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Synthogy Ivory Velocity Response Adjustments for Best Performance (Part 1 of 2)

When playing a virtual piano, optimum velocity response from your controller is critical. Ivory comes equipped with a set of Velocity features to optimize Ivory’s response for your MIDI controller of choice. These features allow you to take full advantage of Ivory’s timbral and dynamic range, and can be done easily from Ivory’s Velocity Page. Many MIDI/USB keyboard controllers offer only a limited selection of velocity maps with little or no adjustments possible. Changing Ivory’s velocity response allows you to compensate for any shortcomings. Here’s how to do it:

Click on the Velocity soft button on the Main Page to get to the Velocity page, where there are preset velocity maps that can be accessed from the drop down menu found inside the Factory folder. You may wish to try one of these first and then customize to taste. Be aware that the overall sensitivity and dynamic range will also be affected by the “Dynamic Range” control on Ivory’s Main Page. So once you’ve found a response that suits you on the Velocity Page, the overall dynamic range can be further tweaked with this control for each program.

An Ivory program calls up a particular keyset found on the Main Page and the keyset name refers to the piano model and number of velocity levels represented. Some of the keysets are followed by a Roman numeral II, which indicates that the velocity switch points have been adjusted differently when compared to the keysets with the same name and no Roman numeral. Keysets followed by a “II” have had their switch points set a bit higher and will require a slightly heavier touch to change the timbre. Thus, the “II” keysets will respond favoring the softer samples. The difference is subtle, but effective and truly musical. Experiment to find the keyset that works best for your touch and specific controller.

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