Audient ASP880

Eight-channel Microphone Preamp/ADC with Burr Brown converters, line inputs, variable highpass filters, insert points, and two discrete JFET DIs
Audient ASP880 image 1
Audient ASP880 image 1
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Audient ASP880
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Upgrade Your Front End

The Audient ASP880 is an eight-channel microphone preamp/ADC that delivers transparent, world-class audio - with just a hint of analog coloration that sounds stunning on any project. Onboard, you'll find eight of Audient's acclaimed Class A console mic pres (with variable-input impedance), along with high-end Burr Brown converters, line inputs, variable highpass filters, insert points, and two discrete JFET DIs. Your recordings are only as good as your front end. If your mic preamps and converters leave something to be desired, the rest of your signal chain doesn't matter. Upgrade your front end with the Audient ASP880.

Audient ASP880 Eight-channel Microphone Preamp/ADC at a Glance:
  • World-class audio - and incredible value
  • Audient mic pres and Burr Brown converters onboard
  • Versatile functionality to juice your workflow
World-class audio - and incredible value

Do you spend hours EQing, trying to make your recordings sound good? Your front end may be the problem. If your mic preamps and converters are not up to snuff, it really doesn't matter how good the rest of your kit is. A funky front end will degrade everything downstream. If this describes your studio situation, Sweetwater recommends the Audient ASP880. Highly respected for their world-class consoles, Audient gives you their superior technology and sound quality in a one-stop-shop 1U device. And it's an incredible value.

Audient mic pres and Burr Brown converters onboard

The ASP880 features eight of Audient's acclaimed Class A console mic preamps - and believe us - they sound amazing. For the best possible conversion, you also get integral ADC with the highest grade converters from Burr Brown, a leader in converter technology. The result is stunningly transparent sound, with just a taste of coloration. It's the ideal prescription for lackluster studio sound.

Versatile functionality to juice your workflow

The Audient ASP880 is fabulously versatile. It's perfect with ribbon mics, with variable impedance that lets you match the preamp to your favorite mic to maximize frequency response and punch. Variable highpass filters are convenient for eliminating rumble and other unwanted LF artifacts. Insert points let you use your favorite compressor or other analog processor before the converters. The A-D button lets the unit function as an eight-channel mic pre while you use the converters separately in stand-alone mode. And with two great-sounding discrete JFET DI inputs, you can plug your guitar or bass straight in.

Audient ASP880 Eight-channel Microphone Preamp/ADC Features:
  • Eight superb-sounding Audient Console mic pres with 48V Phantom power
  • State-of-the-art Burr Brown AD converter technology
  • Variable-input impedance lets you optimize your (ribbon) mics
  • Variable highpass filters get rid of unwanted low-frequency artifacts
  • Eight insert points between the mic preamps and AD converters
  • Two Channels of Class A discrete JFET DI instrument inputs
  • Digital outputs: ADAT, AES, and S/PDIF for added flexibility
  • Rugged all-metal construction and hand-milled aluminium knobs
Upgrade your studio's front end with the Audient ASP880!

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Tech Specs

Preamp Type Solid State
Number of Channels 8
Frequency Response 10Hz-100kHz (±0.5dB)
Phantom Power Yes
EQ High Pass Filter (variable)
Analog Inputs 8 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic/line), 2 x 1/4" (Hi-Z), 1 x DB-25 (return)
Analog Outputs 1 x DB25 (send)
Digital Outputs 2 x Optical Toslink (ADAT, SMUX), DB-9 (AES, S/PDIF)
Clock I/O 1 x Word Clock
Sample Rate Up to 96kHz
Bit Depth 24-bit
Rack Spaces 1U
Power Source Standard IEC AC cable
Height 1.75"
Depth 11" (not including jacks/controls)
Weight 8.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ASP880

Customer Reviews

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Warm Eight Channel Pre Amp

This is the second Audient ASP880 preamp I have purchased from Sweetwater. I purchased my first one following a recommendation from my Sweetwater Engineer Nick LaMendola. I was so impressed with the quality, functionality and warmth of this pre amp that I had to have a second one to get 8 more channels. You get a lot for you money with these preamps. If you are still on the fence, checkout Sound on Sound reviews for this preamp. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for the recommendation Nick!

Amazing value

I've put this pre against Millennia and Avalon and I really had to liisten carefully to motice the difference. Love it.
Music background: Profucer

Amazing - Clean, Smooth, Beautiful front end for any DAW or multi-track project

Are you kidding me….? This Audient unit you is ridiculous…ridiculously awesome! I hooked up one of the Bluebird mics I bought from Sweetwater to the new Audient running into my digi 002r….oh my goodness…smooth, smooth, smooth and detailed….it is a definite wow! Thanks so much to Paul x1246 for steering me in the direction of getting this. I will have awesome quality front-end conversion and solid state pres for years to come. Paul knows that I take a lot of time to decide when I buy things - but that’s because I want to make sure of my purchases - I like to have stuff that lasts. I always appreciate that he always just take it in stride and patiently answers all of my questions ahead of time (even with 50 emails back and forth!)…and he also makes sure to never push anything just for a sale but to make sure that he can give me a solid recommendation for my needs. New life was just breathed into my 002r and when I get ready to change computers down the road I will be able to hook this up to a new interface - which I’m sure Paul will help guide me with when the time comes. I’m so excited - it is really amazing….I sang through it, no EQ, no comp, de-essing or anything and it sounded 10x’s better than what I had been trying to achieve using all of that. No plosives, no s', absolutely no harshness….record quality. The vocal sounded just the way you would want it in a mix without hours of frustration. I also used the DI's for my keyboards - wow! Clean but warm at the same time with punchiness. I debated between this and the 2 channel Mico which only has one DI. I am so glad I went with this. Updated converters, two DI's, 8 amazing pres, straight A/D input if you want to use other pres....incredible. I've used SSL, Neve, Fern, Avalon - all great stuff. This is the real deal folks right up there with the big boys - also the same preamps and converters as in their $50,000 console which if you know how well the Audient consoles are liked out in the field is amazing at this price. You will not at all regret this purchase. It will instantly make your tracking a ton easier. 5 stars is easy to give this unit... Also, as always, Paul never ceases to amaze me with his expert advice and service. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!
Music background: Classical Pianist, Christian Recording


This thing blew me away. I can hardly believe they can make a product this high quality for the price. The preamps and conversion are crystal clear with plenty of headroom. The impedance switch gives your mic or instrument 3 different flavors. Very handy to have the high pass filter on board, and does much more. I'm very happy with mine, stands up to much higher priced preamps in my opinion/experience. And Sweetwater is always a very pleasant place to purchase gear from.
Music background: Pro musician, amateur recording engineer.

**AUDIENT ASP880 Major League Sound**

Great Unit! - Built Very Solid. - 2 Jfet DIs - A/D is Top Notch, Really.... - 3 Input Impedance choices. - Inserts on all 8 Ch. (most boxes don't even bother). - Mic Pres have lot of Tone, and are Transparent. I was expecting the Mic Pres to be clean and transparent along with good A/D, but what comes out of this 1U is nothing short of PROFESSIONAL. This Pre has the perfect amount of character and weight, but is still transparent and open. For 6 months now, I've been tracking with the ASP 880 80% of the time! With the Apollo (with/BLA Mod) it allows me to use this awesome unit and add a 1176 / La2a / Studer on the way in before printing. I believe this unit and the iD22 are a killer combo, if 10 channels are enough for you don't think about it twice! As a 8ch mic Pre and A/D it's a DREAM COME TRUE!
Music background: Recording Engineer
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