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Signal Processing Accessories

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Whether we're talking about stereo adapters, remote controls, rackmount kits, or any other product-specific tool, signal processing accessories are necessary to help you create a professional sounding final product - plus some of them are just great to have because they make your recording process easier.

From recording pros to newbies learning the nuances of the signal processing art, we're all searching for the products that make our work better and easier. Signal process accessories play a huge part in the functionality and workflow of your studio. Each and every gadget that has the ability to make your sound better or helps you accomplish more in less time is a great addition to your studio.

Now, when it comes to signal processing, everyone loves to talk about gear! In the light of that, here is some useful information about certain accessories you need in your working space.

We all know that sometimes a single channel isn't enough. That's when a stereo adapter saves the day. Just imagine having two units at your disposal. Of course, you want a convenient and calibrated way to run them in stereo, right? Here's where the magic happens: a stereo adapter will easily allow you to run two mono units in a calibrated stereo configuration. Sweetwater carries a wide variety of stereo adapters out there and at least one of them will perfectly fit your sound processing needs.

Do you work as a musician and engineer at the same time? Actually, most of us do! Whenever your work gets a little busy, a remote control is exactly what you need. Remote controls give you the ability to control your recording process and also enable usage in environments like surround mixing. They're ridiculously easy to use and save you precious time. Ensure years of reliable functioning with a remote control made of solid materials, such as aluminum.

Rackmount kits are another great sound processing accessory. These wise gadgets offer solutions for mounting monitors, instruments, and other products into racks. They have a rugged, versatile design and give you maximum flexibility to develop your system.

Whether you're just starting out, or you're a recording master, Sweetwater carries tools that will help your working process. It's kind of nice knowing that you can make your work easier, improve your results and save some time, isn't it?

If you have any questions, just ask. Sweetwater Sales Engineers are former sound engineers and musicians who know the details on every product and how it works in the field. Give us a call and we'll help you get set!



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