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Tremolo Pedals

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One of the main characteristics you’ll want in a great tremolo pedals is depth. Depth controls the range of volume. Going for a tiny amount of depth will sound like turning the volume knob slightly back and forth in a very subtle manner. Conversely, with a large depth, it’s like turning the volume up and down all the way — going back and forth from mute to full volume. The rate controls how fast or slow the volume fluctuation takes place.

If you would like precise control over rate and depth, look for tremolo pedals that come with additional tone shapers that are often referred to as sensitivity and slope.

Are you dreaming of a tremolo pedal that is able to offer you a significantly more versatile range of sounds and offers the entire tremolo effect spectrum? Tremolo pedals with waveform selectors are exactly what you need. Tremolo can take the form of several waveforms including peak, square, and sine. In square waveforms, the volume can be either on or off, without any kind of transition in between. Sine waveforms allow the tremolo to create a sound that can go between full volume and zero volume. Some pedals come with a switch that lets you toggle between different waveforms.

Do you want to be able to control and correct the volume? Keep an eye on tremolo pedals that come with an external volume knob. This feature is great for correcting the volume drop issues that can occur when you're continuously lowering and raising the volume of the signal.

High quality and a long-lasting build are essential characteristics of a pedal that's here to stay. Make sure the one you're buying can successfully take some unintentional, rough treatment — because, let's face it, this will eventually happen. Also, take into consideration the pedal's size, as it's important for it to work with the pedalboard setup you're using.

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Questions about Tremolo Pedals?

Questions about Tremolo Pedals?

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Questions about Tremolo Pedals?

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