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TC Electronic Finalizer 96K Reviews

4.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the TC Electronic Finalizer 96K?

Questions about the TC Electronic Finalizer 96K?

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  • Robert L. Smith
    from New York, NY October 31, 2012Music Background:

    An essential tool for my studio

    I've used my Finalizer 96K for every mix since '98. It has long been an essential part of my system. The Finalizer has always gotten a bad wrap because people don't use it properly. Like any good tool a little goes a long way. Before there were the Maximizer-type plug-ins there was the Finalizer. It can be used as a Maximizer/Enhancer, a Mastering processor or as a digital toolkit. Digital eq, De-esser, Dynamic eq, Sample rate convertor, A-D convertor, Harmonic enhancer (with the digital radiance generator) MS encoder/decoder (Mid/side) and Mono-Stereo width adjustment tool. All of these are available as plug-ins now, but with my hybrid Pro Tools Analog summing system the Finalizer is my A-D back into Pro Tools. I often start with preset # 9 "Subtle Compression" which works more like a 'loudness" button than a compressor. It gives my mix a punch and clarity that used to take hours to achieve.

  • Adhab Al-Farhan
    from October 31, 2006Music Background:
    Recording engineer, producer, pro musician, hobbyist

    Master your own domain...

    Music technology has never been so progressive. Now, anyone can master their songs without the hassle of sending out finished tracks to expensive mastering houses that charges by the hour. With this, you can master your songs as you please no matter how many you have. If you've got the time, you're the master of your own domain. The sky is the limit. This product is truly powerful!

  • Andrew Abboushi
    from San Francisco, USA May 24, 2015Music Background:
    Engineer & Musician

    Master Section

    With so many products flooding the audio market and sucking up the hard earned dollars of enthusiasts everywhere, it’s nice to find a unit that is a true tool and is totally unconcerned with hype or some magical flavor or color that will make the band down the street sound like the Beatles. The Finalizer is branded as a mastering unit but I like to think of it as a master section from a digital console. It does have stereo conversion going both ways, so it can be a useful bridge between the DAW and analog outboard. Yes, it can even be used as a tracking converter when needed. The processors are simple and unfettered… this one is all about the talent of the engineer. Unless you have the ears to hear detail, it will not take your music to the next level. It excels at small adjustments… be judicious. Overall a nice tool that I don’t regret purchasing.

  • widgetlocsta
    from sd ca usa April 7, 2011Music Background:
    engineer producer

    jus ok

    this is not the way to go nowadays the sound is very harsh and boxy, this machine has a one track mind that you cant escape, and just a little compression enhances the high end frequencies from 9 threw 14k you will need a good de-esser or cut to 7k and below for a useable sound,
    i found the ad converters to be excellent but the processing is a bit to extreme for my taste.

Questions about the TC Electronic Finalizer 96K?

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