • 3-position gain structure switch on dirty channel for toggling between modern and vintage tones
  • Dual speaker outputs let you use up to 2 speaker cabs
  • Line-out with level control for feeding a mixer or recorder
  • Ultra-transparent effects loop for your favorite pedals
  • Includes 2-button footswitch
Rock the stage with the 100-watt Friedman Amplification BE100 guitar amp head!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 3
Total Power 100W
EQ 3-band
Preamp Tubes 4 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 4 x EL34
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (Speaker)
Effects Loop Yes
Footswitch I/O Yes
Height 11.625"
Width 29"
Depth 8.625"
Weight 44 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number BE 100

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
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Absolutely fantastic

A cursory search on YouTube will get you a better idea of what this amp sounds like than anything I could write, so I will just add the following: Most of the videos are for earlier versions of this amp. The 2016 model has a gain structure 3-way (labelled "s") that gives you 3 very distinct starting points for your gain. It's like having 3 separate amps, and with Friedman's master volume you can get the tone you associated with running a JMP/JCM800/whatever at earbleed volumes at < 90 dB. For most of you shopping on here, you're buying without having played it first, and the biggest fear I had was that this amp wouldn't sound as awesome as all the demo videos made it sound. I am here to reassure you, it sounds exactly as awesome as all the videos. I also have the Friedman 412 cabinet - I haven't tried the head through other cabs, but I would imagine anything with greenbacks or v30s in it would probably sound great.
Music background: Hobby player

Versatile and awesome Plexi Tones

The BE100 is one of the best modded Plexi / Superlead style amps out there right now. It cleans up very well and has a great clean channel. The gain on this amp sounds and feels fantastic. From light crunch and edge of breakup tones all the way up to perfect 80's hot-rodded tones and even older Metallica or Mastodon with the HBE mode. It can get very close to George Lynch, Warren Dimartini and Van Halen II tones but also shines in low gain areas. The Clean channel takes pedals very well and has a ton of clean headroom. The SAT switch adds lots of gain and percussion as well as a 3D sort of tone. The FAT switch is awesome and makes strats and teles sound huge, but also sound great for old fat Les Paul tones with humbuckers. The C45 switch adds some Fendery lows and highs to the gain channel and sounds great with a strat. The effects loop is perfect. The master volume is insane! You can get super saturated gain tones at living room/conversation level volumes. The head is built with great attention to detail. It is beautiful and classy looking. The EQ is very responsive and can get so many tones without any harshness. Huge bottom end is there if you want it. I am using a few pedals with mine and they all sound awesome (Suhr Koko boost, SP compressor, TC HOF, JHS Superbolt, Fulltone Clyde) If you are craving a versatile amp with amazing touch sensitivity that is easy to play, look no further. An amazing amp!
Music background: Professional

Where have you been all my career?

All I can say is this is what I have been looking for my entire career. I have been through a lot of amps and my search is over. I received my head on Tuesday and Worked with a little bit. Took it to my gig on Saturday and Wow this thing came alive. I am an older player and doing all 70's and 80's music and this amp is perfect for this style. Nice warm tones. Low gain High Gain or the clean channel. Which is very good BTW. I run it with Bright switch all the way to the right. Very nice sparkle clean. I have always said that I needed to play out with an Old Marshall and a a Fender Twin. Now I have that. Not saying the clean is just like a twin but very good clean. Think more Vox Clean. I'll take it. My only issue and it is small is to agree with the other review on here. For the price, a cloth or vinyl cover would be nice but not changing my view. Pricey but worth the money. I had a question and sent an email to Friedman thru the web site. It was answered within a half hour from an i-phone. Also should add the the folks at Sweetwater are as great as this amp. Not a huge Web buyer for Big items but they make you feel as comfortable as anyone out there. Have my Biz for the rest of my career. Any way can not thank Dave enough for building my perfect amp. So looking forward my next gig.
Music background: Playing since 12. 52 now Wow am I getting old

Friedman BE100 "Amazing Amplifier"

Having some time with the BE100 has been "Amazing" there are three area's that I'm very impressed with: "Low Volume" in a home studio where I can hear every note up close, as I'm playing. "Loud Volume" playing with a band, where I can feel the sound pressure, tone is wonderful, wide & focus organic EL34 power tubes. "Recording" is crucial for me as there many great amplifiers today but most you have to adjust mic's & EQ to get them to sound authentic, whereas the BE100 sounds "Great" with the studio standard Shure SM57 (old school) and still retains the rock edge! Great Tone with the BE (Classic Rock to EVH etc.) HBE more Over the top Gain (Lynch/Sykes) bordering metal and still you can hear every note clearly Awesome. "Clean Channel" is absolutely Wonderful you can get a Vox-like class A tone, to a very "Black Face" Fender-like warm tone for Jazz to Pop, finger style & Classical, Records beautifully with a "Ribbon or Condenser" Mic or mixture with Dynamic & Ribbon. A Pleasure to play like the Gain Channel Great overall High-Gain Plexi style amp, and Mark M. Sweetwater Engineer was instrumental in my choice (extremely helpful) \../
Music background: Guitarist / Musician / Producer

Awesome Plexi to wonderful Clean

Friedman BE100 what a great amp! I've owned many great amplifiers over the years: Bogner 100b/101b/Classic & Shiva, CAA PT100, VHT Pittbull Classic, Soldano SLO (one of the all time greatest rock amps) and many modified Marshall's from Arrendondo, Cameron, Jackson etc. and I would have to say in a Plexi style this amp is beautiful! I've owned Marshall plexi's but always the need to modify, close but not there? Modded by great amp Tech's was a need but still the rest of the components had to be replaced? The BE100 is very versatile, with just a little creativity many great tones can come out. It can nail EVH but also you name it, about all the great players Blackmore, Page, Clapton, Lynch, Beck and any great sounding Marshall you've ever heard "really". I've been so pleased & impressed, it's hard to stop playing! The BE100 is built with superior components, the Plexi Tone is smooth to aggressive (BE) just alter your picking technique and the amp response to your style. Then you can press the "boost" and now your in HBE for even more "great sounding" Gain, singing tone. Next the Clean tone is wonderful! Thin to thick, from pop to country to jazz is all covered, well thought out "very pleasing". There's a Voice switch, originally called the EVH, but maybe Dave had to change the name? There is a three position Bright Switch from very warm to bright to very bright for the "country twang" all three sounds great. There is a Foot Switch with a detachable stereo cord, power cord which is also detachable, owners manual. Over all it's an expensive amp, but the Tone, Build quality, choice in components all results in a Awesome Amp, now it's time to get back to playing!
Music background: Musician/Guitarist/Producer

Sweetwater Advice

Andy Miller

The BE100 is my favorite Friedman guitar amp. It's like playing three different amps at once, each with a slightly different break up. The tones are textured and harmonically rich. I can feel it sag and brown out the tone a bit when it's pushed, but the pick attack stays nice and articulate.
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