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Wired Microphones

Shure innovation runs deep — as evidenced by the sheer number of audio professionals worldwide who rely on Shure wired microphones every day. From the classic SM57 dynamic – standard issue on snare drums and guitar amps — to the cutting-edge KSM44A condenser (a vocal favorite with ultra-quiet Prethos™ Advanced Preamplifier technology), Shure's wired microphones are ubiquitous studio and stage "tools of the trade." Shure mics can handle all your recording and sound-reinforcement needs.

Shure Dynamic Mics

In dynamic mics, a very thin diaphragm moves in response to sound pressure, which causes a voice coil to move, generating an electric current. Dynamic mics can handle high sound pressure levels, and generally can take more punishment than condenser mics. These qualities make them popular choices for loud sources such as close-miked guitar amps, drums, and brass horns.

Shure dynamic microphones are rugged and handle high volume well, which makes them valuable both onstage and in the studio. From drums to live vocals, Shure dynamic mics have you covered.

Shure Condenser Mics

Condenser mics are more responsive to the "speed" and nuances of sound waves than dynamic mics. Condenser mics come in both solid-state and tube variations and a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Unlike their dynamic cousins, condenser microphones require power, either in the form of a battery or "phantom" power — so called because it is supplied through the mic cable, often directly from your mixer.

When absolute fidelity to the source is what you're after, reach for a Shure condenser microphone. Their sensitivity and wide frequency response gives them the versatility to handle most vocal or instrument sources.

Shure Ribbon Mics

With their native figure-8 pickup pattern, ribbon microphones were the first commercially successful directional microphones. Used extensively in the golden age of radio, ribbon mics are enjoying a comeback, finding uses both in the studio and onstage. Once considered fragile due to their extremely thin ribbon elements, today's ribbon mics are robust and a great choice for a wide range of instrumental and vocal assignments.

Prized for their smooth, velvety sound, Shure ribbon mics feature the patented Roswellite ribbon element, allowing them to handle very high SPL (Sound Pressure Levels). Ribbon mics are great on guitars, drums, piano, brass, strings – and especially on sources that can tend to sound harsh.

Shure MOTIV Series

Whether you perform, lecture, or create video, you'll do it better with a Shure MOTIV mic. This fresh set of USB mics, interfaces, and software offers the tools modern communicators need to capture their work. Four different microphones, each purpose-built for its application, combine with the ShurePlus MOTIV iOS app to deliver a complete phone- or tablet-based recording experience.

Options ranging from all-in-one digital microphones to iOS-ready preamps let you choose the format that best fits your situation, and onboard functions such as preset modes for speech and music make capturing great audio a breeze.

Shure Drum Mic Bundles

Looking for a comprehensive, cost-effective drum mic solution? A Shure Drum Mic Bundle is just what you need! Get microphones for kick drum, snare, and toms – all in a handy carrying case at a down-to-earth price!

Popular Shure Mics and Applications

Here are some of the most common uses for popular Shure dynamic, condenser, and ribbon mics. Of course, you can find effective musical applications for just about any microphone. Your creativity and preferences can run wild!

SM58 SM57 SM7B Beta 58A Beta 57A Beta 52A SM81 Beta 87A Beta 91A KSM44A KSM313
Vocals . . . . . .
Acoustic Guitar . . . .
Guitar Amp . . . .
Acoustic Bass . . .
Bass Amp . . . .
Bass Drum . .
Toms/Snare . .
Percussion . . . .
Cymbals . . .
Piano . . . .
Strings . . .
Brass/Sax . .
Winds . . .

The chart above is just a small selection of Shure's world-class wired microphones. Click the links below to see them all.


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