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Earphones and Headphones

Shure headphones are standard equipment in top studios worldwide. Why? Comfort (essential for marathon monitoring situations), bulletproof reliability, and world-class accuracy. In the studio, the quality of your mixes relies on the accuracy of your monitors. Shure headphones are prized for their absence of "hype," a characteristic that reduces listening fatigue and makes them invaluable as studio monitors.

Closed- vs. Open-back Headphones

Closed-back headphones are ideal in situations where isolation is important. In the studio, closed-back 'phones let musicians monitor without the sound from their "cans" leaking into open mics around them. And if you're engaged in critical listening in a noisy environment, closed-backs keep distracting ambient sound to a minimum. If you have the luxury of quiet surroundings, however; open-back headphones give you a more natural, speaker-like listening experience, with a more spacious soundscape than closed-back 'phones can produce. This overcomes the main objection many recording engineers have to monitoring on headphones: the sense of being smack dab in the middle of your mix.

Circumaural vs. Supra-aural Headphones

Headphones typically sit over (circumaural) or on (supra-aural) the ear. As circumaural 'phones envelop your ears with cushioned earpads, they're apt to be more sound-isolating – that is, resistant to audio escaping out and ambient sounds seeping in. They also tend to be larger and heavier than their supra-aural cousins. Because supra-aural phones do not seal around the ear, they don't provide good isolation — which makes them desirable in situations where you need to be aware of what else is going on in the room — DJs are a perfect example.

Shure Headphones

Shure offers a range of professional headphones in both closed- and open-back designs. Ideal for critical listening – or just enjoying your favorite tunes, Shure has a pair of headphones to fit your needs and budget.

Price Open/Closed Driver Size Freq. Response Fit Style Cable Type

Natural Shure sound and portability at an entry-level price N/A Open 36mm 30Hz-20kHz Supra-aural Straight

Affordable and portable, with rich bass and good isolation N/A Closed 36mm 25Hz-18kHz Supra-aural Straight

Great style, portability, sonics — and value N/A Closed 36mm 25Hz-18kHz Supra-aural Straight

Cost-effective accuracy and comfort $55.00 Closed 40mm 20Hz-20kHz Circumaural Straight

Quality DJ 'phones built to last $89.00 Closed 50mm 5Hz-22kHz Supra-aural Straight

Used in professional studios worldwide $89.00 Closed 40mm 10Hz-22kHz Circumaural Coiled, detachable

Performance and features for the pro DJ $129.00 Closed 50mm 5Hz-30kHz Circumaural Coiled, detachable

Optimized for recording and critical listening $179.00 Closed 40mm 5Hz-25kHz Circumaural Coiled, detachable

Incredibly deep and wide imaging $269.00 Closed 40mm 5Hz-30kHz Circumaural Coiled & Straight, detachable

Supremely comfortable and accurate $269.00 Open 40mm 15Hz-27kHz Circumaural Straight, detachable

Shure's flagship closed-back headphones $449.00 Closed 40mm 5Hz-25kHz Circumaural Straight, detachable

Shure's flagship open-back headphones $449.00 Open 40mm 10Hz-30kHz Circumaural Straight, detachable

Shure Earphones

Whether you're using them as in-ear monitors onstage, or during your workout at the gym, Shure earphones give you incredible fidelity, superior isolation, and a comfortable fit. All models include Shure's Fit Kit, which contains small, medium, and large sound isolating sleeves that give you a customized fit and up to 37dB of isolation. A lightweight, low-profile design with optimized nozzle angle lets Shure earphones rest comfortably in the ear, while detachable Kevlar-reinforced cables with formable wire and gold-plated lock-snap MMCX connectors ensure secure placement – and easy replacement or customization.






Affordable Shure quality Excellent detail, bass, and isolation Amazing clarity and low-end punch Dual drivers for exceptional definition Three drivers deliver unparalleled sound State of the Art Earphone
Price $45.00 $89.00 $179.00 $269.00 $449.00 $999.00
Drivers 1 1 1 2 3 4
Freq. Response 25Hz-17kHz 22Hz-17.5kHz 22Hz-18.5kHz 20Hz-19kHz 18Hz-19kHz 15Hz-20kHz

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