RMI Acouswitch IQ DI

Acoustic Guitar Preamplifier with Lehle LTMZ Transformer, 3-band Semi-parametric Equalizer, 2 x Effects Loops, Clean Gain Boost, and XLR DI Output
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RMI Acouswitch IQ DI image 1
RMI Acouswitch IQ DI image 1
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RMI Acouswitch IQ DI
Special Order

The Heart of Your Acoustic Rig!

The RMI Acouswitch IQ DI acoustic guitar preamplifier lets you take control of your acoustic guitar sound. Whether you're performing in front of a critical audience or cutting the title track of your next record, the sound you get out of your guitar represents you and your music. With an Acouswitch IQ DI, you'll get the cleanest and clearest tone your acoustic-electric guitar has to offer bolstered by a fantastic equalizer and plenty of handy routing options. Part preamp, part DI, part EQ, and part switcher, the RMI Acouswitch IQ DI is everything your acoustic guitar rig needs.

RMI Acouswitch IQ DI Acoustic Guitar Preamplifier, Mixer, and DI Box at a Glance:
  • Superior preamp circuitry delivers superior acoustic tone
  • The perfect parametric EQ for any guitar you own
  • Put impressive mixing capability at the heart of your rig
Superior preamp circuitry delivers superior acoustic tone

Why trust your acoustic guitar tone to the mercy of a generic mixer or recording interface designed with microphones in mind? The preamp RMI built into their Acouswitch IQ DI was designed entirely with acoustic guitar in mind. First off, there's the Lehle LTMZ guitar transformer, which is far and wide considered one of the best-sounding guitar input transformers ever created. Between its volume control, footswitchable gain boost, and onboard pad, the Acouswitch IQ DI gives you a massive amount of clean gain control. Add to that an XLR output and the Acouswitch IQ DI is just as invaluable in the studio as it is onstage.

The perfect parametric EQ for any guitar you own

If you want control over your acoustic guitar sound, then look no farther than the RMI Acouswitch IQ DI. This tone-shaping marvel comes loaded with all the right equalizer parameters, from its fixed high- and low-frequency shelving bands to its sweepable midrange control. There's also a unique resonant body contour control that can work wonders for making your guitar stand out in the mix (or any loud environment), without reaching feedback levels. However you want to sculpt your sound, you'll get the results you're after with the Acouswitch IQ DI.

Put impressive mixing capability at the heart of your rig

Put all of your guitar gear to work more effectively and efficiently with an RMI Acouswitch IQ DI. Stacked with excellent signal routing options, your Acouswitch IQ DI makes adding effects and processors painless. You get two different processing loops: a passive serial loop and a parallel mix loop that includes a wet dry mix control. There's also an A/B input switch on the Acouswitch IQ DI, so you can keep two guitars hooked up at once. And thanks to the Acouswitch IQ DI's dedicated tuner output, you can keep your tuner completely out of the processing chain.

RMI Acouswitch IQ DI Acoustic Guitar Preamplifier, Mixer, and DI Box Features:
  • An amazing acoustic guitar preamp, EQ, router/switcher, and direct box all in a pedalboard-friendly format
  • Input A/B switching lets you keep two instruments plugged in at once
  • Lehle input transformer preserves your tone while providing a basis for clean amplification
  • Switchable ground lift cleans up signal degradation caused by bad power and strong interference
  • Switchable pad accommodates hotter pickups and active electronics
  • 3-band equalizer offers high and low shelving plus a sweepable midrange (channel A only)
  • Body contour filtering brings out the best characteristics of your guitar ol removes problem frequencies
  • Footswitchable clean boost lets you bump up the gain when you need it
  • Passive serial effects loop lets you add essential processing to your setup
  • Active parallel effects loop lets you blend in additional effects with your dry signal (also doubles as a line mixer)
  • Optional balanced XLR output provides optimal signal to mixing consoles and recording equipment
  • Dedicated tuner output lets you keep your tuner out of the mix
Get the perfect sound for your acoustic guitar every time with an RMI Acouswitch IQ DI!

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My Dream DI

The Acouswitch is the DI I have been dreaming of for years. Crystal clear, dead quiet, and allows every nuance of my playing/guitar to be heard. I’ve been hauling a 19” rack full of gear out to gigs to get the acoustic sound I want. Not anymore. The Acouswitch replaced it all. Thanks, Sweetwater!
Music background: Musician
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