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iPad/iPhone Microphones

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Looking for a quality mic you can use directly with your iOS device? Look no further! Sweetwater carries the best selection of iPad and iPhone microphones, for the best prices around.

Why an iOS mic? Your iOS device is an incredible tool for communicating with the outside world. And through the miracle of plug-and-play iOS microphones, you can treat your iPhone and iPad videos to the rich, clean, clear audio they deserve, or record studio-quality audio anywhere on the planet.

What type of mic do you need? That depends on your application. If you’re a podcaster, vocalist, instrumentalist, or concert goer, you’ll want the full-range response and generous coverage of a condenser microphone. However, if you’re a filmmaker/documentarian who wants to zero-in on dialogue or interviews without picking up your surroundings, reach for a shotgun microphone. You’ll find both types on our site.

Sweetwater’s iOS condenser mics come in two major styles: large diaphragm and small diaphragm. Large-diaphragm iOS condensers make great general-purpose mics for most sound sources: voices, guitars, drums, and more. The majority of our customers reach for this style. However, if you need to capture the delicate transients and sweet harmonics of, say, an acoustic guitar, or if you want maximum portability, small-diaphragm iOS condensers are the way to go.

Do you need to record sounds coming from all directions? Then look at our omnidirectional iOS microphones. These capture sound from 360° around your iPad or iPhone. This makes omnis a good choice for capturing ambiance and background music, though perhaps not the best suited to record vocals. If you want something more flattering to the human voice, go with one of our iOS cardioid mics. These reject sounds coming from the rear and focus sounds in front of them. Cardioid mics are a popular choice among singers and instrumentalists because they reduce some of the “roominess” as you record.

Sound pressure levels (SPLs) is another concern. Our iPad and iPhone microphones typically range from 120dB max SPL to 140dB. If you plan on recording loud instruments such as drums, you’ll need a high max SPL.

Do you want to connect your mic directly into your iOS device and make music on the go? Then get a mic with the right connector type. If you’ve got a newer iPhone/iPad, that means you’ll want a Lightning connector. Legacy device? No problem. We carry mics with connectors for older iOS devices as well.

Have questions? Our Sales Engineers are here to help guide you in your purchase. Give us a call or shoot us an email.

Questions about iPad/iPhone Microphones?

Questions about iPad/iPhone Microphones?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about iPad/iPhone Microphones?

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