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Phaser Pedals

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Phaser pedals help you fine-tune your music and make it sound unique. Sweetwater carries an impressive selection of phaser pedals for you to choose from.

We all love those unmistakable peaks, troughs, sound waves, and psychedelic metallic noises that these pedals can create. Phaser pedals, or phase shifters, work by creating a series of filter peaks and modulating their center frequencies, sweeping them up and down the spectrum. The effect is a wavy, sci-fi sound that began as an attempt to emulate tape flanging in the late '60s. By the '70s, phasing had become a staple of psychedelic rock, and it's still a staple effect today. In fact, if you look at Sweetwater's extensive collection of phaser pedals, you'll find more options than ever before.

When it comes to character, no two phaser pedals are exactly alike. One major consideration is whether the pedal is analog or digital. Analog phase shifters tend to be warmer, with gentler filter curves that offer a more organic, washy effect. Digital phasers, on the other hand, are capable of producing sharper, more noticeably resonant filters, and they often include several more filter peaks than their analog counterparts. These factors produce far more pronounced results that sit in the forefront of your tone. That said, Sweetwater also offers a number of phasers (including models from TC Electronic and Strymon) that do a superb job emulating analog phase shifters.

Some phaser pedals are dead simple, such as the iconic MXR Phase 90. These pedals feature almost entirely fixed settings, with the exception of a single Speed knob, which allows you sync the effect to your music. More modern phasers can include extensive controls for resonance, depth, feedback, and more. Phase shifters have much in common with flangers and chorus effects, and you'll find some pedals include some combination of these modulation styles.

One additional note about phaser pedals. While phasers were originally introduced for use on guitars, the effect is perfect for a wide range of sources, such a bass, keyboards, and even DJ rigs. If you're unsure about which phase shifter to pick up, just give your Sales Engineer a call. Thanks to Sweetwater's Free Fast Shipping, we can have your ideal phaser pedal to you in days. Learn More

Questions about Phaser Pedals?

Questions about Phaser Pedals?

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Questions about Phaser Pedals?

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