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Getting DP to recognize a Digi 001.

“I can’t seem to get Digital Performer 3.0 to recognize the Digital ins/outs on my Digi 001? What am I doing wrong?”

When you first select Digidesign Direct I/O in Digital Performer, the DIGI 001 digital ins and outs are not enabled. You will only see the first pair of analog I/O. The way to change this is to go to the Windows directory and choose Audio Bundles and Outputs. You will see Analog 1-8 listed there in black with a blue box in the Active field. You will also see ADAT 1-8 listed there, but grayed out. To activate these channels you must put a blue box in the corresponding next open channels, which would lead you to 9-16. The same procedure will work for your inputs.

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