Toontrack Drum MIDI Pack - Single Pack Download

MIDI File Pack for Toontrack EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer - (Serial Number Activates One Title)
Toontrack Drum MIDI Pack - Single Pack Download image 1
Toontrack Drum MIDI Pack - Single Pack Download image 1
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Toontrack Drum MIDI Pack - Single Pack Download
Delivered In Minutes!

Choose Your Favorite MIDI Drums for Your Toontrack Instrument!

NOTE: This product includes a license code that will allow you to choose one MIDI Pack when registered at Toontrack. The complete list of available MIDI Packs is listed below.

A Sweetwater Exclusive! Download the Toontrack MIDI Pack serial number and instantly plug great-sounding (and genre-specific) MIDI file collections into your EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer instrument. From blues to rock to extreme metal, these packs have what you need to add outstanding drum performances to your projects. Each MIDI Pack gives you the variations, fills, and player-friendly details you need - simply choose the style you want. Remember, you'll only find this incredible offer at Sweetwater!

New! AOR Drum MIDI

This new MIDI collection explores the era when rock didn't have to be loud and dangerous to be cool. A time when bands like Toto, Journey, The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan made sure songwriting, performance and skill were front and center.

  • Grooves and fills inspired by AOR music
  • Played by session drummer Norman Garschke
  • More than 300 individually played files
  • 4/4 and 6/8 in straight and/or swing feel
  • Tempos ranging from 71 to 160 BPM
Matt Garstka's Metal Fusion MIDI

Matt Garstka of progressive metal pioneers Animals As Leaders takes you through a journey of what shaped his unique style of drumming. Expect intricate and innovative grooves that touch on the extremes of fusion, jazz, soul, and gospel - all infused by the unmistakable traits of true, hard-hitting metal.

The Progressive Foundry MIDI

Australian powerhouse Brody Simpson delivers an extremely well-played collection of beats for any writer who is into progressive metal or heavy rock.

  • Drum grooves inspired by progressive metal and heavy rock
  • 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 7/8 variations in straight and/or swing feel
  • Song structure categorization in each song folder (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc.)
  • Tempos ranging from 67 BPM to 180 BPM
Post-Rock EZX

Welcome to the ultimate collection of rich, deep and complexly textured drums that are allowed to breathe, seek and seep through to the forefront of your mix. Quality instruments, tailored for post-rock, but reaching way beyond any genre.

  • Recorded at Sundlaugin Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Four (4) complete kits sampled with sticks (Rogers, Tama, Yamaha and Sakae)
  • One (1) complete kit sampled with brushes, felt mallets and a "snares off" option (Sakae)
  • 11 mix-ready presets engineered by Birgir Jon Birgisson, covering a wide range of styles and moods
  • 6 custom percussion pieces
  • Includes a selection of MIDI drum grooves performed by Arnar Gislason
Indiependent MIDI

From the Indiependent SDX comes a fearless collection of drum grooves, packed with close to 400 individually played grooves and fills loaded with versatility and ingenuity. Aided by grooves from a world-class drummer and the creative framework of your Toontrack software, the "you" factor leaves your own imagination at the helm. Steer towards the deepest waters and dare to hit a rock or two.

  • Drum grooves/fills inspired by indie pop and rock
  • Approx. 375 individually played files
  • 4/4 and 6/8 variations in straight feel
  • Song structure categorization in each song folder (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc.)
  • Tempos ranging from 71 BPM to 143 BPM
  • Performed by Thomas Hedlund
American Rock MIDI

American Rock MIDI features timeless grooves based on classic American rock as performed by one of the world's most influential and in-demand drummers: Kenny Aronoff. Having recorded in excess of 1,000 albums, performed on over 30 Grammy Award-nominated productions, and sustained a prosperous career for close to 40 years, Kenny has attained superstar status in the recording world.

  • Drum MIDI inspired by Kenny Aronoff's catalogue
  • 376 individually played MIDI files
  • Performed by Kenny Aronoff
  • Material in straight 4/4
  • Categorized in full song structure building blocks
Hi-Energy Grooves MIDI

Intense, rhythmic, energetic. This veritable display of drumming excellence by Jason Bowld underlines the fact that metal isn't all about blast beats and rampant tempos - it's about the groove as well.

  • Performed by Jason bowld (Axewound, Pitchshifter)
  • Drum grooves suited for broad use in modern metal
  • Organized in song structure
Metal Machinery MIDI

Expect anything from maddening 250 BPM grind to classic skank beats and the heaviest of tom grooves. And of course, a constant battering of the bass drums.

  • Performed by Nick Barker
  • Grooves and fills suitable for extreme metal
  • Organized in song structures
Soul Grooves

Soul Grooves was performed by Martin Jonsson, a seasoned drummer with a long history of soul drumming. He dove into the bottomless well of soul and brought back songs to turn backwards, in and out, and upside down to come up with new, interesting flavors to elevate your track or spark your next idea. From the timeless ballads to the classic Motown backbeats, the uptempos, the shuffles and all the way to the contemporary soul of today - this collection has it all.

Basic Jazz MIDI

Basic Jazz MIDI comes with 8-bar and 16-bar variations of fundamental swing comping patterns in 3/4 and 4/4 time, all categorized by increasing intensity and complexity. It was performed by Toontrack's Norman Garschke, a traditionally trained drummer with a masters degree in jazz performance from the Conservatories of Hilversum and Amsterdam.

Basic Rock 2

Basic Rock 2 MIDI is part of the Rock Drums MIDI 6 Pack and picks up where the first pack left off - meaning it comes with even more of the basic grooves you can never get enough of for traditional rock songwriting!

Choose from One of the Following Toontrack MIDI Packs:
  • American Rock MIDI
  • Americana MIDI
  • AOR Drum MIDI
  • Backbeats MIDI
  • Ballads MIDI
  • Basic Rock MIDI
  • Basic Rock 2 MIDI
  • Basic Rock Fills MIDI
  • Blues MIDI
  • Drum Riffs MIDI
  • Hi-Energy Grooves MIDI
  • Hip-Hop Grooves MIDI
  • Indie Folk MIDI
  • Indiependent MIDI
  • Jazz MIDI
  • Library of the Extreme - Blasts & Fills MIDI
  • LIbrary of the Extreme - Death & Thrash MIDI
  • Library of the Extreme - Fill Insanity MIDI
    Matt Garstka's Metal Fusion MIDI
  • Metal Beats MIDI
  • Metal Machine MIDI
  • Metal Machinery MIDI
  • Metal! MIDI
  • Metalheads MIDI
  • Monster MIDI Pack
  • Monster MIDI Pack 2 - Odd Meters
  • Monster MIDI Pack 3 - Fills
  • Monster MIDI Pack 4 - Fills Odd Meters
  • Music City USA MIDI
  • New York Studios Vol. 1 MIDI
  • New York Studios Vol. 2 MIDI
  • New York Studios Vol. 3 MIDI
  • Pop! MIDI
  • Post-Rock
  • Rock Solid MIDI
  • Rock Songs MIDI
  • Roots MIDI
  • Session Drums MIDI
  • Songwriters Drumpack MIDI
  • Songwriters Drumpack 2 MIDI
  • Songwriters Drumpack 3 MIDI
  • Songwriters Drumpack 4 MIDI
  • Songwriters Fillpack MIDI
  • Songwriters Fillpack 2 MIDI
  • Soul Grooves MIDI
  • The Blues EZX MIDI
  • The Classic MIDI
  • The Metal Foundry MIDI
  • The Progressive Foundry MIDI
  • The Rock Warehouse MIDI
Pick the Perfect Toontrack MIDI Pack drum sounds for your projects!

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Software Type Drum MIDI Pack for EZdrummer/Superior Drummer
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Expansion
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Manufacturer Part Number TT140SN

Customer Reviews

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Rythme Sauvage midi pack!

Mario crushes it! Gojira is a killer band & Mario Duplantier is the driving force behinds the drums. This midi is flat out the best overall midi pack for metal I own (it just came out Nov 2016). It has the best useful, wide range, "song based" rhythms. Easy to write to & just jam along with to get the creativity flow going. Check out Gojira live on the web, they are fun to watch. This pack is worth twice as much...get it & enjoy. Toontrack has put out a little "same sounding" metal midi BUT this is very fresh & worth being in your collection. I grew up with a brother drummer and have listened to metal for 35+ yrs & seriously, some things on this pack I have never heard done on drums before! So cool.
Music background: Hobbyist gone to mad music scientist...

Many to choose, So I have most...

I have most of these... The reason is I was always chasing the patterns I was looking for. So I learned how to program my own. I still found that these are completely useful though. They are a great idea/groove starter and full on finished project drummer, they sit great in the mix, there are tons of patterns to choose from, you dont have to put up with a drummers attitude and schedule, many kits, many genres and feels.Here are my favorites as a mainly metal dude....The new Progressive, Metal Beats, Metal Machinery,Drum Riffs, All of the Library of Extreme & Monster Midi Paks, Post Rock and yes even the Basic Rock & Fills and the Song writers Paks.Toontrack is a good company and always moving foward. November is when they release new metal products. Enjoy
Music background: Hobbyist gone to mad music scientist...

Songwriters Fillpack 2

If you've had EZ drummer for a while, and want to spice up your drum tracks, Songwriters Fillpack 2 is a great choice. The fills are far superior to the stock fills in EZ Drummer, and much more "human" to my ears. A slightly larger selection would have been nice, but it's still well worth the price. My tracks are coming alive much better than before. I could se myself picking up another one of these down the road.
Music background: Many years performing and recording


Some great sounds....very useful.

A great tool for the studio!

After struggling through my first EP to find that true 80's metal sound, I picked up EZ Drummer 2.0. Initially, I thought I'd just use it to share thoughts with some of the high end session drummers I've used in the past. Boy, was I wrong. If you couple this with a decent midi controller, you can program your own beats to suit your needs (To the reviewer who complained of no "galloping double bass," that's where your creativity comes in). Moreover, finding pre-programmed rhythms to suit your needs isn't that difficult, either, with the Tap 2 Find feature. Those are adjustable as well, simply by dropping them in the Tap 2 Find and making necessary changes or adjusting them on the fly with the many options within the program. I purchased the Metal and Rock EZX's, which are fine, but I'd suggest branching out and picking up different styles-even if you're "just a rock artist." I've used jazz swing beats and even disco beats, from the standard purchase, while programming. Finally, be warned: programming legitimate drum sounds takes time and effort. And while EZ Drummer does make it easier, to appropriately program a song EXACTLY the way you like it will take a minute...and probably require a revisit once you start laying down other tracks (ie bass, guitar, etc).
See also: Drum Software, Toontrack, Toontrack Virtual Instruments: Drum & Rhythm