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Behringer Announces New DeepMind 6 and DeepMind 12D

The rumor mill began to churn as soon as Behringer released the fantastic DeepMind 12 synthesizer: "Behringer is already planning to roll out another synth, and this one is going to be amazing." Well, those rumors... Read more »

Paul Gray: The Man Behind the Mask

Seven years ago today, extreme metal music lost one of its most radiant beacons - Paul Gray of Slipknot. In tribute to Paul's indelible legacy and legend, we're going to look at a side of the man that was rarely... Read more »

Emerson Custom Pomeroy Boost / Overdrive / Distortion Pedal Demo

Mitch Gallagher and Don Carr sit down with Mitch Ingram from Emerson Custom to check out the Pomeroy overdrive pedal. It packs a powerful boost and a highly tweakable overdrive into a pedalboard-friendly, all-analog... Read more »

PreSonus Unveils Studio One 3.5

Studio One 3.5, an extensive update to PreSonus's popular DAW for Mac and Windows offering 60 new features and enhancements, is now available as a free update for registered Studio One 3.x owners. Among the hottest... Read more »

19 Ableton Shortcuts You Should Know

As far as flexible DAWs go, Live just about takes the cake. As specialty controllers such as Novation's Launchpad and Ableton's own Push series have hit the market, taking control of this powerful DAW and its unique... Read more »

Sweetwater Sessions with Sophia D’Virgilio

Sweetwater employee Sophia D'Virgilio and her ukelele perform "Here and Now" for Sweetwater Sessions. Audio recorded using a Telefunken ELA M 251El. Get yours here:... Read more »

Why Buy Your Guitar From Sweetwater?

See how Sweetwater goes to great lengths to give you the best online guitar buying experience. From our online Guitar Gallery that allows you to select the exact instrument you want to receive, to our in-house... Read more »

How to Live Stream Your Worship Service

From the beginning, Sweetwater has proudly helped churches and worship ministries make the most of modern media technology in order to best reach their entire congregation. In the past, that meant offering quality... Read more »

Bob Moog’s Other Instrument

  Today is an unofficial holiday for synth lovers everywhere — it's Bob Moog's birthday. While Bob is no longer with us, the omnipresent Moog Synthesizer serves as a lasting tribute to his genius. But it's easy... Read more »

A Designs Mix Factory 16-channel Summing Mixer Demo

Mix engineer and producer Tony Shepperd presents the A Designs Mix Factory summing mixer. The Mix Factory takes a fresh approach to analog summing, delivering analog warmth with the depth and imaging needed to make... Read more »

Must-have Modules for Filling Your Empty Eurorack Synth Slots

When building your dream Eurorack system, you'll often find that you have empty spaces that are just begging to be filled. Sure, you could put blank panels into those gaps, but here are some slim (8HP or smaller)... Read more »

Essential Mastering Plug-ins Every Studio Should Have

Mastering is the final step to attaining a professional-sounding recording. It's the glue that makes a record sound like a record; it creates consistency across an album, and it prepares your music for distribution... Read more »

Best Vocal Mics for Metal

When it comes to mics for recording metal vocals, the requirements are pretty different from mics for recording female pop divas or Americana folk music. While lots of studio mics tout their smooth top end... Read more »

16th Annual GearFest Preview by Sweetwater

Mitch Gallagher is joined by Bob Bailey, Sweetwater's Executive Director of GearFest, to see what's in store for GearFest 2017. Right now, more than 12,000 music lovers just like you are planning to attend GearFest... Read more »

7 Oddest Recording Techniques You Need to Try

Think about this for a second: someone had to be the first person to eat a lobster. (Don't worry, this is going somewhere.) They had to think, "Yum, this big sea bug just might be good to eat." The point is, there... Read more »

Way Huge Red Llama 25th Anniversary Overdrive Pedal Demo

Bryan Kehoe from Dunlop/Way Huge presents the Red Llama 25th Anniversary Overdrive pedal. Utilizing a CMOS circuit, the Red Llama gives you transparent and responsive tube-like dynamics and tone. This anniversary... Read more »

Remembering Chris Cornell

In September 1989, I was in LA as a panelist at the sold-out Concrete Foundations Forum — an annual event and the world's first exclusively heavy metal industry convention. On the evening of September 23, one of the... Read more »

Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini Combo Amp Review

Don Carr presents the Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini combo amp. Based on the sought-after JTM 45 amp, the Dirty Shirley Mini gives you a wide range of tones from smooth and clean to Friedman's famous high-gain tones... Read more »

Moog Announces Subsequent 37 CV

Moog unveiled the latest in their long line of super-cool synths at this year's Moogfest: Subsequent 37 CV. Based on the super-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition, Subsequent 37 CV ups the ante with new sounds, more... Read more »

Friedman Motor City Drive Tube Overdrive Pedal Review

Nick Bowcott presents the Friedman Motor City Drive pedal. The Friedman Motor City Drive pedal puts the touch-sensitive breakup of a Friedman tube circuit on your pedalboard. To achieve the level of response and... Read more »

Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor Pedal Review

Don Carr presents the Bogner Lyndhurst Compressor pedal. Loaded with a Rupert Neve-designed transformer, this compressor pedal puts the coveted sound of a classic recording console onto your pedalboard. Its built-in... Read more »

Essential Looping Tips and Techniques

Loops instantly add another element to your live performance and can be used in so many different ways. From a simple groove to a complex arrangement, loops can be used to augment a full band or to back up a solo... Read more »

Getting a Live Show Sound in the Studio

As more people record in smaller spaces, such as bedrooms and bonus rooms, the ability to capture a "big room" recording studio sound becomes challenging. Putting up room mics and capturing the ambience of an Abbey... Read more »

TAMA SLP Classic Dry Aluminum Snare Drum Review

Nick D'Virgilio presents the TAMA SLP Classic Dry Aluminum snare drum. With its 1.2mm aluminum shell and pronounced center bead, the LAL1455 is a clear nod to some of history's most sought-after snare drums. The... Read more »