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Pro Tools Utility

Occasionally, you might experience an operational error when working within the Pro Tools environment. Most of the time, these errors are corrected by doing a little basic housekeeping on your system. Once upon a time, you had to manually go into your system and trash these troublesome files, but now there’s a handy utility that does it for you. Common problems addressed by this downloadable utility include:

  • Error messages
  • Strange behavior and performance problems in Pro Tools
  • Plug-in performance problems
  • Input and output problems in Pro Tools
  • Launch problems
  • Random application closure problems
  • Unwanted demo period authorization messages
  • Problems related to incompatible plug-ins and a list of installed plug-ins (and their versions)

In most cases running this utility will iron out any operational issues that you were experiencing, and is available here. There are versions for both Pro Tools 7 and Pro Tools 8, so be sure and download the one for your current system.

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