Antares ATG-1 Guitar Auto Tune Floor Processor

Guitar Floor Processor with Intonation Correction, Alternate Tunings, and a Selection of Guitar/Pickup Models
Antares ATG-1 Guitar Auto Tune Floor Processor image 1
Antares ATG-1 Guitar Auto Tune Floor Processor image 1
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Antares ATG-1 Guitar Auto Tune Floor Processor
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Perfect Tuning - and So Much More!

Got a 13-pin electric guitar? You need the Antares ATG-1 Floor Processor. At a toe tap, the ATG-1 instantly tunes your axe with perfect Auto-Tune intonation. Its easy-to-use interface gives you access to a variety of electric and acoustic models - and even bass guitar. You can even create and store your own alternate tunings and doublings. So go ahead and record your live performances - without any sour notes to correct in post production. Sweetwater's advice? Onstage or in the studio, the Antares ATG-1 is essential.

Antares ATG-1 Guitar Floor Processor at a Glance:
  • Always be in tune
  • Easily access alternate tunings
  • A killer guitarsenal, right underfoot
Always be in tune

The ATG-1 Guitar Floor Processor uses Antares Auto-Tune technology to correct the pitch of your guitar strings, so you'll always be in tune. Solid-Tune constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any required corrections to put that note in perfect tune. Bends and vibratos? No worries: the ATG-1's intelligent algorithm can sense your expressive playing nuances and leaves them alone.

Easily access alternate tunings

Playing a gig and need to switch to Drop D for the bridge? The Antares ATG-1 gives you instant access to alternate tunings, including DADGAD, Drop D, Open E, and Open G. You also get doublings, including twelve-string, parallel octaves, and parallel fifths. Virtual Capo raises (and lowers) your guitar's pitch by up to 12 semitones. And if that's not enough, you can also create your own custom alternate tunings and doublings.

A killer guitarsenal, right underfoot

Playing out and need to switch to acoustic for the chorus? You got it! At the tap of a toe, the Antares ATG-1 gives you a selection of meticulously modeled guitars and pickups, from classic and modern electrics to acoustics - and even bass guitars. You can see how this feature would be indispensable onstage, but it will also make you a total beast in the studio.

Antares ATG-1 Guitar Floor Processor Features:
  • String-Tune uses Antares Auto-Tune DSP technology to correct pitch
  • Solid-Tune constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string
  • Automatically makes any required tuning corrections
  • Alternate Tunings, including DADGAD, Drop D, Open E, and Open G
  • Doublings, including Twelve String, Parallel Octaves, and Parallel Fifths
  • You also have the ability to create your own custom alternate tunings and doublings
  • Select from different electric/acoustic guitar and pickup models - and even bass guitars
  • Virtual Capo raises (and lowers) your guitar's pitch by up to 12 semitones
  • Stores and accesses up to eight banks of eight presets
  • Requires 13-pin or GK-equipped guitar
Get perfect tuning - and more - with the Antares ATG-1!

Tech Specs

Pedal Type Multi-FX
Number of Effects Auto-tune, Pickup modeling, Guitar modeling, Alternate tunings, Pitch Shift, Virtual capo
Number of Models Store 64 presets
Analog Inputs 13-pin (Fender/Roland guitars, Godin, Parker, Brian Moore and kits from Roland, Graphtech, RMC)
Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4"
MIDI I/O In/Out/Thru
Power Supply Included 9V DC power supply
Manufacturer Part Number ATG-1

Customer Reviews

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Nothing like it on the market!

There is nothing like it on the market...together with the ability to alter tuning at a press of a button, keep your guitar's intonation perfect, and having all the different guitar models to choose...this pedal can open up your creativity like no other! And the sonic quality of the models is incredible!

Welcome to the Future and It certainly is Bright

This is an amazing pedal! I'm using a Godin 13 pin guitar with ATG 1 and I feel like I have a well kept collection of guitars & basses that will always be in tune and intonated that I can depend on at any time of the day or night no matter what the season! It's easy to set up & create your own sounds just store and recall them with a tap or two or thru midi program change messages it receives from DAW or other MiDI controllers. 1 can't send midi program change or CC for now but Antares has promised to put it in a future firmware update. I hope so soon then the "ATG 1 can be the 1 board to rule them all" lol

Sick! I almost cried.

This pedal is insane! I can't believe this is the first review on it. I've been struggling with tuning problems for years and I'm sure you all know the feeling. I live in Minnesota, so intonation issues are always a problem for me with the drastic weather changes we have here. This pedal will eliminate this problem for you. I got so sick of dealing with tuning issues and spending the money to get a full set up done all of the time, so I was pumped when I found this. It's not cheap, but it works! If you don't have a 13 pin guitar, you will need the Roland GK3 pickup for it to work. It was easy to install and it didn't require any drilling or anything like that. I used the double sided tape which seems very strong. There is some calibration setup involved, but it comes with a start up guide to walk you through it and you only have to do it once. I had it all set up in about an hour and a half. It only took me that long because I wanted to make sure I did it right and I'm pretty picky about these things. If you're not an anal freak like me, you will get it done faster. There are many other things this pedal can do. The capo feature is great. You can change the pitch of your guitar instantly and there are different pick up settings which sound great as well. I'm still learning, but the main thing is the PERFECT tuning! When you strum the strings and hold down the string tune button, you'll know right then that it's worth the price. I'm telling you. Buy this. Feel fee to email me with any questions. Take care friends!

I'm addicted

I can't believe how quickly I became addicted to being in tune. So many great features here! Guitar modeling, Alt tunings, Capo mode, etc. I use 'em all. One band I'm in uses a lot of different tunings, capo's and guitar types. It's great to have that all there for me at the press of a button. The only reason I didn't give this a full 5 stars is because it doesn't send anything out of its MIDI Out. It would be really convenient to have it at least send Program Changes messages to my other gear. I contacted their support and they said it would most likely be included in an update.

Serious Limitations

The ATG-1 allows you to set a global volume level only; you cannot set independent volume levels for your different saved programs. This makes it impossible to change from a rhythm setting to a lead setting via MIDI. Also, unlike many effects units, you can save only one set of calibrations necessary for the optimal performance of the special pickup. Roland, for example, provides for ten saved settings. The auto tuning is a great feature. Perhaps the deficiencies described above will be addressed in upcoming software upgrades.
Music background: Performer, teacher, studio musician, hobbyist for over 40 years.
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