Pearl Decade Maple


Pearl Decade Maple Acoustic Drums

Packed with values and loaded with tone, Pearl’s Decade Maple drums give you the power and punch of maple in a package that’s built for performance. What’s more, they’re priced for regular drummers, so you don’t have to be a rock star (yet) to get your hands on a Pearl Decade Maple drum set. And with their bold tone and sensitive dynamics, Pearl Decade Maple drums are a great fit for anything from classic jazz to thrash metal.

Decade Maple Drum Design

Every Pearl Decade Maple drum starts off with an amazing 5.4mm, 6-ply, 100% maple shell. Maple is known for its powerful tone and cannon-like punch. It’s the tonewood of choice for many of today’s top drummers and a favorite in recording studios around the world. It’s what gives your Pearl Decade Maple drums thunderous low end, beautiful high-end clarity and articulation, and all the projection you could ask for.

But quality maple isn’t enough to build excellent drums. That’s where Pearl’s proprietary Superior Shell Technology (SST) comes in. Each Pearl Decade Maple drum shell features SST construction. This process involves bonding a series of cross-laminated plies and overlapping scarf joints with Pearl’s proprietary AcoustiGlue.

AcoustiGlue is unique in that it permeates deep into the pores of each ply and then dries to the same consistency as the maple. The result is that the density and composition of Decade Maple drum shells are remarkably uniform. What’s more, these drum shells are incredibly thin and delightfully resonant, responding instantly to each stroke. They’re also stronger than many much heavier maple drums. Top it off with hand-finished interiors and bearing edges and it’s clear that Pearl Decade Maple drums are a cut above the rest.

Of course, great drum shells without equally impressive hardware won’t get you anywhere. That’s why Decade Maple drum shells come loaded with some of the best hardware Pearl has to offer. This drum hardware includes Mini-Lugs that were inspired by Pearl’s Reference series, as well as Opti-Loc suspension mounts and UniLock gearless tom arms to make mounted toms easy to position without sacrificing resonance.

Shop Pearl Decade Maple Drum Sets At Sweetwater

You can get these tour-ready Pearl Decade Maple drum sets in a wide range of configurations, too, from individual toms to full 7-piece shell packs. They also come in a wide variety of finishes, so you can get the look that best suits you. Ready to step up to Pearl Decade Maple drums but don’t know where to start? Give your Sweetwater Sales Engineer a call at (800) 222–4700, and we’ll be happy to help you get the drums you need.