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FREE 2-year warranty on nearly every product!

Buy with Confidence!

Sweetwater set the standard in our industry by offering free shipping, free tech support, an award-winning website, and much more - making buying gear easier than ever. That's why we're proud to offer Total Confidence Coverage™, our exclusive FREE 2-year warranty, which comes "in the box" with nearly every product we offer! This means your purchase is automatically protected for a minimum of two years. And if your manufacturer's original warranty is for more than two years, our warranty won't adversely affect it.

Total Confidence Coverage™ Warranty Advantages:

  • Parts and labor absolutely free!
  • The industry's fastest turnaround time
  • Warranty work performed by Sweetwater's award-winning, factory-certified Service Department
  • You won't find this kind of coverage anywhere else!

Sweetwater's Award-winning Service Department

We back up our warranty with an award- winning, factory-certified Service Department, authorized to repair virtually every piece of gear we sell. Our Service Technicians have the training and expertise to do the job right, and our turnaround time is superfast. We want you to enjoy your gear with peace of mind — that's just part of the "Sweetwater Difference!"

It's simple. It's free.

Experience the Sweetwater Difference!

Important information about Sweetwater's FREE 2-year warranty

The Total Confidence Coverage™ 2-year warranty is exclusive to Sweetwater and should not be confused with a cooperative warranty from any manufacturer. We stand behind the products we sell to you and we want you to be completely confident in the products you purchase from Sweetwater.

A few details to be aware of:
  • To obtain our warranty service, you will need to send your gear directly to Sweetwater, not the manufacturer. Just as is the case when you send a product to a manufacturer for repair, you will be responsible for paying all shipping costs — both the cost of shipping your items to Sweetwater and the cost of Sweetwater shipping them back to you.
  • Most of the products we sell include a manufacturer’s warranty, but some don’t. Although some manufacturers may allow you to transfer ownership of their warranties, Sweetwater's Total Confidence Coverage is not transferable. Our warranty does not, in any way, change or adversely affect the terms of any product’s existing manufacturer’s warranty, regardless of the length of that warranty, whatever it may be. In turn, if you choose to deal directly with the manufacturer and their warranty (within their stated warranty time frame; of course), it does not adversely affect Sweetwater’s 2-year warranty.
  • The Sweetwater Total Confidence Coverage™ Warranty is NOT a "no-fault" warranty. We’re going to do our best to take care of you, but coverage applies only if your product malfunctions under normal operating conditions. “Consumable” parts, components, and accessories are not covered under this warranty. Although this is not an all-inclusive list, examples of "consumables" are strings, lamps and light bulbs, printer cartridges, drum heads, tape heads, regular and rechargeable batteries, amplifier tubes, etc. Cymbals are not covered under this warranty. The Solid State Logic AWS 948 is not covered by this warranty, but SSL offers an optional extended warranty. Call for details.
  • Drums and drum hardware are covered for manufacturer defects, but not for normal wear and tear or abuse.
  • Software, in any form, is not covered. Data recovery from faulty hard drives is not a service covered by this warranty. This warranty does not apply to Apple products; however, Apple does offer its own great warranty programs — check with your Sales Engineer to learn more about AppleCare. Products identified as "Used" are not covered by this warranty.
  • A special note about power conditioners, surge protectors, and power regulators: our warranty will cover the repair of these units should they become defective, but this warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of equipment connected to these products or offer any kind of cash value.
  • As musicians ourselves, we really do identify with the frustrations that arise when a piece of gear breaks down, but we have to be realistic and state that we can’t be held responsible for lost work, lost studio time, lost wages, or the emotional strife or other ancillary issues that are created when a piece of equipment fails and/or during the time the equipment has been sent to us for repair. What we will do is our very, very best to get your gear back to you in working order as quickly as possible.
  • Finally, it’s our goal to be fair and offer you real value when you buy gear from us. We also need to make sure that by offering our Free 2-year Warranty, we’re not creating an opportunity for someone who’s less than honest to take advantage of us. So, we reserve the right to accept or reject any product presented to us for warranty coverage. And for the same reasons stated above, we also reserve the right to modify the conditions of this warranty at our discretion.
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