Elektron Analog Rytm 8-voice Drum Computer

Analog Drum Machine with 8 Drum Voices, Sample Playback, Analog Distortion, Multimode Filters, and Step Sequencer
Elektron Analog Rytm 8-voice Drum Computer image 1
Elektron Analog Rytm 8-voice Drum Computer image 1
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Due to the high demand of the Analog Rytm, they are currently on backorder. If you are interested in owning an Analog Rytm yourself, we highly recommend placing an order with Sweetwater as soon as possible - that way we'll be able to ship your Analog Rytm from the next available shipment.

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Elektron Analog Rytm 8-voice Drum Computer
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Everything You Want in a Modern Analog Drum Machine

You can easily see the Elektron Analog Rytm packs much more potential than some analog drum machines. But start exploring the huge drum sounds, incredible sample playback capabilities, and outstanding performance control, and you'll wonder if there's any limit to the Analog Rytm's creative possibilities. The best part is that the smart layout and I/O options are exactly what you need, both in your studio and in your live rig. You should expect rich and deep analog drum sounds from Elektron, but that's only the tip of the iceberg with the Analog Rytm.

Elektron Analog Rytm Analog Drum Machine and Sequencer at a Glance:
  • Exceptional sound design potential from combining analog tones with samples
  • You've never been able to do this with an analog drum machine before
  • A full-service groove station for your studio and live performances
Exceptional sound design potential from combining analog tones with samples

You've got eight drum voices on the Elektron Analog Rytm, and every producer at Sweetwater is impressed with the sonic flexibility you have. On top of the analog sound generator, you've got a sample playback engine for layering a digital sample with your analog tone. From there you've got analog overdrive, analog multimode filter, amplitude envelope, effects sends, and an LFO. That's for each individual drum voice. Whether you're primarily interested in creating analog sounds or tapping into your vast sample library, you'll love how the Analog Rytm brings the two together.

You've never been able to do this with an analog drum machine before

The Scene mode on the Analog Rytm gives you incredible parameter control over the analog circuits, thanks to ultra-fast digital control. Each scene is a set of parameter settings that you can assign to the performance pads, allowing you to change lots of parameters simultaneously just by hitting a pad. The amazing thing is that you could change scenes or even sounds every step of the sequence with no unwanted glitches or lags - perfect for creating outrageously complex patterns and nuanced progressions alike. It's no small feat to create a truly analog signal path that you can automate with no noticeable lag, but Elektron nailed it. Musicians at Sweetwater are amazed at the powerful digital control over the analog circuitry, and we've scrutinized countless synths, sequencers, and drum machines at Sweetwater.

A full-service groove station for your studio and live performances

Everything about the Analog Rytm shows that Elektron knows what demanding electronic musicians need. The responsive pads are superb for pounding in beats as well as playing sounds chromatically, and you can color code them for easy visual identification. The powerful sequencer gives you all the control you could ask for, and it's easy to link together pattern chains on the fly. You've got individual audio outputs for each drum voice, plus USB and MIDI I/O too. Any performing electronic musician at Sweetwater will tell you that the combination of rich analog sound, versatile performance potential, and a smart design make the Elektron Analog Rytm an outstanding addition to any electronic rig.

Electron Analog Rytm Analog Drum Machine and Sequencer Features:
  • 8-voice analog drum machine with built-in sequencer
  • Each drum voice allows you to combine the analog tone generator with a digital sample
  • Analog overdrive, analog multimode filter, effects sends, envelope, and LFO for each voice
  • Sensitive performance pads can trigger sounds or play one chromatically
  • Rich, deep-sounding reverb and delay send effects
  • Perfect for both stage and studio, with individual outputs for each voice plus a main stereo output and headphone out
  • 1GB of onboard storage for your own sample library, plus plenty of storage for patterns, kits, and drum sounds
  • Overbridge VST/AU plug-in provides control and audio input for your DAW
From production to performance, you'll be impressed with the Elektron Analog Rytm.

Tech Specs

Sounds 8 drum voices
Pads 12 x velocity/pressure sensitive
Inputs 1 x Stereo TRS (Aux In)
Outputs 4 x TRS, 2 x TS, 1 x headphone
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru/USB
USB 1 x Type B
Height 2.4"
Depth 6.9"
Width 13.4"
Weight 5.3 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ES_ADS8

Customer Reviews

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Don't like surprises?

This is an incredible piece of technology the sampling world has needed for very long time! But just two things to consider for folks who are used to more traditional hardware samplers, like myself. 1. It only plays back samples in mono although it has a stereo output for its internal effects. 2. No direct to machine sampling, everything has to be done through external sources such as a computer drag-and-drop. I wish I have known these two facts before purchasing.
Music background: 10 years plus making electronic music.

Rytm is King

I've owned this majestic beast for little over a year now and can confidently state it's my favorite piece of gear. With the introduction of Overbridge 1.10 it has opened the doors to a whole new workflow. Want to add some flavor to those stagnant VST's? Route them through the analog circuitry (filter, overdrive, LFO, and FX) and be blown away! Using your DAW to send additional LFO's really expands the limited synthesis options too. Having 8 tracks all recorded over one usb cord is quite the breakthrough for an analog drum machine.Surprised no one has mentioned anything about the on-board compressor! It can react crazy fast at .03 ms and smooths things out very nicely with the right settings. Add some p- locks and you can create pumping electro vibes in no time.Bit of a shame theres no external sequencing, but thats just Elektrons model, niche machines done right.

Amazing machine

Firstly my appreciation to Andy for his support on yet another memorable purchase. I am always tempted with lower market offers, but you can't beat Sweetwater's values and service On Elektron, a great company offering so many non overlapping tools, maybe confusing at first, but their business model and range of products is quite unique. I am glad I got this one and intend to continue with their other products The Rytm itself is an amazing analog drum machine, punchy or mellow, as you wish. The onboard effects are a very nice complement, and makes it ready for professional recording standard straight out of the box. The sound engine can do anything you ask for, layering analog or FM with and samples (or each individually. Although it is a drum machine, it does stretch a bit into the workstation territory. Very good tool for writing bass lines and sequencing parts (add some of the free JD800 samples and you can go even further, including pads and synth sounds) It comes with a very small selection of preset and pattern, a bit disappointed at first, but eventually appreciated as it is very fast to program and find what you are looking for. The filing system can be a bit confusing at first, but very logical in the end. Spent two days loading thousands of samples and really enjoyed the results The sequencer part makes you forget any DAW for sometimes, it is super fast and encourages creativity. Well done Elektron! Locking individual sounds or sound changes to each step of a pattern is the icing on the cake, I can't recall having so much fun with a piece of hardware. It's so joyful Occasionally it misbehaves on long sessions of sample imports, but hard to say what the cause could be (including my laptop). A simple restart of procedure solves the problem. Same with synchronization and Ableton Live, as suggested on forums it could take 1 or 2 initial attempts and eventually just works There is a lot of software governing the machine, some occasional issue are a normal thing as with every modern piece of equipment, and on the plus side it allows very easy workflow. But read on the forums, there are a lot of helpful shortcuts and additional functions not documented in the manual There are so many layers to this instrument, it's and amazing tool and would recommend to anyone looking for an analog+FM+sample drum machine..and beyond The only downside is that there are not enough hours in a day to play with it!
Music background: Long time creative passion

Blew me away

The Analog Rytm is a true game changer for me. As a person that grew up with Drum Machine and is currently producing with computers and very minimal hardware, moving back to a drum machine seemed insane. But it wasn't.The Rytm makes me work faster, and stay focused. And to me, that is one of the biggest strengths of this machine. It's the first time in a long time that I have used a piece of hardware and my productivity increased.Yes, there is a learning curve. But it's not steep, and going past it is rewarded with a TON of productive time spent on it. The user interface is very intelligent and is geared towards a fast paced workflow.The file management system takes a little to get used to, but it never interrupted too mucdh. And considering that 'Over Bridge' is going to come out soon, I'm sure things will be a lot more smooth with file management.Now to clean some of the discrepancies with the other reviews.The RyTm is a Drum Machine. And although it cannot sequence external equipment, its internal sequencer is simply perfect!I don't care about not able to sequence external equipment...I got my DAW for that. And there are tons of plugins out there that can extend the sequencing capabilities of the DAW. I don't need another way to do things...it's just obstructing the workflow in my opinion.The RYTM's sound engine is simply magical! The Analog sound and synthesis options allow for a lot of creative control. One of the best things about it, is that it never sounds exactly the same. It's very organic and it adds a layer of authenticity and detail that you simply cannot get from samples.The filters and fx also, are ver very high quality!About the Samples Support. I wouldn't call it limited...I call it simple!It allows you to loop, change start/end points, bit crush and give you access to the filters, master fx and, obviously, the sequencer.With creative use of filtering, LFO and modulation of start and end you can create a lot of noise including granular-like reverse effect. Add that as a layer to the Analog sound generation and you've got a very complex sound design machine.Again...if I wanted a dedicated sampling mangler..there are so many pieces of software that do a fine job. Experimenting on the RYTM never takes you away from the creative flow, and it's allowing me to create beats a grooves and then chain them into a sequence or song faster and with greater joy than any Software I use.

Where to begin..?

The reason I bought this was because I had purchased the Volca Beats in hopes that I'd have a little module that can do drum synthesis and sound design away from my DAW. It absolutely failed in that. The Volca Beats is more of an old-school analog drum machine that gives you what it gives you, and you have to find a place to put it. And I'll tell you what, there are some tracks where you'll be so happy the Volca Beats is there. It's got that warm analog sound you want in a drum machine. It's the short-comings that really kill that unit. Such limited controls, limited sound design... just about limited everything. That's why I got the RYTM. I wanted an analog drum machine that breaks the boundaries. What I instead found is a pretty good Analog Drum machine.. it didn't blow me away at first... but as I used it more and more........ THE ELEKTRON SEQUENCER... it's so good. The parameter locks make you work in a completely different way than ever. I can make any one step do just about anything. Then I discovered the Sampler functionality. I thought it was just a basic sample facilitation.... well it is... but combining it with parameter locks and the fact that it can share a channel with the analog parts..... Then I actually tried to do real sound design on it...... the Distortion Effects allow you to create so many sounds.... And the analog filter..... and for the first time ever, I was able to fit filter squeals into my sequence..... I honestly could go on for hours about this machine. You'll pick it up expecting one thing, and end up with a full plate of options. And none of this is even mentioning Overbridge, which has yet to release.... This is a killer purchase. I don't regret it one bit. Elektron's lineage is going to get bigger. 10 years from now, everyone will be looking for a RYTM in the used synth market for sure.
Music background: Musician, Producer

Sweetwater Advice

Ben Stokes

As a longtime producer who has used his share of software drum machines, I was highly impressed with the depth of sounds and the versatility the Elektron Analog Rytm has to offer. The drum sounds on this machine are much more full and rich sounding than any virtual instrument I've used. This drum computer is limitless - and with thousands of libraries and effects that I can integrate with my own samples, any sound is possible!
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