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Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt Tube Head Reviews

4.5 stars based on 29 customer reviews
Questions about the Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt Tube Head?

Questions about the Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt Tube Head?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Michigan April 11, 2017

    Good Litttle Amp

    So far I really like this thing. I run it through the super sonic 212 cab, and it sounds great. I like the fuse program too. The USB out works really well and being able to dial the USB gain on fuse is nice for recording. It takes all of my pedals with ease. I'll run it the way it is for a bit, but I'm definitely going to swap tubes in the future. Sweetwater was awesome as usual and I'm happy with my decision.

  • from Sacramento, CA December 5, 2016Music Background:
    A student of the guitar ....

    A Great Amp

    All you really need to do is check out Philip McKnight's comparison of the Super Champ X2 with the Princeton amp on YouTube. Basically says it all, and there are other decent reviews of the X2 on YouTube as well. For the money, a great home or studio amp, with classic Fender tone as well as a variety of emulations. If you can't find what you want in the presets, the amp allows you to dial in your own preset via a USB web connect. The effects are decent, but may or may not give you what you are looking for, as with any preset. I generally run the amp clean with a bit of compression as needed via a stomp box and a bit of reverb from the effects preset. I prefer to simplify my setup, and the total package of emulations and effects presets allows me to do that. I have it hooked up with the matched Fender 12" speaker enclosure, and I am sure that I could crank enough volume for a small venue live gig if I needed to. I appreciate the five-year warranty, although I have had no trouble with the unit. As always, Sweetwater had it out the door within hours of my order and I had a contact from John following the unit's arrival to make sure that all was well. It would be hard to imagine better customer service.

  • from FL November 24, 2016Music Background:
    Blues Blues and some more Blues

    Super Champ Super Amp

    Cannot believe the versatility this little head gives you for the small price. I can now carry around a small head and bottom instead of lugging around a huge amp. From Fender clean to my favorite dirty blues this head will give you head room missing on single non-modeled amps big thumbs up. Thanks Chris for suggesting this head.

  • from Champlin MN October 22, 2016Music Background:
    30 years Recording Enthusiast

    What a Jewel!!

    This box is a dream come true. Going direct into the DAW, I'm getting the tones I want by dialing knobs instead of moving the mouse. Don't know why it took me so long to grab this thing. Great product. Wish the USB cord came with it. I'm having trouble finding one.

    Karl Long is a God-send when it comes to getting information on products and getting them to my door step. Thanks Karl!! Thanks Sweetwater!! Thanks Fender!!!

  • from Kansas June 22, 2016

    Really AWESOME Head!

    This head was just what I was looking for for versatility and easy transport. Being in my mid 50's I grew up in the glory of the tube amp and rock and blues era. This is in my opinion one of the best amps Fender has produced in the last 10 years. ALL of the glorious vintage amp models are represented here. IF you are a Pop, Rock, Blues, Country or Gospel musician this is the best purchase for you money in an amp you can find bar none! You will be amazed at the great tones from each model that comes out of this head. I did replace the stock speaker to the matching Fender cabinet with a Eminence Swamp Thing, which made this whole rig sing with the harmony of the Country and Blues angels. Mike D. was my Sweewtater contact for both purchases and is a great representative to work with. Thanks Mike!

  • from Kalamazoo May 9, 2016Music Background:
    Brain-wired musician


    Got all the tube feel with great effects.... use the fuse software and tweak a bit, you can match some wicket tones. For $300 you'd be a fool not to buy it. For $1000 it'd still be a respected decision.

  • from Wi. April 25, 2016Music Background:
    50 years commited to this craft


    Excelent amp.
    I've been playing over 55 years and finaly Fender came out with an amp that is precise to the true tones of yester year. It has my long lost Deluxe Reverb and Bassman amps in it. Also some very nifty sounds of Marshall, and so on. You name it , you can design it. The access to Bios control and sag are phenominal. The software is super easy to work with and the outcome is totaly AWESOME. Get it you can't go wrong. Also the single celestion cab for this thing has the old sweet sounds of all your fav cabs. You can even select the cab as well as the amp and fx.

  • from January 17, 2016

    awesome head

    Awesome head
    no complaints

  • from NH August 20, 2015Music Background:
    Ex-metalhead, Cristian Musician.

    Great Amp!

    I am a gigging Christian musician and play a bunch of worship songs, hymns, and a lot of bluesy/rock influenced versions of Christian classics. We sometimes will even throw in an instrumental blues shuffle for fun. I was using a Fender GDEC as a head on my Egnater 2x12 cabinet. When it started crashing frequently, I wanted to transition back to tubes. After a ton of research, I could find nothing that would make me shy away from this amp. It's better than I thought it would be. I use pedals for overdrive and chorus so the clean and reverb were what I was really looking for and this head delivers the goods. So far my favorite is the Twin setting, It sounds just like you want it to, very responsive to pick attack and guitar volume control. I use tele thinline style guitars mainly but also have a Korean Pro Tone Strat that nails the SRV tone with an overdrive pedal pushing it. For the money and power, it's the best deal out there in my opinion, if Fender tone is what you're looking for. I dealt with Mike Arango and he was a customer service master! Very friendly and helpful. Sweetwater will continue to have my business.

  • from Pittsboro, NC USA February 19, 2015Music Background:
    Intermediate player

    Just right!

    New to the electric guitar, but with that being said it is exactly what I was looking for. Has plenty of different voice opitions as Fender calls them, and two channels, USB interface for changing voice opitions if you so desire and much more. I have it coupled to the Super Champ sc112 Enclosure which has a 12" speaker, and its a perfect match for the amp head. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you Dylan from Sweetwater, as always best customer service period.

  • from May 28, 2014Music Background:

    Great little amp

    I picked up one of these little gems on sale and was very surprised. The sound is very authentic as I have a 60's tube Champ in excellent working order for reference, as well as a Deville.

    This little amp has the classic Fender tube sound, with a broad, punchy tone and the right amount of compression. The included digital effects, (vibraphone, delay, reverb, chorus and tremolo) are all convincing and well executed.

    The modeling portion of the amp is also well done and includes voicing for a tweed champ, tweed deluxe clean/dirty, baseman, 65 princeton clean/dirty, 65 deluxe clean/dirty, 65 twin and an array of british and metal amps.

    All and all, a super practice amp or mic-able performance amp. Great job Fender.

    PS - I don't review products that don't stand out as excellent.

  • from New Jersey March 20, 2014Music Background:

    Rainbow of Tone

    Lots of tone. Pleanty of power @ 15 watts. Power section 2 x 6v6 tubes and one 12ax7. Sounds great.Tweakable and free Fender Fuse Software. Depending on the amp you select you can adjust the Mids, Master, Gains, Presence, Sag, Bias, USB Gain, Cabinet selections, Noise Gates, and effects. The tone controls really work. If you have a good cabinet/speaker preferrably a 1x12" or 2x12" the possibilities are amazing. I have been blessed with boutique amps and let me say that this amp sounds like a pricy amp. Worth spending the cash for something so convincing. Most of the amps simulations are very usable. The Fender simulations WOW!!! I guess that's expected huh? My favorite the Fender Deluxe Reverb and the Marshall 80. Head is not heavy. Good volume for small clubs, small venues. Of course you can always mic it. Wish it came with a cover and a foot switch for the channel switching. Wouldn't of mind spending the extra for it. Check it out when you can. When they come in into inventory they seem to sell fast. Oh almost forgot, the amp behaves very well with pedals especially for the first channel.

  • from March 29, 2013Music Background:

    Super Champ X2

    Love it. I can get the exact sound I have had in my head with this amp. I had to get down and dirty with the fuse program to get it. I'm stuck on the 59 Bassman with some slap back echo. I do not like many of the British or metal stuff, it is just not me, but the old fender stuff is great.

  • from NY April 7, 2012Music Background:
    Semi pro musician (guitarist,vocalist)

    super champ x2 head

    Has a great sound thru my Deluxe cabinet and sounds incredible, a bigger sound than the Blues Jr. The 16 different amp models really sound great and the effects are awesome. This is by far the best sounding amp for the money and seams to be built tough enough. If only they had included the foot pedal, I would have paid the extra, now I have to go out and buy one. Anyway go try one and see for yourself , they have that Fender all the way tone!!

  • from Kalamazoo April 20, 2016Music Background:
    all sorts of music applications, band, commercials, jams etc.

    Wicked lil' beast

    So the amp is great...but waiting for my 2nd exchange. 1st one came to me used, scratched, and with gum on the side.... WTF? Second one had Tube Rattle...uggh. 3rd one is coming to me tomorrow and I hope it's solid. Because when I did have it and ignored the defective parts. I could tell this thing has promise.

    If you get a good one you will dig it, if not, send it back and they will take care of you. Mike Godlove is my guy there and he is a straight up guy.. not his fault.. its the lazy people in fulfillment that send out returned goods without even making sure its clean or working -- and they have not been double boxing gear, so it's not as protected as it should be, they need to be held accountable for this-so if this happens to you, call them, and maybe some of the jokers in the back who don't care about you getting clean gear will get axed. Tube rattle was Fenders fault.

    All in all great amp, worth every cent of $300 +++ and the guys there are good to deal with.

  • from Wellington Fl October 27, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Recording

    Fender Junkie

    Great Fender Tone...the voicing channels are authentic and provide great tonality with tube warmth...only drawback is it could use a standby switch. Otherwise, great tube amp in this price range. I play it with my Orange amp in stereo through a Morley ABY Switch and it provides awesome stereo bliss. Definitely worth getting!

  • from August 30, 2015Music Background:
    Play just for fun..and drive my wife crazy..

    Great amp for the price

    I own a Carvin 100 watt tube amp that I can't get the volume up to 1 in the house without knocking pictures off the wall upstairs, so I was looking for a smaller tube amp. I also own a Marshall 80 watt solid state and a Vox VT40...
    This is my first Fender amp. I love this little amp. I use it with 2 of the 12in speakers in my Carvin 4x12 cabinet so it sounds great... (It will drive all 4 but that's not why I bought it)...
    It has a great clean channel, and some cool amp models in the other channel. The Bassman is one of my favorites. I use the Fender Fuse software to tweak them when I feel like it. If I can use the software it has to be easy to use...
    I have found that the quality of the pickups in your guitar affect the output sound you get from this amp..(as well as any amp for that matter) . The better the pickups, the more noticeable the differences between the Amp models...
    I have had this amp for 6 months and have had no problems...my other amps are jealous...
    Thanks Paul from Sweetwater for all your help...

  • from Chicago, USA October 4, 2012Music Background:


    Sounds great, lots of choices. I like the fake Vox and Marshall. Obviously, they fenders sound great. I don't like the "compressed/heavy" versions of some amps. It's more of an audible peak squashing than a natural compression to my ears. But that stuff is icing on the cake, so not a major complaint. The metal stuff sounds a little thin, but I'm not a metal guy. I paired the head with an Egnater 1x12 cabinet I already had and it sounds great. The sound seemed a little tighter on the in-store demo (the combo version), but that could have been the smaller speaker.

    Haven't used the computer tweaking stuff, probably won't ever.

    In general, I love this thing. The amp models have lots of character and sound great. You have to tweak for each model and for different guitars, you can't just sit the knobs at 5. I don't use the effects much. I like a pure amp sound. I think this modeling is a cut above the fender mustang and line6. i would say that this amp has less range than the vox modeling amps (which I like), but the models are definitely more robust/complex/whatever.

  • from New Haven, CT July 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Hobbyist


    I bought this amp for versatility and it certainly is versatile. Matched with my Avatar Cabinet it's butter. Channel 1 is the great champ sound but Channel 2 is where all the fun lies. All the amp simulations are great except the Hi Gain settings, presets 13-15. I especially love the Ac-30 emulation. Adding to the sixteen presets is easy too, because of the USB function. I removed some compression from a few of the presets with ease just by downloading Fender Fuse. It saves your edits right on the amp. The effects are pretty sweet as well. When I record I can easily dial up some different settings for doubling guitars . . with just a simple twist of the effects knob. I especially like the Reverb and Tremolo. I give this amp 4.5 stars because there's no mid on the eq and I would love the ability to select different effects via footswitch. For the Price though, I can't complain. Anybody looking for a tube amp / line 6 emulation style amp this is the way to go. Makes a great beginners guitar head.

  • from newnan, ga June 17, 2012Music Background:

    best $250 spent on gear!

    I've been an on-and-off guitar hobbyist for the longest time, and have been playing through solid state amps ever since. it's my first time owning a tube amp and i couldn't be much more happier with my purchase. for me it's money well spent. thanks to sweetwater and fender for the 50 dollar price rollback. this is the best choice for a 250 dollar tube amp, and the sound it creates is not actually bad. lush clear cleans, 16 amp voices. i'm satisfied. also, my thanks to tony dayton for the usual support.

  • from W. Michigan, USA March 1, 2012Music Background:
    20 years

    Lotsa Fender Bang for the Buck

    Real tube amp head w/12AX7 Preamp Tube & a pair of 6V6 Power Tubes. It has 2 channels: 1 clean and another that you use for the 16 different voicings. They range from Tweed Bassman to '80's British to 2000 Metal. My favorites are the '65 Princeton Dirty and the Supersonic. There are also 15 built in effects ranging from delay to reverb to chorus. My favorite is one of the (count 'em) FOUR different reverbs: Classic Fender Spring Reverb. Overall, a great value with very good tone and something for every player. Constructive criticism? A standby switch would be nice, as well as a footswitch (sold separately). However, for under $300 you can't go wrong here. I have a 212 cab with Celestion Greenbacks and it sounds great for blues, country or rock. I don't think you can buy a better amp head for the money. If you have a nice cab, you should give this a shot. You can can spend WAY more for a boutique low wattage tube head (I've had a few). This stands up to them quite well.

  • from Trumbull, CT USA February 25, 2012Music Background:
    semi pro guitarist and vocalist

    Super Champ X2 Head makes it!

    First a trivial observation, the Super Champ X2 head has the same Super-Sonic type Fender Logo as the cab and combo version. Not like the standard photos.

    I've been playing guitar for 47 years. (Yeah I should be better than I am.) But one thing I have always focused on is tone. Volume isn't that important anymore. I used to drag around a '65 Bandmaster which was a loud 40W of tube tone and power. Then went solid state so I didn't need to haul around a backup. That was a Fender Stage, a solid 100W with nice DSP effects.For practice I really like the VOX VT-30 with its amp models and 12AX7 tube in the power amplifier...but I have been craving the real thing again. The Super Champ X2 is a dream! Clean channel is pure Fender tube tone which starts to saturate sweetly on about 6 on the dial. Played through the Bandmaster cab (2x12) it wails. With a Gibson LP the humbuckers drive it perfectly for rock and blues. I don't miss the MID range tone control. This little monster is quite versatile with BASS and TREBLE controls. It sounds great with my Strat and Tele as you might expect. Fenders love Fenders and Gibsons and Epiphones and...

    The VOICING control on CH2 is a lot of fun. It is also a clean and easy interface to a host of amp models. I am not much of a metal fan, but it gives me pause how cool the LP sounded driving power chords through this set up with both of the metal selections. The Super-Sonic setting really captures the modern high gain Fender sounds I've made playing through a 22W Super-Sonic and adjusting the CH2 GAIN sounded just like the original. The British 60's models are obviously VOX AC clean and top boost. Not because of the name, but because of the tone! Still, my favorite settings are the Tweeds and Blackface Fenders. In particular the 65 Deluxe. The effects section is really well done. Reverbs sound correct. Fender had a really good emulated spring reverb in the DSP series Stage and this is a match. I like the addition of the touch tempo for tremolo, delay and vibratone. I only wish the reverb was separate so I could mix it with tremolo. In general the effects are good. The slapback delay gives a nice rock-a-billy vibe! And all the modulation type effects can have their rate set via tap tempo.

    I haven't done anything with the Fuse software yet except read the manual. It looks extremely powerful. Amp models and stompboxes can be added to and modified. I recommend taking a read of the Fuse manuals on the Fender website. For those with the Mustang series this old news but the Super Champ has an extra added attraction for me, a simple user interface. And oh yeah! A real tube amplifier to drive the models through. What you do with your fingers on the strings and fretboard is communicated with the warmth and sensitivity of real tubes.

    With the 2x12 cab this thing can rattle the windows even though its only 15W. I have the SC112 cab on order and will write that up when it arrives. I really like the deeper bass response of closed cabinets. The Super Champ X2 can easily keep up with a drummer and bass player. My primary playing out these days is with a contemporary church band. Two drummers, keyboards, bass and 2 guitars as well as singers. This amp can easily fill our 500 seat venue and is light enough to keep me (and my back) happy.

    Summary: light, quality build, great tube sound, good amp models, good effects, easy interface, great price. This is a winner!

  • from Hillsboro Oregon December 16, 2016Music Background:
    Garage band

    super champ X2

    haven't really messed with it yet. so cant really give it 5 stars. briefly played with it out of the box.
    Really cool so far. Going to play tonight with the guys. Will get a better idea of what it can do then.
    Sweetwater gets 5 stars though. As always. I trust them. That's a biggy. Great service as always.
    I can say this, for a tube amp head one cant go wrong on this thing at the price. I have this thing plugged into my Vox and OMG.

  • from Montana June 18, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar. Playing live since 1993. Gig, studio, rehearse


    This is definitely not the XD. But it shares something in common with pretty much all these inexpensive tube amps (and even some expensive ones too).... bad tubes. For the love of goodness, do yourself a favor and put some quality tubes in your amp. If you don't know how to bias a tube amp then have a tech do it for you. Your amp will come to life. If you want a moderate improvement, swap out the pre-amp tube for a quality one. The quality of design of the XD is much better but this is still a good amp if you want to have tube tones and some effects without breaking the bank. Make sure you pair it with a good cabinet thats loaded with a quality speaker. Changing to good tubes and playing through a quality speaker are the way to make an expensive amp play like their big brothers.

    Caution: If you don't have experience in changing tubes or servicing tube amps do your research first and note the dangers involved, or take it to someone who can do the service for you.

  • from Boise Id. U.S.A January 2, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, of many

    Fantastic little amp.

    For the money, I think you would have a hard time beating this little head. The only thing I didn't like about it was where Fender put the on/off switch. The clean channel is kinda clean, not quite as clean and snappy as a Tone King, or Vox but for 274.00$ It's a great little amp. Compare this to Peavy Vypyr, I chose the Super Champ X2 hands down.

  • from Redding, CA USA USA USA USA ALL THE WAY! July 17, 2012Music Background:

    Not an XD for sure!

    I have the XD and my friend has the X2. We A/B them with the same settings and found the XD has the mojo!!! The X2 is lifeless and dull using the gain channel compared to the XD. I can only assume Fender spread the power out through the USB section resulting in a loss of SOUND! VERY SAD! Sure, it does make it easy to connect and adjust via the computer but that comes at a BIG PRICE! The XD is IMHO "THE ONE"! Since I have placed my BELOVED XD in a solid pine cabinet and upgraded the speaker to an Eminence GOVERNOR which made a HUGE DIFFERENCE from the Rajun Cajun although that sounded great also! The governor has given me nuances and sparkle along with headroom the RC just could not! Truly these are both great amps, yet the XD BLOWS AWAY THE X2! Fender should either figure a way to obtain the USB function WITHOUT BLEED-THROUGH aka LEAKAGE OR RETURN TO THE XD FORMAT!!!!! THE XD IS THE BOMB!!!!!

  • from montana March 29, 2012Music Background:
    pro retired

    great amp

    Note You can store fuse settings to amp. Read manual again. compared next to my deluxe reverb ,sounds lifeless , but this is a practice amp . The features are all very good if used in moderation with the tubes natural distortion . very marshall like and fender like. Good time's all around. pick speaker that is not to brite. Amp can be brittle thru jensens.

  • from Jamestown NY March 13, 2012Music Background:
    Been playing for 50 years, play in church and blues at home.

    Fender Super Champ X2 head

    I'm really liking this amp in head form. I had a SCXD a few years ago and traded it for a blues jr. and regretted it ever since. The X2 is basically the same amp. If you really can save the setting using the FUSE software, I haven't figured that out yet. I have a Mustang II and saving presets is a piece of cake. I have the 1-12 cab that goes with this amp and I'm not impressed with that. Like the XD I think a speaker upgrade is in order. I'm looking at the Eminence Patriot Swamp Thang, I had the Ragin Cajun in the XD and loved it.

  • from SLC February 29, 2012Music Background:
    35 yrs. Masters in Music theory.


    I have the Super Champ XD and it walks all over the X2. The X2 is dull and lifeless on the gain channel. The clean channel is wonderfull. The Fuse interface does give you some more options for the gain channel, but it still remains dull. I have ran the XD and the X2 on mulitiple cabs with different speakers and the XD is the one on top. For me the last thing I want to do is lugg around a Laptop to control the effects on my amp when I am playing a 10,000 seat venue. It is not reliable since you cannot store the fuse setting directly into the head. It would be great if it was a 2 channel tube head instead of the 2 channel crap it tries to do. Its not a Marshall and will never stand up to one, "I put it next to many amps and the only quality sound is the CLEAN channel" I will be giving this head away very soon.

Questions about the Fender Super Champ X2 15-watt Tube Head?

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