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If you've put the time, effort, and investment into getting the right gear for your DJ rig or electronic-music-production system, then there's no sense in letting it all fall short because you don't have the right accessories to put it all together. Take it from the experienced performing DJs and a longtime producers at Sweetwater, ergonomics and workflow are everything, and whether it's having the right set of stands onstage, the right bags to get you to the show, or even just the peace of mind you can get from the right protection, there are essential DJ accessories any setup demands.

Many DJs never consider stands as a critical part of a live-performance rig, until they get onstage and realize how difficult it is to reach everything. Picking up a stand from Gibraltar or Fastset may be the best investment you ever make in your gear, paying off while the rest of your system goes evolves over the years. These stands are totally customizable too, so even if you start off with a modest laptop and controller setup you can fit on a single platform and steadily upgrade until you need a series of additional holders, you can always build onto the stand you have.

Getting your gear to the gig is no small consideration either, which is why Sweetwater carries a wide assortment of cases and gig bags designed specifically for DJs. One of the features the DJs at Sweetwater look for in the gig bags we choose for our own rigs is a high-contrast lining, which makes it easy to find small accessories in dimly lit clubs. Its something you'll find on a lot of the bags we carry, such as popular models by Gruv Gear and Gator.

Sometimes, a good hardshell case can even double as your stand. For instance, you'll find many of Gator's G-Tour series cases include laptop stands and cutouts that let you keep all of your gear mounted inside. Basically, you can get a lot more out of your DJ cases and gig bags than protection, if you know what to look for.

When it comes to protection, it's amazing what a Decksaver cover or two can do for you system. Sweetwater carries a complete array of these custom-molded polycarbonate covers. At a minimum, they're a great way to prevent people from messing with your DJ gear, but these shells are impressively strong. In fact, slipping one over your deck or controller before tossing it into your gig bag will give you the same kind of protection you'll get from a lot of hardshell cases. Not only would we highly recommend picking up up for your favorite DJ gear, Sweetwater's free and fast shipping can have it (and any other DJ accessories you need) to you before your next gig.
Questions about DJ Accessories?

Questions about DJ Accessories?

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Questions about DJ Accessories?

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